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posted on 3rd of february, 2009

Who won football’s Super Bowl? In my world there is more interest in what ads were more successful than news of the game itself. Which commercials resonated the most with the target audiences? Which ones garnered kudos from creatives at the top agencies? And which ones might give you some shooting ideas?

Spend some time reviewing the ads and you’ll see that you can piggyback on the research that went into the themes and trends in the ads to come up with some ideas for yourself.

I spent most of today doing the “Monday morning quarterback thing” viewing dozens of the ads that I missed by being in one of the only places in the U.S. where the game wasn’t broadcast: an airplane in flight.

Not only are zillions of dollars spent in production...

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Posted by Denisebeverly on February 05, 2009
i can see them i just never could shoot or illustrate them.. weird
Posted by Ellenboughn on February 05, 2009
Denise: All good...you found more than I did!
Posted by Denisebeverly on February 05, 2009
lets see ellen , i think it was
1. the woman screaming behind the wheel of her car-- shows frustration while driving or waiting to park
2. the man crying with his briefcase- hating to commute or hating going to work
3. and as much as i hate to say it, mister sit around in your underwear and work- represents the work from home opportunity or the really bad co-worker problem
4.man with his boss calling him dummy- fear of disapproval from your boss, humiliation at work
5. riding the dolphin- dream vacation, fulfilling your fantasies
6. man with all the gold - success in business, dripping with wealth

how did i do??

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User Generated Content Expo

posted on 12th of february, 2009

Microstock falls into the UGC classification but when one tries to define UGC to someone who has never heard of it, you realize that the designation doesn’t totally apply to Dreamstime. A friend in the industry who works with professional advertising photographers on assignments asked me to explain UGC when she found out I had attended the UCGX in San Jose, CA earlier this week.

I said the users of the content also generated it. She replied, “You mean like art directors buy in-house photographer’s work?” No that’s not it and so the conversation went on. And in fact in many ways as micropayment stock photography matures, it seems that quite a lot of the users don’t generated content and a lot of the content makers have no need to buy it.

I was...

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Posted by Ellenboughn on February 18, 2009
Litifeta: didn't notice the sideburns but Leaf has a wonderful hair look
Posted by Litifeta on February 17, 2009
Did Leaf do something with his sideburns for the gig? ha ha
Posted by Ellenboughn on February 16, 2009
I ate a lot of candy at one kiosk. But that was it...oh and a free bag that I lost the first day.

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Photographer Stimulus Package

posted on 17th of february, 2009

If the U.S. economic stimulus legislation works according to plan, there will be demands for images that illustrate enormous expenditures on the country’s infrastructure over the next 18 months and for years to come. In addition to building roads and bridges, the bill also provides for funds for alternative energy.
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Many outside the U.S. blame America for the worldwide depression and perhaps rightly so as it started here. If the U.S. plan does work to get the economy working again, many countries will perhaps emulate the U.S. plan. Some countries already have stimulus plans with infrastructure funding.

It follows that images that illustrate these top-spending items will be in demand for articles, websites and blogs. After the major bridge collapse...

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Posted by Wstoveland on February 23, 2009
As you are planning to photograph infrastructure, please don't forget about the water and wastewater industry. As an in-house designer, I have a hard time locating such images for my projects. - Rachel S.
Posted by Oozeart on February 22, 2009
thank you for your article, as a newbie, i am constantly looking for imagery to promote, even if i don't get out much. i will be very aware as progress comes along - even here in australia!
Posted by Joshuaraineyphotography on February 21, 2009
Great article. You have really sparked ideas for microstock based on economic trends and relevance to current issues. Thank you.

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posted on 23rd of february, 2009

It’s been two years and one month and well over a hundred blogs written since I joined Dreamstime. But now it is time to say goodbye as I move on to finish writing a book that continues the themes of my blogs to be published by an imprint of Random House and to concentrate more fully on my busy consulting business.

In the beginning I thought that all the learning would be one-way: me passing on all I had learned in 30 years in the traditional stock photo business to the Dreamstime team and photographers. In reality I learned a great deal more than I taught, I have no doubt.

I’m privileged to being one of the very few individuals whose experience spans all business models in the industry and I have Serban, Dragos, Jeff and the rest of the team to thank...

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Posted by Countrymama on March 04, 2009
Thanks for all your great advice. You will be missed!
Posted by Black-white on March 04, 2009
What a kindful and professional advisor Ellen was.
Thank you.
Posted by Danielleongjinonn on March 01, 2009
hi ellen,

wwish u a lot success.....thanks for sharing info..:)

have a nice day!

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