Keeping momentum

posted on 7th of october, 2009

Keeping momentum in retouching, uploading, shooting and conceptualising stock over and above the load of my commercial work is tough...but holding thumbs.

My assistant is getting more and more into the stock work-flow and is constantly uploading images.

What I do more and more is look for alternative oppurtunities in my commercial jobs to shoot other images as well, or jot down ideas born from those.

My food images I however still need shoot especially, as styling is involved. Also, making license agreements with clients for stock vs discounts etc is also one of the ways I have found to gain more material.

Next month I'll be going to Libya and the job is based on a stock exchange of images agreement - basically non-exclusive, so while I don't get paid, I have rights...

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Posted by Danienel on October 07, 2009
Hi guys, thanx a lot. YEs - my assistant is getting briefed on the upload schedules and keywording etc. Once the stock income generates enough to justify another assistant, I will do that. My current assistant is a videographer, so we might expand stock that way as well. @Dragos - thanx for adding - loads more food images to be uploaded!
Posted by Nikitu on October 07, 2009
You have great images and even if the ones you shot as exclusive can not be sold they are a way for you to evolve as a photographer and develop new ideas. And indeed, it's great to keep the momentum, it's rather hard to get back into it if you loose it.
Posted by smartview27 on October 07, 2009
Dear Danie,

As a commercial photographer you can also have an assistant who may help you to create stock photographies and the other assistent upload this images while you are in Libya for example! All you have to do is to set very well the rules and the conditions with your team (especially concerning the copyrights!)!


p.s. nice food photos! I will include some of them in my collections!

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When is arty arty of when is it farty

posted on 13th of october, 2009

So I'm all for creative blur, flair and weirdness, but only if it serves a purpose and it is executed willingly or serendipitously. What irkes me to no end is someone who doesn't have the skill to shoot a "boring" shot, but claims that their "breaking the rules" is artistic expression.

My image above was consciously blurred and treated quite harshly. I'm very chuffed the Dreamstime saw the intention, and understood it not to be simply a checks like art image.

But, that is where the catch comes in - when doing creative breaking the rules stuff, there's always the chance that people will just perceive it for a bad photograph.

Ah, conundrums.

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Posted by Danienel on October 15, 2009
@lightart - I would imagine the context is commercial - for money - purposes, where context and multiple usability is considered. However, within that there is regional, cultural, niche considerations. That does make it hard!
Posted by Rolmat on October 14, 2009
Right. Sure it's fine to let your creativity take the wheel sometimes, provided that your personal artistic expression won't let you down when it comes to sales or low commercial value. While the catch is to keep being creative, leaving some part of it to customers still has a huge important role on this business. Stock agencies are not exactly art galleries, but surely we do appreciate some unusual shots. Some... :-)
Posted by Frantab01 on October 13, 2009
accept criticism and move on - image accepted - hooray - just enjoy your creativity and concentrate on great shots rather than good or bad comments :)
just my 2 cents
i like the image btw

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Reassessing my creativity

posted on 16th of october, 2009

I have gone without analysing my photography and style for months on end, then just to return with massive amounts of self-conscious analysis of my influence, my style and then my way forward. Then to find myself getting drowned by a flood of assignments, where the creative autopilot keeps me stuck in my own groove. Like a puzzle piece, the groove is designed around my strengths and avoids my weaknesses creatively, and it doesn't encourage further probing into my motives, review of my ways, or repentance from my bad habits, it simply forces me to creatively put my head down and get the job done. Which is fine, as long as that groove is current, creative, relevant and satisfying to your client. But then, it becomes unsatisfying to yourself and before you know it your work starts...

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Posted by smartview27 on October 16, 2009
I think you work a lot, Dani and you are very creative also!

Best wishes!

Posted by Wisconsinart on October 16, 2009
Looking for a challenge? I'll give you a challenge:

Set a goal of 20 uploaded images with people who were willing to sign a model release. It can be 20 different people or one person with 20 images that were accepted.

That should give you new experiences if it's something you normally don't do or have access to.

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Perks of being a photographer

posted on 22nd of october, 2009

In the past (I've been a pro photog for almost 10 years, starting at age 21), when people would say "Wow, it must be a cool job!", even though they imagined me standing taking pics at kiddies parties (commercial photographer doesn't say a heck of a lot to Joe Bogs), I would reply with a "Yah, well, it's not ALL glam, it's got a lot of hard graft and tough aspects as well", which isn't untrue, but I said it because I didn't want people to think I had it easy, and they hard (I grew up Calvinist and South AFrican...white...guilt is sort of built into default set-up). However, one day I came to the realization that I made the choice to do what I do when I was 12, pursued it since then and worked very hard to get where I am, and on any given day still earn the same or less than they...

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Posted by Danienel on October 26, 2009
You can alwyas try!
Posted by Preckas on October 24, 2009
THis post came just in time now that I am concidering a career change . . but it may be too late for me to do so (become a photographer that is) ! :(
Posted by Danienel on October 23, 2009
probably the only thing I avoid shooting is "the ladies". Fashion not on my priority list. Have some moral issues with what is expected of woman sometimes. Do shoot product and some line-book fashion - but that is product and dummy based.

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Coffee for thought

posted on 29th of october, 2009

Sometimes it takes coffee to get my creativity going. It's this weird phenomenon. When I have 1 cup, I feel generally good. If I have 2, then I get this creative urge. When I have 3, I find I get totally over-creative and can't keep my mind to one thought.

Espresso seems to spark me straight to the unproductive over-creative spin.

Now I'm looking for a coffee regime that'll keep me moderately inspired, without knocking my head or ability to focus to bits. But, alas, I haven't found it.

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Posted by Danienel on October 30, 2009
Yes - too much coffee is certainly not desirable. These days I grow my own lemon grass and drink some of that infused in water... but a coffee a day...what can I say.
Posted by Frantab01 on October 29, 2009
haven't had a cup of coffee in 2 years, and i love it :(
Posted by Wildmac on October 29, 2009
I haven't been able to drink a cup of coffee without feeling nauseous and sometimes getting a headache for about ten years. I don't think caffeine agrees with me. I drink tea generally, but the thing that I find gets my creative thoughts flowing is a walk in the wild. It doesn't really have to be the back of beyond, any tree filled garden that blocks traffic noise is good. Even better if it has a pond or some sort of flowing water in it. It even works for me if it's raining. JMO Cheers :0)

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