Good frames for everything

posted on 2nd of january, 2009

It's not only good contents that matters, but a good framing too. So I decided to do some. I experimented with different technique - pencil and Photoshop drawings, vector pictures. All they sell.
DT is oversaturated with floral frames, I think, so I focused on other subjects. In my Frames collection you may find frames made of sweets, shells; collage frames and even celtic style ones. Some vector floral frames too.

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Posted by Complexdesignpl on January 11, 2009
Very nice frames. Good luck!
Posted by Creativei on January 03, 2009
Yeah they are good, a good idea even I might start some frames and add to my portfolio

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About tooth fairies and other uncovered subjects

posted on 6th of january, 2009

You know how often we get our images refused because the subjects are very well covered. It appears to be an interesting game to find uncovered ones. Trying various words and phrases you can find some for sure.
There's a funny example - "tooth fairy". I searched for it and found lots of fairies (without child's teeth and all that), clowns, dragons(!!!), toothless children... and the clothest one was an image of a tooth with wings.
So my tooth fairy comes to be the only one real tooth fairy on DT. Just a simple example of finding uncovered areas. Try some :)

Comments (2)

Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 06, 2009
Very good point! Many of the images I have uploaded have been refused due to already being well covered!
Posted by Mildegard on January 06, 2009
Upd: found another real one - [imgr]169783[/imgr] :)

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posted on 7th of january, 2009

Recently I got uploaded lots of pictures I made when I was a child. They're as bright in colors and nice as when I drew them long time ago. Most of them are watercolor paintings. And I came to a sad conclusion: I haven't touched watercolors and brushes since I was a little girl.
I wanted just to try. Just to feel again how it is... Two of my watercolor pictures were approved recently. They're far from ones I made as a child, but the feeling is still the same :)

Comments (2)

Posted by Patballard on January 08, 2009
They have a bright lovely look. You have a lot of talent.

Posted by Creativei on January 07, 2009
Wow beautiful, Its really nice

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Self portrait

posted on 10th of january, 2009

It must be very common among unexperienced artists to make self-portraits (from old photos usually). Nothing wrong about it when you're too shy to ask someone to be your model.
So, that's a pencil drawn portrait of me how I looked a couple of years ago when I had short hair. Since I was a child some people used to mistake me for a boy, it always caused funny situations.
I grew as a tomboy, playing with boys and refusing to use make-up (I still think using make up is a bad idea). And in my opinion this self portrait expresses my spirit the best.
Maybe one day I'll be experienced enough to ask someone else to be my model. The photos are patient, but live people are more interesting to draw.

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Posted by Creativei on January 10, 2009
As usual your drawing are superb.

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Wolf and Raven

posted on 13th of january, 2009

Every picture has it's own story. Here's the one about my "Wolf and Raven".
My husband has an unusual hobby - historical reconstruction. He and his friends are those guys who craft metal armor, swords and axes and then go to some field to train in ancient battle skills. They've got knight tournaments sometimes and all that.
And to the "Wolf and Raven"... It's drawn to be on the front side of big battleshield. Black areas of the picture are going to be metal plates. Joining these animals in one picture is my husband's idea: he says wolf and raven were important symbols for the viking culture.
I wonder if they will sell on DT. I made two more variants of the picture, so we shall see.

Comments (2)

Posted by Petroruth on January 13, 2009
Hi history is always interesting,the wolf and raven played a big part in native american folk lore as well good luck with your sketches.
Posted by Papepi on January 13, 2009
Why not? they are very beautiful and strong ....

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Next on calendar

posted on 17th of january, 2009

St.Valentine's day is coming soon. I think, almost everyone is preparing, making related pictures.
When making images for my St.Valentines's day collection I tried not to create something unusual. It's easy to do things that are common and known.

I wanted to say something new with my creations but tried not to go to far away from classic.
That wasn't easy to maintain such a balance. And that's what I've got now.
There are frames, greeting cards and design elements.

Comments (1)

Posted by Irisangel on January 18, 2009
Very nice illustrations, very unique, I wish you luck with them.

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Colored pencils (crayons)

posted on 19th of january, 2009

Drawing with crayons is a usual child business, isn't it? But I tried them again, not long ago and can say that very interesting effects can be made that way, and it's really worth trying.

So there are some tips from me if you are eager to try:

1. Make a simple sketch with a lead pencil, outline it with pen and then use eraser to remove all pencil lines. Otherwise it may spoil your colors when you start coloring your sketch

2. Place light tones and leave blank spaces for highlights. For example, if you draw leaves, you should color their shapes with yellow color first and only then place green above.

3. Place darker tones. For leaves colored yellow it will be light-green for highlighted areas and darker green for shadows. It's like making layers in...

[ Read more... ]
Comments (3)

Posted by Martinedegraaf on January 20, 2009
It's nice to see something totally different, and they are beautifull pics in themselves. Great idea! (just wish I could draw like that ;o))
Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 19, 2009
Those are very unique and beautiful!
Posted by Littlemacproductions on January 19, 2009
Nice images and very well done.

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Wearing wedding rings

posted on 22nd of january, 2009

© Zlideshowpix (Help) In Russia we wear wedding rings on the third finger of the right hand. In America and many other countries it's on the left hand, third finger. And I just wonder - in your country how do you wear your wedding rings (or what you wear instead of them)?

Comments (2)

Posted by Mildegard on January 26, 2009
Thanks, Mayatairy. It's really interesting and explains some DT wedding photos.
I wonder if ring position on the photo affects sales :)
Posted by Mayatairy on January 23, 2009
Well, in Israel, during the wedding ceremony the groom puts the wedding ring on his bride's first finger of right hand, and after the "Huppah" ceremony the bride pass it on to the third finger of the right hand. where is suppose to be for the rest of their lives :-) however with the divorce statistics climbing so dramatically, the rings just keep on coming and going LOL :-)

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