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posted on 21st of october, 2009

Hello everyone, I know I should have started this topic in Photo Request Section, I have already one there but the response is null.

Well actually I can search for these images in DT database, but would like to support my fellow DTians who is very active in this community.

Well Im looking for some pictures of a particular dog which will be featured in our magazine, Im looking for Saluki Dig images, More about Saluki Dog (please do not post other dog picture here and spam this post, I need genuine images straight to my subject,) I'm testing this blog section to source my images, and help my fellow contributors, if the response is good I will be frequently writing such blog to promote your images.

If you want to post images with your comment, open this blog from here and click post reply, and just use the addimage button and place the image id in url box.

Another set of images we might look for is about Golf, so keep shooting images of Golf Images we might require around 10 to 15

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Posted by Creativei on October 27, 2009
@Lukasz, I have already found the Dog images, I downloaded three of them, now im in the process of downloading Golf images.
Posted by Frackowiak1 on October 27, 2009
I think blog is more privet so if someone want to use it for serching i think its ok.
I think i have somwhere photo ofa dog that you need i will try to find it and upload to DT
Posted by Creativei on October 26, 2009
@ Stan, well Im very much aware that there is a photo request section, and I dont have a particular request for any image. I can just search the DT database and can download my required image, I'm doing this to support my fellow contributors who are active here in community section. Now I have decided to download few images from people who commented below, in a regular search I would have missed these images.

@Sgcallaway1994 sure I will look at your pf now.
Posted by Stan020 on October 26, 2009
This is an area for Blogs not for Photo Request....
Posted by Sgcallaway1994 on October 26, 2009
Hi There ~

I LOVE shooting photos of dogs, but unfortunately, I don't have access to the specific breed you speak of.

BUT... Our family is very into golf. My daughter played college golf in Kansas. I have LOTS of golf photos. Here's a link to my Golf Photography Collection:

Golf Photography

Maybe you can find something you'd like to use?
Posted by Focusemotions on October 26, 2009
Thanks Altaf, big fan of your work thanks for giving us the oppotunity
Posted by Creativei on October 22, 2009
Hi Patrick, Im off to your pf now, well Im looking for images of golf course and other golf equipments, as the article is feature Middle East especially Dubai, so I dont want images which will show other places in background. We need to show the readers golf course anyways letme look into your images.
Posted by Ratmandude on October 22, 2009
If golf is the theme, then I'm sure that you may find some interesting samples in my portfolio.
I am one of privileged few that had photographic accreditation for the 2008 Nedbank Million Dollar, Golf Tournament. Held annually at Sun City [South Africa].

And I am working hard on getting it again for this year.

There are many that I did not yet get around to submitting, as I've just not found enough time to do so. So if there are not exactly what you are after in my profile, ask me and you may be pleasantly surprised. And I can then expedite them into the approval queue [mine that is, as I am subject to the same approval waiting periods as all others].

And perhaps — if I know exactly what you are after, when I am next a the 2009 event [Dec 3, thru 6 2009] perhaps I can get the shots that you are after …
Posted by Ponytail1414 on October 22, 2009
This is nice of you to do. Let me know if you need photos of mutts haha
Posted by Marilyngould on October 22, 2009
Wow, thanks! It will be exciting to see the completed project. Hope you find some Saluki photos as well. Cheers, Marilyn
Posted by Tan510jomast on October 22, 2009
i don't have anything you need presently. but do look at my portfolio which is very prolific. you might find something else to use. cheers

i will keep an eye on your blog, meanwhile.
Posted by Creativei on October 22, 2009
Hello everyone,
Thanks for the comments, well this time my sourcing of image is really become easy, as you guys are helping me to source the image. Well I'm thinking not to search for images myself, I have some images from local golf companies rest will be through here. So let the good work come in.
Posted by Creativei on October 22, 2009
@ Susan, the one displayed here could be of some interest.

@Wisconsinart thanks for the post, I will see if some fits my artwork. cheers.

@ Marilygould, Thanks for the collection, some are really good, I guarantee at least two sales.
Posted by Marilyngould on October 21, 2009
I have a few golf images. GOLF IMAGES Cheers, Marilyn
Posted by Wisconsinart on October 21, 2009
Thanks for considering my images...

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

 Club House and Golf Carts 
Posted by Noonie on October 21, 2009
I've been meaning to follow my husband around one day, but he says I'll make him lose and then we won't have grocery money! This is one I got and I can get more later.
 Golfers in Carts 

I have some images of colorful trees on the course if you need those.
7180941 and 8025778
Posted by Fultonsphoto on October 21, 2009
Thanks Altaf, I will let you know.
Posted by Creativei on October 21, 2009
Hi Warren, well we are looking to promote golf in Middle East region, so any images suits our theme will do. Well I thought of making a photo request in the forum section, but my intention was to promote people who are active here in blogs, and the response here is faster. I have already selected few images, but want to give a chance to people close to me here. Anyways as soon as your image is approved just let me know I will have a look. even I can make some last minute changes in the layout.
Posted by Fultonsphoto on October 21, 2009
Hi Altaf, I have uploaded an image this morning of my son practising golf, should be available in a few days. Are you interested in children playing golf or more professional style approach to golf? If necessary I can ask for priority review of this image, and I have a number of others from same series (different angles and points of swing etc...) If you are interested in such images, you may need to request it more specifically in the photo request section as the Admins may like to see your specific requests being adhered to as well as allow for priority reviews to be done based on your request? Thanks again for sharing and giving us the oppertunity to provide images instead of searching other sources :)
Posted by Creativei on October 21, 2009
@Maen, Oh sorry I forgot that, well until end of first week of Nov. Well untill 5th Nov.
Posted by Mani33 on October 21, 2009
Hi Altaf, is it possible to mention the date limit?!

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