How to Photograph a Conference - 10 Tips

posted on 5th of january, 2009

How to Photograph a Conference - 10 Tips

This is originally posted by Pitbull28 in the massage board Thread of Pitbull28

Here is the original link, quite useful so I thought will blog it here,
How to Photograph a conference

Please cridet the comments to Pitbull, as this is his effort, enjoy reading and learn something new everyday with DT.

Well I have opened my sales account in 2009 here is my first sales in 2009

Lets us know your first sale in 2009.

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Posted by Creativei on January 06, 2009
Yeah Pitbull I agree with you, but I believe that who deserves the cridet it should go there.

Thanks papepi for your comments
Posted by Papepi on January 06, 2009
Creativei, compliments, put always interesting news ..[imgr]6343144[/imgr]

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Please vote every image on Assignment

posted on 7th of january, 2009

Hi mates,
As you are aware that the assignment is already closed and now it’s voting time. I suggest you guys to please vote every image, give the rating it deserves. If it made to the assignment stage then they are worth a rating.

Here is my prediction, I bet one of these images will be the winner. Surprise why my image is not included in the perditions, well I went through all the images carefully weighed the odds about my image and after all there would be just three winners, and the images I selected are better than mine. My prize was when my image got selected to the contest, twice in a row, last month two and this time one out of three, and I'm satisfied that it got selected. Well I’m hoping I will be in top 10 images in the submission.

So here we go with the winning predictions. (Please...

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Posted by Creativei on January 13, 2009
My prediction of Cool cap came third and another one was close to sixt position Dreamstime Diva. And heart breaking was Dreamstiem shirts from assignment, cute two girls, 86th position. It was my choice as winner. Anyways, congrats to winners.
Posted by Creativei on January 11, 2009
Yeah Maigi, even those images are cool, its kinda hard to select one.
Posted by Godfer on January 07, 2009
iI gave 5 to totally different images to your choosen ones. It just goes to show the difference in taste from one person to another.

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Free Images from my portfolio

posted on 11th of january, 2009

Hi, after completing one year with DT, I have the option to give away some of my images for free. These images were never useful for any buyers since one year, I tried to promote it through blogs and re-keywording those images, but never got noticed by any potential buyer, so I thought lets give it away as new year gifts, this might bring some people to my portfolio and they might find some other images interesting. And also doing so, I will give back something DT who gave me an identity and some pocket money for my hobby.

And do you believe most of these images in portfolio was offered as free in one of the site which I would not mention here as I hate the admins of that site for asking for some my friends (girls) mobile number in order approve my images as kick backs, and after I wrote some blogs...

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Tags: free gift images
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Posted by Creativei on January 13, 2009
The images which were donated for free section was downloaded 215 times just in few days, wow really unbelievable, so lots of people are on the free section I guess.

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Another milestone.

posted on 25th of january, 2009

Well I know this is nothing compared to the big players in DT, might be some users are even earning my milestone which I reached in one year in just one month or less. But this is a great achievement for me, 500 USD. 360 downloads.

Well when I first registered with DT, I didn't even have a distant imagination that I could earn money, It was just to show my images to world and interact with people. but today i have broke my own disbelief, and want to say to all newbies here in DT that its is possible to earn money from your hobby. Well photography has been my hobby since childhood, and graphic designing is my full time job. I know if I upload all my old images and illustration I can build a bigger portfolio, ( one of my new year resolution...

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Posted by Linqong on February 05, 2009
Congratulations! my friend:)
I wish you'll have more downloads in 2009
Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 26, 2009
Posted by Creativei on January 25, 2009
Thanks Fulton, Macdaddy, Day908.

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Adobe Bride quits when you click on preferences (mac)

posted on 26th of january, 2009

Anybody encountered this issue, that the Adobe Bridge (CS3) is very slow in displaying the thumbnails, or when you click on preferences it quits. I did face this issue, so here is the solution.

First quit Adobe Bridge,
Delete the system preference folder located Users/[Username]/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS3 and delete this folder.

Now open bridge holding option and command keys, you will get a pop up windows, check the first two check box, Reset Preferences, and Purge Entire Thumbnail Cache, and click OK. Things should return to normal. You can try to clear the cache only to save the custom preference you created.

Please note if you clear the entire preferences, you need recreate the custom preferences. Hope this helps someone....

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Posted by Creativei on February 01, 2009
Please read it as Adobe Bridge not bride, a simple typo, cant edit it again.

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