Name it... Rename it...

posted on 9th of october, 2009

This time I just want to call your attention about an important issue that many don't give much importance to it! Others might not know about it's importance!
It's simply your photo name!!!
Yes photo name makes a part of commercialising your photo and makes a part of it's success!

Many photographers upload series of photos about the same subject and they don't pay attention that some shots don't fit the subject or the action! Just because it's for the same model and uploaded with the same serie doesn't make it fit with the title or name!

Such a mistake might affect your sales for that photo...
(I'm not going to give any example about bad naming photos obviously!)

Some photographers use the name to explain the photo before the description, which helps buyer to get there...

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Posted by Yuritz on October 24, 2009
I'll keep in mind for the next uploads,thanks
Posted by Mani33 on October 23, 2009
@Aginger it will help believe me ;)

@Ebamo thank you! :)
Posted by Ebamo on October 23, 2009
I totally agree , I noticed that too , the name of the photo counts, it's always better to add an attractive adjective to the title.

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Good luck in sales pal!

posted on 12th of october, 2009

Few weeks ago a friend of mine has joined a company that sells natural products and stuff for diet...
As a salesman, his first challange was to make a presentation in PowerPoint to present the company & it's products and show an argument based on what he learned during his training...

He asked me help as computers never been his strong point, on the contrary of his sales skills!
Well he brought me some photographs that he found on the net to use in his presentation, the text and a scan of the product that the company gave him also!

In these cases I don't like to face people immediately with the copy rights issue! It's not that I am afraid to speak about it, but it's better to convince people than confronting them with your firm opinion! At least that's how I like to do it... If I can't convince...

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Posted by Mani33 on October 16, 2009
Thank you Anna ;)
Posted by Ladyamber on October 16, 2009
Good job Maen, and well chosen images! :-)))
Posted by Tan510jomast on October 15, 2009
yes, as always Mani the good dude.
i am still waiting for that beer he promised me, lol..
but i just couldn't find the airplane or bus to take me to his city, ha!ha!
good job Mani ! ciao !

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New Challenges

posted on 18th of october, 2009

Just thoughts came up to my mind...

A new feature was launched on DT few days ago, for who didn't notice it's order print on each photo!
For more info about the subject check the message boards.

The question is... How many portfolios are having photos that can attract the buyers to use this feature?! DT must have these statistics for sure!

The other question is have you checked your portfolio if you have anything adequate for this feature?! I checked mine at least and as for now my answer is NO! :(

When I say adequate for this feature I mean the subject & the resolution ready without editing!

I think we should start thinking seriously about it! Are you going to check your portfolio?! Wish...

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Comments (21)

Posted by Mani33 on October 24, 2009
@Susan: NO! But I think you wanted to say that I made it clear :P
Your idea is in my agenda now :))

@Aginger: Indeed is a great portfolio! Love them! Thanks ;)
Posted by Aginger on October 23, 2009
Anyway, I just found a portfolio for printing....breathtaking pictures (I think these are not photos...) so, DT is and will accept more art, I think...
Posted by Noonie on October 20, 2009
Glad you nipped that marriage proposal in the bud!!! (do you understand that saying?)
Anyway, I do think you should do a (maybe purple) male to go with the female. Why be so sexist, the pair would look cute in the bar area/kitchen of a home or business and I love your babies, too!

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When I was your age!

posted on 23rd of october, 2009

The inspiration of my Senior Assignment :)))

Let me tell you sonny... let me tell you straight
You kids today ain't never had it tough
Always had everything handed to you on a silver plate
You lazy brats think nothing's good enough

Well, nobody ever drove me to school when it was ninety degrees below
We had to walk buck naked through forty miles of snow
Worked in the coal mines twenty two hours a day for just half a cent
Had to sell me internal organs just to pay the rent

When I was your age. When I was your age
When I was your age. When I was your age

Let me tell you something, you whiny little snot
There's something wrong with all you kids today
You just don't appreciate all the things you've got
We were hungry, broken and miserable and we liked it fine that...

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Comments (18)

Posted by Tan510jomast on November 03, 2009
yes, when i was your age, i wasn't that b- - t c hy, !!! ha!ha!
Posted by Ebamo on October 27, 2009
Original, very pleasing post :-)
Posted by Ponytail1414 on October 26, 2009
HAHAHAHA Thanks a lot for making me fall off my chair laughing

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My First 100 Downloads!

posted on 29th of october, 2009

No I didn't mean I had 100 sales! Maybe one day I hope :))

I'm on the other side of the business... I made my first 100 downloads from DT as a buyer! I love to use photos for everything!

Showing my e-mails with unique images! Use them on the sites I do as a webdesigner!

I have a plan to insert new photos on my sites, even with out a return from the client!
Believe me my clients love that & they appreciate my work more & more! By time they arrange more work & of course a financial return!
Mid term marketing plan if you want to call it like this! ;)

From what I noticed people get more interested when you illustrate what you say in a simple photo! (Joke, Alert, Facts, Opinion... etc.)

I'll leave you with SOME photos from my downloads & please don't ask me if I downloaded any of your's!...

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Comments (44)

Posted by Mani33 on November 26, 2009
Thanks everybody one more time! I am closing this blog & linking it to the new one with more downloads!

Cheers ;)
Posted by Mani33 on November 26, 2009
Thanks Debbie! I know you had priceless Thanks Giving ;)
Posted by Dmccale on November 26, 2009
I must have missed this post.Thanks for sharing and good luck with your business.
Happy Turkey day from South Carolina

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Taking the Swine Flu Vaccine: YES or NO?!

posted on 31st of october, 2009

Hi everyone!

I know this is not a photography issue but it concerns people all over the world & from all sectors!

Recently it's passing on the news contradicted information about the swine flu vaccine! I still can not take a decision if I'm going to take it or not!

So I decided to ask people in my e-mail contact list using this photo & here on DT whether they are going to take it or not!

A YES or a NO answer is appreciated!


PS: Don't worry Gabriel your photo was sent protected ;)

Comments (58)

Posted by Mani33 on December 02, 2009
Oh yes David what I got also was a normal flu but it was strong enough that I am still recovering after 4 days!

Hahaha Rangpl I'm cheering you also! Let's keep up the good spirit ;)
Posted by Rangpl on December 01, 2009
Drinking for Your health Maen:) Got wine in the glass at last, best regards
Posted by Litifeta on November 30, 2009
Here in Australia we suffered a little with the swine flu. What was most worrying was the normal flu I got, in Spring, and despite I had a flu vaccination. I am a very clean person, but the flu I got knocked me around for over 6 weeks.

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