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posted on 19th of september, 2009

I just finished writing a sarcastic article about the coming National elections in Portugal (by the end of this month!)...
I just passed my opinion which I think is the opinion of many Portuguese as well...

But the nice part about this article is that I used great photos from DT to give an impact on the words I used there!!!

I'm happy with the results and starting from tomorrow I'm expecting the reactions of the people in my contact list :))

Hmm no I don't mind spending credits on e-mail articles!
As long as it's worth it, besides the photos are here in my PC for any future need ;)
And yes photographers will be informed also :)

The format of the article is PDF... But I'm not going to publish it as it has sensitive issues and some offensive expressions!

About Portugal... Feel free to visit my new collection

Here are some of the photos I used...

I'll leave you with your imagination :))
Cheers ;)

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Posted by Mani33 on October 05, 2009
I can say from the almost 60 e-mails I have sent, 43 feedback e-mails were received...

Two only asked me to send them the VOTE panties photo :)))

15 said that they don't vote! :(

All of them had agreed with what I wrote! (Some with observations!)

3 said that I should be more positive!!!

6 Called me crazy!

The 43 gave a "smiley or a LOL" by the end of the e-mail!

The elections results we stayed with the same government but with out majority in the parliament!

The absence in the vote was more than 40% :(

Cheers ;)
Posted by Mani33 on September 24, 2009
Thanks guys ;)
I'll give you the news of the reactions soon :))
Cheers ;)
Posted by Linqong on September 24, 2009
A group of very creative images.
Posted by Conceptualcreations on September 23, 2009
Maen, thank you for using one of my photos to make a political statement against corruption in politics.
Posted by Vasilkov on September 23, 2009
Thank you, Mani!!
The panties splendid!!
Portugal very beautiful!
Posted by Mani33 on September 22, 2009
Gabriel can you please take another photo with panties saying I HATE POLITICS :)))
It will sell more :))
Posted by Littledesire on September 22, 2009
I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics! I hate politics!
And I never vote! I did it only once, when I had that chance for first time, and I think I will never do it again!
Posted by Mani33 on September 21, 2009
Thanks Lunamarina.
No! at all!
Posted by Lunamarina on September 21, 2009
Good pics Mani, excellent article, go ahead with this project. As I see on my picture, stats are not going good there too ! This may happen in many other countries at this time.
Posted by Mani33 on September 21, 2009
Aginger it will never be published anywhere, Nice try :))
I don't like to hurt people of any race or society! Unfortunately the truth hurts especially when it comes to politics!
Creativei I admire your experience as an emigrant because I am an emigrant "native" also! I also lived in my home land Jordan and it's a monarchy as you know! I agree with you about some advantages and disadvantages in every system. I do discuss politics of my country because I care & never missed a vote! Something not so many Portuguese do because they have lost faith in politics and they forgot the way to change it!... Anyway not gonna make more speech here ;)
Posted by Creativei on September 21, 2009
Well first of all I salute you as a individual you are trying your best to inform the voters. I haven't read it but I guess you will be advising people to cast their vote carefully. You are doing your part, and if every educated person follow the right thing we cam make a great difference even in the most corrupt country. My country India has the worst political system, but Im fortunate to live and work in a monarchy system of Middle East, but from my past 9 years experience I can say monarchy is million times better than democracy. Yeah there is disadvantages but if you weigh the advantages its worth to have monarchy. Look at Dubai the growth country has seen in past one decade it wouldn't have been achived if it was a elected government.
Posted by Aginger on September 21, 2009
When it will public? I must have a copy first, or I don't belive you... ;)
Posted by Mani33 on September 20, 2009
Thank you Gabriel, As Susan said I think no body likes the politics of his country. Only the politicians them selves when they are in charge :))

Adrian DL it then! :P

SHusan I'll tell you after the elections if you can come or not :))
Posted by Justmeyo on September 20, 2009
I am glad my photo were useful for your article,Mani :)Wish you luck with your article,i not like my country politics also:(
Posted by Noonie on September 20, 2009
Nobody likes their country's politics, it seems, and here I was ready to move to Portugal..........
Posted by Asyan on September 20, 2009
I like Gabriel's picture! :P
Posted by Mani33 on September 19, 2009
That makes part of what I wrote also :))
Posted by Wildmac on September 19, 2009
Oooh, getting involved in any way in politics is a slippery down hill ride. Cos at the end of the day all the parties are made up of politicians. You have no chance of ending up with anything other than a different bunch of the same thing. lol. :0P
Posted by Mani33 on September 19, 2009
By e-mail Susan, the only way to be offinsive alone :))
Posted by Noonie on September 19, 2009
You, offensive? Oh come on now.....how could you possibly be offensive without me???

Comments (20)

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