Dream Bag Challenge

posted on 2nd of november, 2009

Do you feel your head is full of ideas, how a real photo bag should look like, but you have never found such one on the market, no matter how hard you have tried?
Well, then maybe this is your opportunity. Israeli manufacturer of camera bags KATA has invited everybody to design their dream photo bag and submit it to the challenge.
Each bag will be reviewed by a professional panel of judges. The best design will be selected as the winner, hand built exclusively for the designer and packed full of photo equipment:
Canon 5D mk II body2 Canon Lenses (24-105 EF L IS USM & 70-200 F/4.0 USM)Gitzo Traveler kit (tripod + head)and Litepanels LP MICROPRO
All bag sketches must be submitted...

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Posted by Littlemacproductions on November 06, 2009
I'm with Leslie on the pocket for lipstick. ;-)
Posted by smartview27 on November 06, 2009
Great idea!
Posted by Ponytail1414 on November 05, 2009
Thanks, Maigi! Somebody make a bag with a pocket for lipstick and nicotine gum and I will buy it.

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A Quick Word Of Warning

posted on 11th of november, 2009

If you ever pour a glass of water on your laptop keyboard, don't try to dry it up with your hair-dryer!
You could end up with curly keys, which are cute to look, but hard to hit...
It's good that the replacement of keyboard is not too tricky...

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Posted by Heathse on November 18, 2009
Good warning! I always eat my breakfast at the computer!
Posted by Maigi on November 16, 2009
LOL nope, not a prop. Sorry, my English is a little bit rough. ;) Yes, my laptop is my one and only workstation right now. But we'll see, maybe after some more dls I'm considering getting a high-end desktop as well. ;) Thanks, Eti!
Posted by Littlemacproductions on November 16, 2009
I was just hoping you weren't using your laptop as a prop! By the way do you work mainly off of a laptop? That is what I am doing right now. I used to have both but the desktop was starting to chug-a-lug so it just drove me crazy and I got rid of it. Considering getting another desktop... Anyways.. glad you saved your laptop! Eti

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Why... Classic Kids Questions

posted on 19th of november, 2009

Have you ever wondered, how many questions fits into the 5 year old's head?
Why don't all the fish die when lightning hits the sea?Why is the sky blue?Why is the grass green?Why can't people leave other people alone?Why are birds not electrocuted when they land on electricity wires?Why is the Moon sometimes out in the day and sometimes at night?Why do cats have whiskers?Why is a banana curved?Why do I need to wash my hands?Why does my best friend have two dads?Why do zebras have stripes?Why can't fish live out of water?Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? (this is my favorite! :))Why don't spiders stick to their own webs?Why do I like pink?Why is water wet?Why do donuts have holes in them?Why do we wear clothes?Why does a pizza get to the house faster than an...

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Comments (26)

Posted by Maigi on December 19, 2009
LOL They are cute. :) A little while ago, when I was visited my parents, my mom reminded me about her notes, what she did when me and my brother, we were just started to talk and reason. I love very much that she wrote down all our "clever" discoveries and funny sayings. I think I should publish a book now. :))
Posted by Martinedegraaf on December 19, 2009
What a precious blog, I just happened to stumble upon:)
So cute and recognisable!
May I add one from this morning from our 4 year old cutey?;
"mom, Was God baptised when he was a little baby?"....
I still owe him the answer LOL
Posted by Maigi on November 28, 2009
:)) Yeah, it should be one of these questions, what never should give you an answer "yes", but as I remember from my childhood, the answer was always "Yessss!"...

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