posted on 17th of december, 2009

Just a simple question: do you, guys, have some ideas, how or where to promote yourself to get the job as a freelance photo manipulator, web designer, photographer and/or digital designer?
Did I say "simple" question? Well, not for me. But I thought there are lots of freelancers around, maybe somebody could give some hints?
I know there are sites like getafreelancer.com or eufreelance.com, but it's hard to sound credible, if you place your first bids beside old-timers. If you need a co-worker, someone for short-term job, you can contact me via my web page.
Any suggestions about promotion?
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Posted by Mani33 on December 20, 2009
(For who doesn't know still this is called Bulglish!)
Posted by Littledesire on December 20, 2009
LOOL, Carol! You won our "choose the name" competition! Now give us some work to earn money for your prize! :))))
Posted by Maigi on December 19, 2009
ha-ha-ha-haa... you guys are too funny!! ROFL
Posted by Wildmac on December 19, 2009
So, are you millionaires yet? What's taking so long? Still sorting out a name huh? What about Maigi, Maen and Desi Design? "MMADD" for short or shorter "MAD" ;P lol
Posted by Noonie on December 19, 2009
Oh, Maigi, NOT MAEN!!! You don't know what you're in for!!! And Global Warming Web Design is way tooooooooloooong!!!!! Just shorten it to

"Gloing Web DESIgn" :)))

That's All Folks...
Posted by Maigi on December 19, 2009
Posted by Littledesire on December 19, 2009
LOL Global Warming Web Design sounds awesome! :P
Posted by Mani33 on December 18, 2009
LOL! great comments guys!
Carol we'll make a company & give it a hot name! Global Warming Web Design :P
Susan you have phone pricing issue! That is not with me call the telephone company! :))
Dessie I already see your future website... DessieDreamOnIt.co.uk :P.... Great luck my friend ;)
Maigi The market is full of surprises, specially that you don't know whose door you're knocking! I really got some funny & sad things :))
But that experience was not really sad cause I ended up making both websites with out them knowing... They want it a game so let it be! :))
Posted by Maigi on December 18, 2009
:)) yeah, okay-okay, Maen can do it.... :)
Posted by Noonie on December 18, 2009
When you 3 go global I want a job! Maen, even in my little "worldly enterprise" I have pricing problems from phone calls and emails. They describe it one way and it's another!!!

Maybe I need a website and I could just list a minimum that's really high. The problem there is that I would have to let all of you newly self-employed do a paragraph each, so I'd use everyone. Don't want any hard feelings!
Posted by Maigi on December 18, 2009
Well, I'll keep it in mind, Carolyne. :)))
Mani, it's sad that you had such a bad experience... But on the other hand your web site could be free promotion for your clients. I guess, many of them would be happy to have such a web master. And those, who want to keep you only for themselves, should just keep you busy with their projects, provide you all the job you need. ;) They can't think they order one little website from you and in the return you belong eternally to them. It's crazy. Unless of course they gave you something special in return. A much higher price or some privileges or something else. If not, I think in some land they call it slavery. It sounds so unfair.
Posted by Wildmac on December 17, 2009
Wow, maybe you guys should get together and start some sort of co-operative global web design business. You could give competitors work to each other so that no-one will know that you're working both sides. You could buy all your images from DT and help each other out when you get stuck. It could work out good all round. Just don't forget who suggested it when you're all millionaires ;0)
Posted by Mani33 on December 17, 2009
Oh I would like to know what you will have on my webpage :))
But seriously I don't have my own website for a simple reason! It might be used on my favor & against me!
ie: If the clients like it they would say I want something like this! And the price would differ! If they don't like it they would run away! Like this I show them what I want to show them from the other sites I do! Depend on what they need & their budget! It might sound weird & low from my side but many people want a whole chicken with a price of chicken soup :))
Another thing & that happened with me for real! A client told me if I do work for that person (his competitor in the market) he won't deal with me! Believe it or not I made the site of his competitor & the first thing I did when I reached home was taken my name from there!
So imagine if I list my clients on my own homepage!
Posted by Maigi on December 17, 2009
Thanks, girls! :) Wow, Desi, exciting news!!! Good luck with your adventures in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Littledesire on December 17, 2009
OMG I can't believe that! Today was my last day at work and from now on I have to find a job in London ... and you post your blog with the same thoughs I have in my mind :)))
OK .. Maen is for you, I'll search for some shootings :))))
Good luck, Maigi! Hope someone will help us ;)
Posted by Noonie on December 17, 2009
Jump right in there Maigi and sign him up!!! :)) You go girl....
Posted by Maigi on December 17, 2009
Yes, friends and family and their friends and families are great working partners. :) Are you saying Mani, you don't have your own web page??? ;) yeah, I know, what they talk about shoemakers and their shoes... Do you need a website, Mani? ;)))
Posted by Mani33 on December 17, 2009
Hey Maigi, I work like a freelancer! But I use the personal communication then I show my work on the web!
But maybe it's time to have my personal homepage to promote some ;)
Mainly I'm dependent on face to face talk or through people who know who's interested! ;)

Comments (18)

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