will buyers be looking for the same images?

posted on 4th of february, 2009

I suppose it makes little difference to those of us who are new contributors in the micro stock trade. But I can't help wondering if all the surveys about trends, best selling images historically, etc.. really make any impact nowadays, or before this time.
Like magazines, movies, music, comic books, fashion,etc.. these things come in as quickly as they go. The only thing that is certain is taxation and death. No, just joking, testing to see if you are paying attention to what I write. ha!ha!.
My point , or rather, the question is, even comic book designers update their superheroes as often as we update our wardrobe. So I wonder if trying to base our future images on those that had been historically best sellers is a good idea.
Another sure thing especially with the economic...

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Posted by Creativei on February 05, 2009
Well I never cared or bothered what is trend, you know every image has its unique sales points, its basically a requirement. Well Irisangel has a point there, Even my company has stopped in house photo shoot and rather opted for subscription, where a very large image or vector costs just 0.20, so microstock is going to stay for long.
The main criteria will be to have those magical keyword where our image can be in the first few pages of search results. the bottom line is don't worry about the market trends and crisis, just keep uploading and watch your sales.
Posted by Dreamframer on February 05, 2009
Honestly, I can't say I am very tallented to predict the trends of buyers taste. I never quite understand the fashion, which is not good for this business. That's why I'm trying to make images that can be used longer than une season :)
For now, I'm doing quite fine :)
Posted by Bradcalkins on February 04, 2009
I think you need to look at the stock leaders simply becuase buyers are purchasing their images. That gives you a reference point to start from. That said it is surely better long term to carve out your own niche. You are unlikely to stand out doing what everyone else is doing. The best bet for the future (aside from guessing and just doing what you are good at) is probably to look in the 'now'. Rather than focusing on what other have sold a lot of, look at what is going into magazines now, what is being put up on blogs, etc.

Dreamstime has a good feature on the main page in the 'Latest' tab. This shows you what people search for, what has recently sold, etc. This is often a surprisingly different snapshot than the best sellers of the year. But sometimes you just need to throw your ideas out there and take a chance - you could have the next big idea!

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a male dominated domain?

posted on 9th of february, 2009

earlier this morning i was answering a question put forward by a peer
who was wondering why only the "sexy pictures seem to sell ". the poster wondered is it because "designers are mostly males".
i thought that was an interesting topic and a rather funny observation. the reaction of the observer being quite justified.
well, i replied to the question and i thought this would be ideal for my new blog today over here:

are fashion designers mostly males?

historically the most famous ones seem to give the impression that they are all male ie Yves St Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren,etc.. browsing through a popular teen magazine listing their choices of top designers, 6 of 10 voted were male, or was it 7 of 10. oh never mind the rhetoics, you get my point !

on the personal...

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Posted by Imdan on February 12, 2009
I believe the fashion designer phenomenon is similar to chefs and hairdressers. You rarely hear of a famous female chef, but are raised with "mom's great homecooking."

However, I'm not sure there's a majority of male graphic designers. I tend to meet more female graphic designers.
Posted by Digitalg on February 12, 2009
I don't really think most designers are male, infact I think the oposit. For instance my company has a "creative agency like" department, and creative designers there are 80% or 90% female. Now, what strikes me is that "sexy" relates much more to pics of women and, as final creativity consumers, both men and women pay more attention to women. I don't doubt women and men are thinking of different things when looking at sexy pictures portraing women, but they both look and "consume" the image.
Posted by Arne9001 on February 11, 2009
I very much doubt the first assumption in this post: that sexy pix sell. They are looked at a lot but usually have a bad view/sales ratio.

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be all thing and nothing ? are you a good clone?

posted on 17th of february, 2009

is it possible that as a newbie we sometimes try to be so full of it that we spin our wheels? getting everything but going nowhere, so to speak,
my point for this blog is --- are you an incredible niche, or just a super copy ?

we all have been there before. whether it's in sports, where we try to ape the jock to get all the babes. or in music, where we try to be the next Elvis or Jimi Hendrix. i remember when i was playing in a band, we had a foreign group that played nothing but the music of Santana. the guitarist even dressed like him, and sounded like Carlos. all was fine until one night, Carlos walked into the club.

is this the same problem some of us are having here? are we all trying so hard to be the next top seller that we lose sight of what we can do for ourselves?...

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Posted by Mayatairy on February 18, 2009
Very true...
however, consider this:
everything, and i mean it: everything was done before, as the good bubble quotes: there is nothing new under the sun...
when i stated photographing a couple of years ago (before i discovered photography i was a painter), i was soooo careful not to look and not to learn from other photographers - i wanted so badly to do my thing only !a nd at first, indeed everything was so original through my point of view, every single shot i made was absolutely mine, in each and every aspect. but as time moved on and i joined some internet photography forum, i was desperately disappointed when :
1. i discovered there is sooooo much to learn
2. all my creative ideas were somehow executed before....

so... i keep the balance between professional photography - which is mostly just a job that must be done for commercial purposes, and the "soul photography" - for my sake only :-)

remember, unlike painting, where you put your individual hand pressure and imagination...(More)
Posted by Littlemacproductions on February 18, 2009
In a world filled with so many people.. it is hard NOT to be influenced by someone you admire. When does this influence become your own original concept? Think of all the musicians out there.. all influenced by someone they admired.. same with artists. Are there true originals anymore? Probably... but most have a hero that they want to emulate at least in the beginning. Then you can blend your own personal creative sparks.
Posted by Mildegard on February 18, 2009
You're right. When copying somebody we lose ourselves. It's not only about photopraphy, or music... it's about everyday life too. People like making some successfull person "an example" to all others. I think it to be wrong. People are all different and what is good to one may be bad to another. And - following the "example" will bring nothing new to this world, there would be no progress.

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is rejection really that horrible to you?

posted on 26th of february, 2009

how do you see rejection? we hate that word, don't we? is it like a skeleton in your closet, or the bogeyman under your bed,lol. or do you see it as something that can be useful in your related work?

do you remember your first rejection? i do. it was when i was just a tiny kid and i got madly jealous when the neighbour's little daughter prefered to play with my brother instead of playing with me. ha!ha! and you were thinking that i am asking you about a rejection of your reviewed images to Dreamstime. ha!ha!
well, maybe our reaction to rejection goes far deeper than we think. were we used to getting rejections in our life? missed that job you have been aiming for, but never seem to get it because there is always someone luckier? better? hell no, no one is better than me. so it has to be luckier,...

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Posted by Lienkie on February 27, 2009
Man,I wish everybody would read this and stop throwing tantrums about rejections.I agree 100%-as you already know...lol.Being a newbie and all at this stage I celebrate over each accepted image,it means I have learnt something.Thanx for sharing.
Posted by Noonie on February 27, 2009
Posted by Creativei on February 27, 2009
Yeah, don't take it personal, if rejected here it might accepted somewhere else, & vice verse. Just move on, let the life continue.

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