isolated images or background

posted on 4th of september, 2009

in your opinion, what images are most successful for the sale, those with isolated elements or with background?

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Posted by Portulaca on May 25, 2010
Many thanks to you Papepi!!
Posted by Papepi on May 23, 2010
Portulaca thanks! I put your pictures in my two public collections :the art of comedy and of disguise.. and... italian carnival masks
Posted by Portulaca on May 22, 2010
Hi Papepi,
I would submit to your attention some of my photos for your collection : Italian carnival masks of historical figures.
There are some picture which have the mask like subject.
I hope you can appreciate.
Posted by Red on September 06, 2009
And this from Demonike, an admin on the psd format

This has been asked now and then, but even though there might not be any legal issues of hosting proprietary PSD format, the file sizes escalate at an exponential rate (inconvenient for the reviewer to download and open) + the amount of time for reviewing (there would be substantially more choices for the editor to make while reviewing a multi-layer file).

I don't want to turn you down, but you'll likely not going to see this implemented on DT for any time soon.
Posted by Papepi on September 06, 2009
thanks .. wow, very courteous
Posted by Red on September 06, 2009
You have to dig into the upload pages here to find out what formats are accepted (I think it would be a good idea to put this info in the FAQs). Here are the additional formats that can be uploaded after the original jpg is accepted (no psd) -
cdr Corel Vector Graphic Drawing
ai Illustrator Vector Graphic
eps Encapsulated PostScript
crw Canon RAW
dng Digital Negative Format
nef Nikon RAW
raf Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File
dcr Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File
mrw Minolta Dimage Raw Image File
orf Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File
srf Sony DSC-F828 Raw Image File
pef Pentax *ist D RAW File
j6i Ricoh Digital Camera File
x3f Sigma Camera RAW Picture File
pmp Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot
cr2 Canon RAW (new version)
cmt Chinon ES-1000 Digital Camera
Posted by Creativei on September 06, 2009
Well this is the best option, upload regular image and upload eps as additional format. This way we might get more of additional sales. But do DT allow PSD files as additional format.
Posted by Red on September 06, 2009
The maximum size does not have the clipping path if it has been upsized. The only size that will retain the path is the original size as uploaded. I agree that this can push the buyer to purchase the original size but how do they know which size is the original? When you go to purchase an image it simply lists the sizes available. I found this out when I purchased an image that had the words "contains clipping path" in the description but there wasn't any path in the size I downloaded. I contacted Support and got a refund because the description was not accurate and they had the contributor make a change in their description. I wanted to point this out to those who were not aware that the path is stripped out of resized jpgs. If I submit an image with a clipping path I also make it available as an eps under additional format - eps images will retain the path no matter the size.
Posted by Creativei on September 06, 2009
Red, that's why I said its a sales tool, It makes person to go for maximum size than the small size. And I guess even the buyers are aware of this fact.
Posted by Red on September 05, 2009
And please be aware that the clipping path only applies to the original image you've submitted. Any downsized or upsized image loses the clipping path. This might confuse buyers and result in disappointment if they download an image in a size that they believe will contain the path but doesn't, per the keywords or description.

See this thread and the response from the boss, "the clipping path is included only in the original image. Our software is not able to replicate that in the other sizes than the maximum one (not upsized)."
Clipping Paths
Posted by Papepi on September 05, 2009
Thanks to all .. Creativei, good your advice .. I had not thought of that!
Posted by Creativei on September 05, 2009
Well say 65 percent isolated and 35 percent with background, this is the ratio of downloads we do in our company. Best idea I suggest is keep the background and if have time create a clipping path. Well this is a great business tool, in the title mention image with clipping path, So no need to upload both images with bg and without bg, and more over clipping path is available only for the higher size so you are forcing designer to buy the higher size. So all are happy, contributors has to spend little more time. If you see all the yachts image in my pf is with clipping path.
Posted by Theclarkester on September 05, 2009
I too think that this totally depends on the subject matter and also the applications it could potentially be used in. An isolated flower is different to an isolated clock..... perhaps !?
Posted by Mani33 on September 04, 2009
I advise you to check what is on DT about the same subject...
Isolated or with BG... First upload from the one that has less... If this brings you any return force it with more...
If you want to make quantity in your portfolio it's up to you!
This is a shot in the dark sometimes, no body can give certain results!
Posted by Bradcalkins on September 04, 2009
As usual, it depends :) There is no doubt that a well isolated subject has a wide variety of applications. My experience is that of my top 20 sellers, only 2 are isolated - but one of those two is by far my most downloaded file. I have one image available both isolated and not - and both have about the same number of sales... If I'm going to do an isolated image I tend to not have one with a background as well, to avoid splitting the sales/levels.
Posted by Doogiexxxx on September 04, 2009
the good thing about isolated images is the buyer can use it for anything.
Posted by Papepi on September 04, 2009
then you say it's better to do the same subject isolated and also with background?
Posted by Wildmac on September 04, 2009
I agree with Maen. It totally depends on the subject. Isolated images are good if you want a picture describing just that subject. But if you need an image to show the subject in use, you need the background to help show how, where or why it's used. I think both are needed. Cheers :0)
Posted by Mani33 on September 04, 2009
Depend on the desired subject!
Designers use much isolated as it helps them to edit and adapt to their design! Magazines and outdoors buy both!
I upload mostly isolated and as a buyer I bought both!
Both are a must in Microstock... Don't know if my answer helped any :))

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