The moral value behind an empty Nutella jar

posted on 11th of august, 2009

I want to share this story with you.

© Nniud (Help)
We're at school, science class. The professor has some stuff in front of his desk. He takes a big empty jar of Nutella and asks the students: <<is this empty or full?>>. They all say <empty!!>.
The professor puts some big round stones in the jar until it's filled by them. He asks again <<how is it now?>> and the students all say <<full>>.
The professor now adds some handfuls of small white stones that go to fill all the spaces, and asks again <<how about now?>> The students wait a second, then say<<full>>.
© Nniud (Help)
The professor takes a bag of sand and pours it inside tha jar, the sand goes to fill al the spaces between the stones. He asks again, <<how is the jar now?>> Five students, shyly, answer <<full??>>.
Finally the professor takes two glasses of wine and pours them inside, filling all the spaces left, saying <<now it's full!>>
At this point he addresses a quite stupefied class with the explanation:
<< what is the morale of this experiment? take the empty jar as a symbol of your life, and the big stones are the important things like family, love, friends, nice travels and vacations. Then the small stones are the minor things in your life, like university, job, hobbies. The sand stands for all the less important stuff, like a car, or tv. So if you fill your life starting from the less important things, you'll never have enough space for the most important ones. Always remember what is important and what is not, and never lose time on useless things>>.
At this point, one student asks: <<and what about the two glasses of wine?>>
The professor answers: <<well, there will always be time for a couple of glasses with a good friend!!!>>

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Posted by Martinedegraaf on August 12, 2009
I just see < empty > where ever should be a question or answer. But the moral of the story comes through anyway, and it's a good one. Thanks!
Posted by Nniud on August 12, 2009
one thing. do you see the text between the ? either it made an error while formatting the text, or it's just Chinese firewall problems
Posted by Nniud on August 12, 2009
thanks guys. I think it's the good philosophy to start your day. Too often we lose the point of things
Posted by Littledesire on August 11, 2009
Nice! I like it!
Posted by Irisangel on August 11, 2009
Great philosophy! Enjoyed your story. Your portfolio looks good so far. Keep up the great work.
Posted by Inganielsen on August 11, 2009
very nice and true! The hardest part is to figure out what are the big stones and what are just small stones and sand.
Posted by Papuga2006 on August 11, 2009
Great story about life's priorities.
Posted by Melonstone on August 11, 2009
Nice, Nniud, very nice!

Comments (8)

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