Black Is the New Black

posted on 6th of january, 2009

The July 08 issue of Italian Vogue featured only black models and became one of the best selling foreign magazine issues ever in the U.S. Photographer Steven Meisel shot the issue and was quoted as saying that he hoped that the success of the layouts would show the world of advertisers and modeling agencies that the use of racially diverse models was a wise choice.

Not withstanding the success of the issues in newsstand sales, some complained that the effort was racist in itself as all the models conformed to the Euro/American ideas of beauty and actually represented ‘white looking models with darker skin”. But...

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Posted by Demonike on January 16, 2009
Other than "portrait", "children", "expressions", I didn't see anything else that would fit. Are there any categories that I am missing that suit this topic better?

Don't forget People > Diversity. It is even more important than the overcrowded and anonymous "Portraits". Expressions should be used only in case of clearly distinguishable mood in the face. Modest smile is not a candidate for the Expressions category.

BTW, slightly off topic, if you upload a series and you get the first one refused for misspellings or wrong keywords/categories, AND the images are not reviewed all in one go, then you have the possibility to improve the info in your upcoming images already in the queue (Management Area > Pending images). In this way, you'll avoid partly unnecessary refusals and save time for the both of us. Please take note of your refusal notifications closely...
Posted by Ellenboughn on January 15, 2009
window light using a long lens to drop out the background often works great for skin (portraits) of all races.
Posted by Marcopolo on January 14, 2009
I am just now starting to shoot models for stock. One of the first models I worked with happens to be African American. I shot her on both a white and black background, I think exposing on a black background is especially tough since the very brunette hair just fades into the background. I am going to try to light from behind the hair as well next time and see how that works. The ones shot on a white background(I think) turned out relatively okay, I guess I will find out when I upload them.

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In with the Old

posted on 14th of january, 2009

As retirement funds belonging to a large population of aging Boomers shrink, the word “retirement” may drop out of usage. Simultaneously as this group kisses retirement goodbye, the group just below them in the population are faced with a world of constantly changing technology to master if only to be able to communicate with their grandchildren. Meanwhile the big house they had planned on selling to fund the ‘golden years’ has dropped in value and they may not even be able to sell it at all for some time.

All this means that mature workers are staying in the workforce as long as they can and causing a need for images of older workers, especially interacting with technology at work and at home. Some will attempt to return to the workforce just as...

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Posted by Heathse on February 11, 2009
Inspiring blog! I was told last week that because I'm over 60 I was too old to complete a survery on advertising!
Posted by Toneimage on February 10, 2009
yeah, my Mom in her 60's, eagerly to learn how to surf on the internet & even how to type into computers last year. Now she make a big progress.
Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 19, 2009
Thank you for writing your blog articles - I always find them very useful, innovative, and inspiring - and I always get an itch to use my camera directly afterwards! :)

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2008 Best Selling Photos

posted on 20th of january, 2009

The new year is the best time to look back at last year’s successes and failures to see how to increase the former and decrease the latter in the coming year. What photos were the most successful on Dreamstime in 2008 and why?

Three photos that made the top sellers in ‘07 remained on our list for 2008. See last year’s winners in this previous blog to read about why they were successful then and now. One image that I didn’t give a lot of time to from last year’s list that repeats is this year’s successful wedding image. The significant aspects of the image that I believe make it successful are:
•MODELS: The bride and groom are not identifiable. A bride...

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Posted by Photomyeye on January 28, 2009
Good ideas, I for one have for the new year will be submitting more of what you are referring to...........Thanks 7821025[/imgr]
Posted by Knightshade on January 27, 2009
Ellen, thank you for your insight. Again, as a beginner at this game I am looking for some direction which your articles always give. And by the way, I pray this is a new era of hope , economically we need it, as long as we don't compromise the integrity of our morals. The further we drift from God and our saviour Jesus Christ, the more we decay as a society. Again, thanks and God bless.
Posted by Vaskoni on January 25, 2009
very good !

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Give It Away

posted on 28th of january, 2009

The idea of free images makes the budget minded sing and some artists cringe. How can it be a good idea to give away what you are trying to sell? On the one hand is the sanctity of the copyright. On the other is the spirit of the Internet and an age-old marketing ploy: the free sample

© Dip2000 (Help) © Dip2000 (Help)

Way back when in the dark ages of flight when planes were choked with cigarette smoke, everything was free…food, drinks and on every meal tray, a slim package of cigarettes provided for after meal enjoyment in case the passengers had sped through the terminal (good luck with that these days) without stopping to pick up a pack. Since research has shown that it only takes less than smoking a single pack of cigarettes to get hooked, the free pack accomplished several things....

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Posted by Svecchiotti on March 31, 2009
Thanks for the article but...I would NEVER give any of my work away. I disagree with the theory that it will help with sales in the long run. If you went to a show would you give your work away for free? No, nada, forget about it !!!
Posted by Creativei on March 30, 2009
I must admit, my sales are good, TOUCHWOOD, but I have noticed that after submitting 6 images for free the download pattern of my commercial images has increased. If only DT gives us the referral links we can be sure if free users are coming to our portfolio. But all in all Im happy that I donated few of my images and planing to donate more in future, If one of my image is not downloaded in years there is no point to keep it in commercial section, when it is downloaded through free section it makes me happy. And 75 percent of my images in my portfolio was in other free stock image site (that site has only free images)
Posted by Achilles on March 30, 2009
This feature is not intended to be primarily used by major buyers. It's focused on attracting new buyers, no matter their size. Usually they are either reluctant buyers, not thinking that the prices are real, considering it may be some kind of trick, OR users who can't purchase (either prices are too low for them or they don't have a credit card,etc.).

The free section aims to create future stock buyers. Its presence in the last years (and I stress years) showed NO impact at all on the commercial sales. There may be cases when a buyer will get his file from there and not from the commercial section. But these cases are very rare, as buyers are specific in what they want and the quality of the free images is not so good, compared to our main database. Its size is kept minimal.

While some buyers may notice commercial portfolios, this is a community feature. Your donations may favor other users and their donations may favor yours. It'...(More)

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