Becoming Exclusive

posted on 16th of october, 2009

I did it, I am an exclusive photographer with Dreamstime.com.
I am in thestock photography business for 5 years.
During that time, the steadiest rise in sale was thru Dreamstime.com.
I average 5$ in the first few months, today I average 500% more sales.
I don't know why this has worked for me better than ********photo.com or ********photos.com.
Some of it, is the generous acceptance ratio I had. Another is probably the much better royalties structure that Dreamstime.com has.
And a third reason is the Exclusivity that allowed me to sale photos on other sites.
Over the years my sales had slowed down in ********, and never rose to an acceptable rate at ********photos . I decided to take a risk and become exclusive at Dreamstime.
I feel that the smaller exposure and closing sale opportunities in both...

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Posted by Ponytail1414 on October 17, 2009
Good luck! This is a great site to choose. I know it will be right for you.
Posted by Fultonsphoto on October 16, 2009
Still in two minds about doing this move, I have a number of exclusive images on DT but have not gone fully exclusive, but am considering it, which I never did in the past. Good luck, sure it will work out well.
Posted by Creativei on October 16, 2009
Well even I agree with you, being exclusive here is way to go, even I have photos in many sites, which was big mistake, my personal experience is DT is one of the best site for contributors. You did the right move.

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Came- Aim- Fame

posted on 16th of october, 2009

I want to talk about simplicity.
One of my best selling photos was simple to shoot and shows none of the skills I have learned in photo school.
To be honest I don't even know, why it had succeeded so much because technically I have done nothing but aiming at the subject and shooting.

This photo had sold 109 times and generated about 15% of my income.
I went out to the fields in late spring, I saw the wheat field, I liked the sky, I aimed and shot. I did care for the light and measured it correctly, but there is nothing at all beyond that.
Why does this photo sell so well?
Part of it was the decision to post it as free for download which has generated almost 3400 downloads. right after that week, the sales had risen substantially, but that was 3 years ago.

couple of other...

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Posted by Patl on October 17, 2009
Sorry, wrong photo.
I agree.......
   Keep it simple blue paper clips   
Posted by Patl on October 17, 2009
I agree............
   Teen`s problems   
Posted by Fultonsphoto on October 16, 2009
Nice colors, great lighting conditions, simple composition and as far as wheat goes better than the average images.

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Enjoying both worlds

posted on 17th of october, 2009

I am not a professional photographer. Unfortunately Israel isn't very hospitable to those who wish to make a living out of photography (or perhaps I wasn't cut out of the same material that great tough photographers are made of...). So what can one do? how can you combine a practical career and the joy of photography?
At first look, it seems impossible, since photography demands time and attention. there is a vast investment in truly great photos.
In my previous post I spoke about simplicity.
One of the forms of simplicity is timing. I decided to try and find a photo opportunities in my daily life.
The photo above was shot on a work related trip. I left a little early from home to have a chance to shoot...

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Posted by smartview27 on October 18, 2009
Congratulations for your photos! I especially like the one named "Street Vendor".
Posted by Kaththea on October 18, 2009
Your photos are beautiful, wanted at first to name my favourites... but all of them great!)
Posted by Starblue on October 18, 2009
Beautiful images - eps. the atmospheric image of streed vendor and the expression of lioness :-) Good luck with your images and a lot od inspiration for other ones and a lot of energy for both your career!

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How to use everyday models

posted on 18th of october, 2009

© Amitai (Help)

One of the biggest obstacles you have, when you want to develop your stock photograhpy portfolio, is model release from people you photograph.
I found a solution, it may not fit everyone, and some may see it as exposing too much personal information, but for me it was quite simple. I photograph my family. My daughter and wife, are part of my online portfolio.
First it's because I find them very photogenic and available models (after all we are living together).
The second reason is, that obtaining model releases was quite easy. All I had to do was to ask my wife's permission for both releases.
Since I am used to ask for her permission, like a good husband...
And since I am usually granted that permission, she agreed happily.
There is the question of exposing...

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Posted by Amitai on November 08, 2009
When you upload a photo, you can add a model release.
Posted by Jstep on November 08, 2009
How do you submit a signed model realease form?
Posted by Keki on October 19, 2009
I would love to use some of the million of images i have of my son, but my husband doesn't like the idea at all .. i somewhat agree with him .. I don't know what my son will be doing in a few years time and where the photos will be placed. I'm probably over reacting but I guess I do believe it's his choice .. if in a few years time he says yes to it .. then he'll be everywhere :) (I don't put myself up - so I guess I use the same reasoning) - needless to say - my sales ans portfolio lack in the human element department ..

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With a Little Help from My friends

posted on 19th of october, 2009

© Amitai (Help)
In my previous post I spoke about egaging family members in the stock photography business.
Now I want to talk about other forms of help that is available to use, with little effort.
Friends, are a valuable asset to use.
The picture on top and this one- are shots of my neighbor's dog. He is a professional dog trainer and breeder, and I wanted pictures for my stock portfolio, so it was a win-win for both of us.
Usually, people are happy to help. this guy isn't even a friend, but when I approached him, he agreed right away.

This guy, is a professional horse trainer, and the ranch is close to my house. I asked for his permission, and got another successful shot.

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Posted by Frantab01 on October 20, 2009
fantastic idea, great images - wish you lots of luck :)
Posted by Wildmac on October 19, 2009
Great idea! I love the female dog at the bottom, she really looks like she's enjoying the sunshine :0)

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Trend line

posted on 26th of october, 2009

Today I reached my sales goal for the first time since I've joined DT, 30$ per day. When you think about it, it's not much, only
600$ a month (Average of 20 days of sales a month, for me), but considering the fact this is a passive income from photos uploaded long time ago, this is a very nice income.
I started with 5$ a month, and it's amazing to see how things grows.

I have come to couple of conclusions regarding how to increase your sales on DT, some I apply for myself, some I have thought about, but haven't done them yet.
First- As large a portfolio as possible- From what I've seen so far, in DT and in other Stock agencies, people with large portfolios have better sales. Their sales per images are low, but couple that number with a thousands of images,...

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Posted by Marpit on October 27, 2009
Congratulations, thank for you tips and I hope to reach you as soon as possible !!!
Posted by Joe1971 on October 27, 2009
congratulations!thank your advice.
Posted by smartview27 on October 27, 2009
Congratulations for your success!

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