The dream will be true

posted on 5th of october, 2009

I made a wonderful dream last night. I had earn 20 US Dollars for sale my photos. I was so happy that I tried to find those photos which's in my dream. But I didn't find them.
Today, when I log in DT, I found here have 0.42 US dollars in my count, the mean some one download my photo.
It's great happy! though I have earn much money as my dream, but I sold my photo too!
Thanks God!

Remarks:Welcome to view the new photos of mine

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Posted by Joe1971 on October 13, 2009
Today,I am very glad to have 3 FIRST! The one is I sold a photo by 3Dollars first! Another,I have a photo catch the second level first! And I sold a photo after I upload it in 24 hours only first!
My dream really come true.
Posted by Patl on October 06, 2009
   Life, is good,   
Posted by Joe1971 on October 06, 2009
I'd really believe this dream is ture,because I sold 4 photos these days since that dream.

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Not only warmly hands

posted on 11th of october, 2009

It's not just about warmly hands or a younger beautiful girl or nice sunshine.It's the whole spring! It's the wonderful life of my friends and I.

Not everyone understand Chinese Thinking.But we should know the Chinese Tea. Perfect porcelain,Mysterious fragrance,Traditional Culture.Woo...After drink a cup of tea, you will undertand something about China.

We are always busy. Even if we almost forget why we always busy! So take your time share a formal dinner with your family. Look at the clean glass and the fancy napkin.

"Red means hot, Blue means cold". When I focus the Shower Faucet, I point the reflex light of Stainless Steel.

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Posted by Frantab01 on October 12, 2009
congratulations, nice pics :)
Posted by Robynw1231 on October 12, 2009
In taking a picture, it is important to know the focus zone. It's easy to rely on today's sophisticated camera automation. But how does the camera really know what you want it to focus on? Some cameras simply assume that your subject is dead-center in the image area. While this will often work, sometimes the AF system (Auto Focus System) will literally fall through the cracks. For example, if you're taking a picture of two people standing next to each other, the camera might focus on the background between the two subjects, most cameras let you point the camera at one subject then hold the shutter release button halfway to lock the focus. You can then recompose the shot as long as you don't let go of that button. Some cameras may have a separate button for focus lock or multiple AF zone systems, so read the manual before you start shooting. Some AF cameras send out a beam of near-infrared light to detect focus. These cameras can be fooled if you're shooting through glass (such as a museum...(More)
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on October 11, 2009
great photos in the blog, best of luck with them!

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I have 3 FIRST

posted on 13th of october, 2009

Today,I am very glad to have 3 FIRST! The one is I sold a photo by 3Dollars first! Another, I have a photo catch the second level first! And I sold a photo after I upload it in 24 hours only first!

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Posted by Joe1971 on October 14, 2009
Thank you to like my photos, thanks the people to buy my photos。
Posted by Picstudio on October 14, 2009
Congrats! Yor portfolio is really great, keep up the good work.
Posted by smartview27 on October 13, 2009

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Help! How to raise the click and download Rate

posted on 18th of october, 2009

I was join here at February 28, 2008. It's seems not short time. I like here very much,But just a little problem drive me to unhappy. The problem is, I haven't found a right way to raise the click and download Rate of my photos . So my dear friends, If you have any good idea, Please share with me!

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Posted by Joe1971 on October 20, 2009
thanks retina2020,mani33 & wildmac,Your methods is very good, I will try.
Posted by Wildmac on October 19, 2009
I agree with everything below. Upload, read and participate in the message boards and blogs, try the assignments etc. It will all help to increase your profile. I've also got a free image that I'm hoping is bringing in new viewers and potential buyers to my portfolio, so you could always give that a try. Have a great day :0)
Posted by Mani33 on October 19, 2009
Hi Joe,
Regarding your question... You can always upload any good photos you take, but if you find that you like to shoot more restaurants for example try to make a bigger portfolio covering this subject & create collections with it! Like a collection with restaurents of hotels, another with restaurants of public street, another with table tops!
Let people see what is your strong point in a photo! Start with this & will find yourself with a big portfolio & greater exposure.

Cheers ;)

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Wonderful Day with good news!

posted on 26th of october, 2009

It's a wonderful day!
Today I became the photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com, meanwhile I was too surprise and happy to found I had earn 30.80Dollars!
You know my count just have 14.04Dollars before,So only this day I got the money more 3times than one year!

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Posted by Fultonsphoto on October 26, 2009
Congratulations Joe, you have some really good photos in your PF, it is only a matter of time before the sales start rolling in.
Posted by Kaththea on October 26, 2009
Congrats! But I don't think it's a mere luck. With such good photos you just deserve it)
Posted by Wildmac on October 26, 2009
Congratulations! You should buy a lottery ticket and see if your great day continues ;0)

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