I Am 5000 DLs Old!

posted on 21st of january, 2009

Once upon a time there was a girl, whom you could meet anywhere where there was some sound of music, some action of actors, some performance of dancers, some poets declaiming their sonnets. Performing and language arts - that was her home and sanctuary. She didn't care too much about visual arts and especially about those strange guys running around with their flashing black boxes around the neck, faces shining from excitement. She never got it. What kind of fun one could have with frozen time? Life should be lived, everything should be in the motion. If you live then you move, if you don't, you are...
I'm not pretty sure, what happened 4 years ago. Maybe she just didn't felt like running any more, or maybe it was her mother who invited her join the artists camp...

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Posted by Ric510 on February 25, 2009
Great achievement and lovely short story. /R
Posted by Maigi on February 11, 2009
Thank you, Slei!
Posted by Sleiselei on February 11, 2009
Congratulations! Many great shots! :)

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Creative Landscape Photography

posted on 27th of january, 2009

I caught cold and I'm home and I have lots of time to browse DT database. I'm more and more convinced that I can be really happy to be among such creative artists like DT submitters.
Today I discovered a great portfolio of Japaneese photographer Hiroshi Ichikawa. His is specialized in photographing the Mount Fuji. Can you imagine, about 400 images only about one subject?! Amazing.
I think his portfolio is a great example of creativeness. In how many ways you can make pictures of your favorite subject? 5-6? What about 400? :)
If you want to make photos of some famous overshooted landmark and feel empty of ideas, browsing Hiroshi Ichikawa's portfolio will definitely give you some inspiration.
There are lot of...

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Posted by Widam on February 23, 2009
very inspiring photos... thx
Posted by Torchdesigns on February 23, 2009
Wow, the pictures are some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Awesome talent that is for sure.
Posted by Maigi on February 09, 2009
Thank you for the information! I think I have even seen his work somewhere years ago. What a great artist. Thanks!

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Let Us Go On A Picnik

posted on 30th of january, 2009

Have you ever been on vacation, took lots of photos about everybody and everything, and discovered you need your sweet laptop with Photoshop beside you right now to process some of your photos you want to add to your travel blog?
I don't like to take my laptop with me when I'm traveling. Worrying about my photo equipment is already enough for me, so I leave everything else safely home. Plus dropping additional weight is usually very practical too, if you want to travel by bike or foot tens of kilometers or climb over some mountain.
But then after an exciting day, you're sitting in local Internet cafe, writing a blog and after downloading some great shots from your camera, you are thinking: "Why, oh why, I didn't brought...

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Posted by Maigi on February 09, 2009
:) pretty same here. I don't like to carry additional weight too while traveling. But I don't call it laziness. It's more practical wisdom... ;))
Posted by Danielleongjinonn on February 06, 2009
thanks give ur time to share ur topic here. :) I also lazy to bring my laptop during outdoor shooting. because my laptop 2.6kg.......is too heavy for me......
Posted by Maigi on February 06, 2009
I have a Vosonic VP5500 in my camera bag to download all my images while traveling. I'm not sure if resizing would be a good idea, cause when your pixels are gone, they are gone, you can't have them back. That's why I like to store all my RAW files intact - you never know when you gonna need them. Sometimes after some months I have discovered, I would like to print full size some of my photos I have in my web gallery. But when I don't have a large copy, I need to postprocess it from RAW file again, and sometimes it's hard to get the same look as the web version has. Now I save all my postprocessed files as large as I can in my folders, and only then resize a copy for web use, even if I initially think I wouldn't use them anywhere else. The reason I love my VP5500 is that it has 3.5" LCD and I can review my images easier than on camera, and of course I don't have to carry my laptop in my backpack.

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