Level Four, Windows 7, Photoshop Cover Action Pro and Ultimate Social Community all in one.

posted on 1st of october, 2009

Hello all my DT friends.
So many news things in this past one week. First one of my image reached the landmark Level Four, This image of Abu Dhabi City, , finally I recorded the 50th sale, 51 to be precise. Now I'm waiting for these images to reach this land mark, some picture needs just few downloads to reach level 4.

These images were taken for some of the work I was doing for client. All of them were not intended for stock, and most of them were shot before I joined DT.

Now the second good things finally I was able to test drive the Windows 7, It seems a cool OS, I installed in my Mac book Pro, as secondary OS. (boot camp failed, but managed to install without boot...

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Posted by Creativei on October 03, 2009
Thanks Seema Just doing some beta testing of the site.
Posted by Seema_illustrator on October 02, 2009
Hi Altaf Congratulations on reaching Level 4. Luuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv your images.Specially the Abu Dhabi one.Good luck with the website & looking forward to its launch :)
Posted by Creativei on October 02, 2009
Thanks Marilyn and Rolmat.

Wildmac, Windows 7 is really faster, I can say 80 percent faster than Vista. And even XP I guess. I have done lots research and read many article before installing the OS.

Mani, I think I should send my suggestion, if not when my site is launched you can support me .

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Buyers Diary Part 1 (What I downloaded from DT)

posted on 4th of october, 2009

Hi to all the DT contributors, well below are the images I downloaded recently for our company, Most of these images are used for some articles in our magazines. Please don't ask for a copy or PDF version or anything like that. I would like to inform you guys I really can't spend time to send different pages of the article. At least I can tell you guys which images I downloaded on a monthly basics.

I know you guys feel good to see where these images are used and how, but at this moment I cannot send you copies, but yeah once my new site which I have been talking in my blogs, I might give some links, but its just a promise

I'm sharing my downloads after reading some of Maen Zayyad's blog, actually he inspired me to share my downloads....

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Posted by Paulselway on November 04, 2009
Thanks, it's great to have feedback like this. It's always good to knowing how your images are used. It gives me ideas for the the future.
Posted by Creativei on November 03, 2009
Ok, guys here is the second blog, check out the images I downloaded this time. Part 2 published.............. around 33 images
Posted by Gcsmith on October 26, 2009
I think it is wonderful that you would take the time to inform us of the different photographs that you like and download.

Thanks for your insight!

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Advice to contributors, first 1000 USD is easy to earn. I did it today.

posted on 9th of october, 2009

First of all thanks to DT for giving me an opportunity to showcase my work and pay for it, then giving us training and always been there when I had any doubts.

Then to the buyers who found my work useful and used them in their projects.

Finally to the lovely DT community who was always there during bad and good times like a true friend and well wisher.

Well back to blog,
Yes, its possible, today after reaching the magical landmark of 1000 USD in 1 year 9 months with just 170 images I believe everyone can do that. If only I was more active in uploading and building my portfolio I would have achieved this feat long back.

First keep uploading regularly, second think from buyers point of view before uploading, put yourself in buyers shoe and think, will this image be useful to you? if you...

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Posted by Francy874 on December 10, 2009
Congratulation and tank you for advice!
Posted by Francy874 on December 10, 2009
Congratulation and tank you for advice!
Posted by Elwynn on November 25, 2009
wow! Reaching US$1000 in 1year 9 month with only 170 images, MAGIC!! I had 1467 photos in 10 months just got less than US$200... But I learned more about microstock market in recent day. Thank you for a series of articles. I will read again and again. Thank you.

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Your chance to sell ( Buyers Guide Part B... Sourcing Image before buying)

posted on 21st of october, 2009

Hello everyone, I know I should have started this topic in Photo Request Section, I have already one there but the response is null.

Well actually I can search for these images in DT database, but would like to support my fellow DTians who is very active in this community.

Well Im looking for some pictures of a particular dog which will be featured in our magazine, Im looking for Saluki Dig images, More about Saluki Dog (please do not post other dog picture here and spam this post, I need genuine images straight to my subject,) I'm testing this blog section to source my images, and help my fellow contributors, if the response is good I will be frequently writing such blog to promote your images.

If you want to post images with your comment, open...

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Posted by Creativei on October 27, 2009
@Lukasz, I have already found the Dog images, I downloaded three of them, now im in the process of downloading Golf images.
Posted by Frackowiak1 on October 27, 2009
I think blog is more privet so if someone want to use it for serching i think its ok.
I think i have somwhere photo ofa dog that you need i will try to find it and upload to DT
Posted by Creativei on October 26, 2009
@ Stan, well Im very much aware that there is a photo request section, and I dont have a particular request for any image. I can just search the DT database and can download my required image, I'm doing this to support my fellow contributors who are active here in community section. Now I have decided to download few images from people who commented below, in a regular search I would have missed these images.

@Sgcallaway1994 sure I will look at your pf now.

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Buyer's Life made easy !!!!!!!! Search results are not rigged....... thanks DT

posted on 26th of october, 2009

Well DT, from time to time DT added great new features, some great some not so great, of late two features which I like most is search and zoom.


Well I guess most of you have read about these features in forum section. I just wanted to highlight about this Dynamic Search tool here in this blog.

Today I was very busy and wanted some images of Srilanka, I was so busy that I thought whatever is first page I will download as I don't have much time to go through other images. Suddenly I saw a new button Dynamic Search, I noticed this couple of days on DT homepage, but didnt care to read (Guys whatever you notice in DT, take few seconds to read them, as they are very informative, editors don't just...

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Posted by Defun on October 29, 2009
I like this new feature^^
Posted by Justmeyo on October 26, 2009
I agree also this new feature:)
Posted by Mani33 on October 26, 2009
I agree with you Altaf, but as I said there I would like to have it as an option... As it might be slower depend on the internet connectivity! Thanks ;)

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How to get 100 percent approval rate {Am I cheating???}

posted on 29th of october, 2009

Well this blog may not be useful for everybody, especially for exclusive contributors.

I tried this method this month with my uploads, and it did work, achieved 100 percent approval rate with my 10 uploads.

For me Dreamstime is the favorite site, and this is the only site where I make real money so I wanted my acceptance ration to be good.

As I'm contributor in 5 other different site I used this formula. Again I cannot guarantee that this works, or will work every time, but I believe 80 percent of the time it should work, even though each agencies has different requirement for images.

I uploaded my images in other stock site first, some site has very fast review time, so I upload their first, analyzed the results, corrected the problems from which got rejected. After fixing uploaded to other...

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Posted by Creativei on November 23, 2009
Well sorry for the late reply, well I think its a benefit for contributors if you are submitting in many sites. Even money wise DT is best, I have few images downloaded more than 100 times in other site, but when it comes to money this is one of the best.
Posted by Tan510jomast on November 23, 2009
but no matter how long it takes to be reviewed, DT IS THE BEST !!! :O)
Posted by Tan510jomast on November 22, 2009
as an update , and another comment, i was wondering if Dreamstime's slow review time is actually a benefit to contributors and Dreamstime or not.
the thing is that speed is of the essence with certain images. another thing is , let's say if XXXXX and XXXXX (no names mentioned) the other top sites of microstock in the Top 5 are reviewing our images within 24-48 hours, we may be tempted to slowly move there. especially if we noticed that our images are also being downloaded sooner and our placement in the keyword search is better there.

i cannot believe that those two Top 5 sites have nothing to review, i think they just give us more priority because maybe they like our work. and because our images are live sooner, we get better downloads with it, regardless of the volume of our portfolio.

just wondering...

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