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posted on 9th of october, 2009

This time I just want to call your attention about an important issue that many don't give much importance to it! Others might not know about it's importance!
It's simply your photo name!!!
Yes photo name makes a part of commercialising your photo and makes a part of it's success!

Many photographers upload series of photos about the same subject and they don't pay attention that some shots don't fit the subject or the action! Just because it's for the same model and uploaded with the same serie doesn't make it fit with the title or name!

Such a mistake might affect your sales for that photo...
(I'm not going to give any example about bad naming photos obviously!)

Some photographers use the name to explain the photo before the description, which helps buyer to get there faster! The following example is a nice illustration that use a name to explain it or to make it more clear! And here we go the image has 11 downloads...

Other photographers they use creative expressions just to tell the buyer that this image is new or fits some hot topics while it's similar to many photos shown on DT. I don't call that cheating or cunning as long as it pays the attention for a true content!
This photo (left) is an example of using the word MODERN to call the attention and yes it is modern and in level 3!
How many other names this photo might have? I bet many, but you can always put them all in the keywords!

Now if you think about how many photos on DT that have the name... Doctor, Family, Kids, Beautiful..., Abstract... I won't count them!
What about using more attarctive expressions?! Like Family Union, Professional Athlete, Famous model, Babyblue background... etc.
Your photo/illustration will be have a different presentation!

Not taking more time from you. Thanks ;)

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Posted by Yuritz on October 24, 2009
I'll keep in mind for the next uploads,thanks
Posted by Mani33 on October 23, 2009
@Aginger it will help believe me ;)

@Ebamo thank you! :)
Posted by Ebamo on October 23, 2009
I totally agree , I noticed that too , the name of the photo counts, it's always better to add an attractive adjective to the title.
Posted by Aginger on October 13, 2009
I already tried it... :(
Anyway, advice is great!
Posted by Mani33 on October 13, 2009
Leslie & Clayton thanks guys :)
Posted by Ponytail1414 on October 13, 2009
Maen, you are just full of great advice. Thanks!
Posted by Conceptualcreations on October 12, 2009
Maen, very good article! Good titles can mean the difference as to where your work ends up in a search. I have gone back and renamed some of my photos to make them more search friendly and have noticed in doing so, I started getting more views of them.
Posted by Mani33 on October 11, 2009
@Fultonsphoto: Absolutely the latest area is nice & has curious stuff on buyers behavior! Since Brad once payed the attention for it in one of his MB I always check it also.
Posted by Fultonsphoto on October 11, 2009
Hi Maen, yes very important information, I look at latest downloaded images or keyword searches and the images matched to the words used, both image name and image description are very important and the way some photographers phrase their image name or descriptions makes a big difference in the searches.
Posted by Mani33 on October 11, 2009
@Dessie: Hmm now you've mentioned this let me check some of your's :P

@Lingong: Thank you!
Posted by Littledesire on October 11, 2009
Oh, so when you say (I'm not going to give any example about bad naming photos obviously!) you don't mean me :)))
Posted by Linqong on October 11, 2009
A useful artical.
Posted by Mani33 on October 11, 2009
Thanks guys!
Wish you all good sales ;)

Dessie, I only check portfolios with more than 10.000 photos :))
Posted by Littledesire on October 11, 2009
Absolutely useful blog again, Maen! Do you have time to check my photos? I know there's a lot to re-title, that's why it's hard to start myself!
Posted by Frantab01 on October 10, 2009
great blog, thanks for the info - will def check my port :)
Posted by Dmccale on October 10, 2009
you are so smart.Thanks
Posted by Studioportosabbia on October 10, 2009
Very useful! Going to check my images today!
Posted by Noonie on October 10, 2009
You're a helpful little Pearl, Maen!
Posted by Starblue on October 10, 2009
Good topic - I pay attention to the name of photos, I am not sure if I am right but it is quite important for research/revelance. Title is important, nice blog!
Posted by Wildmac on October 10, 2009
You are full of pearls of wisdom Maen! I'd better recheck my old images, they were the ones I named when I didn't know better. Cheers :0)
Posted by Girlychic on October 10, 2009
Spot on, that's right and it helps to form the keywords around that title also.
Posted by smartview27 on October 10, 2009
Very useful artcile, Maen!
Posted by Creativei on October 10, 2009
Good suggestion, I need to check all the names of my photos, yeah some I have detailed name, thanks for reminding.
Posted by Jeniicorv8 on October 09, 2009
Good one, Mani, thanks! Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight...

Comments (24)

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