6883 fonts and still going...................

posted on 1st of april, 2009

Hello, Today I was just managing my fonts, then I realized that I have over 6883 fonts in my library collected & purchased for the past seven years since I started designing. I'm using Suitcase Fusion (very useful software) to manage my fonts in both Mac & PC. Now I have another few thousands fonts which I need to check. I'm a great font fan. Typeface as always been a part of my designs.

I would like to ask fellow designer which font types you guys use. I use Open Type so switching between Mac & PC becomes easy. So what font type do you use?
A small brief about different font types.
PostScript, True Type & Open Type

One thing I have noticed in Open Type & True Type they have only one file but Postscript fonts has two files.

True Type & Postscript font contains just 256 characters, where...

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Posted by Creativei on April 08, 2009
Yeah Dabobabo, good to know im not the only one who is fontoholic, well most of the fonts you can use for illustrations also.

Driveyourkitty: I wish I could share my fonts, then I need to sort free fonts and paid fonts. but yeah you guys can check this site for free fonts. DAFONT FREE FONTS
Posted by Dabobabo on April 08, 2009
wow...I have only 568 fonts on my pc..,,but I'm starting thet kind of drug only last year..I'm planning to reach you..:d i love font..thanks for advice!
Posted by Driveyourkitty on April 08, 2009
Hey mate...thanks so much for yr words...well right now they accepted only 2 out of 16 images i uploaded so far...but i will carry on no matter what:))
I looked at yr work...wow very inspiring...and u should share some of those fonts:)PPP

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New Community website

posted on 2nd of april, 2009

Dear All,
I would like to inform all my DT friends that I just launched a website for my little community Coorg, a small town in Karnataka, India. The site is still under testing, would take another few weeks to tweak and tune, Hope you guys like it, your comments will be highly appreciated.

here is the site, Kodava Community Social Network Site

Thinking of similar site for just Dreamstime users, any comments, do you guys need such a site just for DT users??

Was suprised to find Coorg images in DT, I never knew my small district had few hundred images in DT, that a great feeling, Thanks for all the contributors of Coorg Images. [link=https://www.dreamstime.com/search.php?srh_field=coorg&s_ph=y&s_il=y&s_sm=all&s_rf=y&s_ed=y&s_st=new&s_catid=86&s_cliid=&s_colid=&s_exc=&s_excp=&s_sp=&s_sl1=y&s_sl2=y&s_sl3=y&s_sl4=y&s_sl5=y&s_color1=FFFFFF&s_percent1=10&s_color2=FFFFFF&s_percent2=10&s_rsf=0&s_rst=7&s_clc=y&s_clm=y&s_orp=y&s_ors=y&s_orl=y&s_orw=y&s_mr

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Posted by Creativei on April 07, 2009
Thanks for all the comments, Yeah Seema Coorg is indeed very beautiful, Yellowcrest has some nice pictures of coorg.

Well Now i will launch similar site for exclusively for dreamstime users.
Posted by Elianehaykal on April 07, 2009
All the very best :)
Posted by Yellowcrest on April 06, 2009
Congrats - all the best. Coorg is really beautiful!

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Weekend with theree great photographers, Bobby Lane, Chase Jarvis, Joe McNally

posted on 4th of april, 2009

This weekend was a great one, (oh yeah in this part of the world weekend is Friday & Saturday), had an opportunity to meet three of the best photographer, there were many other but most of the classes were on the same schedule, so I choose attend these three great ones. Hats of to Bobby Lane, she was the best, here lecture was indeed the best one.

Bobbi Lane, Portraits & Studio Lighting Expert

Chase Jarvis - Life and Commercial Photographer

Joe McNally - World-renowned photojournalist and Lighting Expert

Three were great in their own field, what an inspiration and learning opportunity. I got loads of information of studio lighting as this will be...

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Posted by Freedomimage on April 20, 2009
Awsome I would love that opportunity :-)
Posted by Jacetan on April 09, 2009
Thanks for sharing. What makes these experts different from each other? Care to share?
Posted by Noonie on April 06, 2009
Wow! Lucky you! But how did Chase Jarvis get a photo of my car, with my bike on it, and who are the guys in it??? :-)

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Please Appreciate Your Women Today. Say Thanks today.

posted on 6th of april, 2009

Hi, this blog is for all the males here. as we sometimes forget the sacrifice your women has done for you.

I received a email today from one my dear friend. Her mail was touchy that some points in this email was directly pointed at me, I know I don't do it deliberately, but at times the we guys do over react and do what we are not supposed to do.

Here is the email, due credits to original author of this article, so here we go. read on and do appreciate HER.

The woman in your life...very well expressed......

Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marry her with these facts as well. Or you already have one.

Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are; Who is earning almost as much as you do;

One who has dreams and aspirations just as you have because she is as human...

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Tags: lady women
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Posted by Fultonsphoto on April 06, 2009
Nice article, and yes let us appreciate the things we often forget, from both sides, never take anything for granted, you never know what you have till its gone.
Posted by Starblue on April 06, 2009
Very emotional blog, I agree with Aughty - we should appreciate each other, it works for all of us and more appreciation means, IMHO, better relationship. Let´s pray for it!
Posted by Aughty on April 06, 2009
That works both ways. We are all in this together.

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posted on 7th of april, 2009

Hello everyone, any Car enthusiast here, I just love Cars and now I get the taste of each car before hand it comes to market, as I'm handling this magazine, right from concept, design and execution of this Car Magazine.

I would like to share my last one years work on this magazine. The full magazine is jazzy and stylish, My 6883 fonts comes to use here hehehehe.

So here are the magazine links, please not each magazine opens in its own interactive online flip interface, where you can zoom and flip.


Hope you like those cars and my work.


Tags: car design work
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Posted by Aughty on April 08, 2009
Nice, clean, very impressive.
Posted by Creativei on April 07, 2009
Thanks Brad, and Thanks Lingong
Posted by Bradcalkins on April 07, 2009
Nice work!

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Keywording made Easy, but is it Legal??????

posted on 7th of april, 2009

Dear All,
Today I visited one my idol's site, Yuri Arcurs, I admire this guy, I think he is a most successful stock photo personality.

Some good tips and valid information in his site which is very useful for rookies like me.

He is so kind to provide a link to Keywording Program, I was happy I thought well now no need to spend hours searching for keywords. ( believe me I spend more than half an hour for my images)

Check this link Keyword Helper is this legal????? I spend hours to get the right keyword and here is this site which grabs all our hard work and you get your keywords in less than 3 minutes. Even I found my keywords with this tool, my half an hour work gone in just 3 minutes.

I'm sharing this link so you guys can use it if you think its...

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Tags: key keyword word
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Posted by Karunaimaging on June 11, 2009
I may be in the minority here, but for me, keywording is part of the fun of doing stock photography. I enjoy it. I have not tried the tool on the site you mention, but if I did, it would just be used as a starting point or a springboard. I would never cut and paste someone else's keywords, because they would not be entirely appropriate for my image. That is just my opinion, of course. It might work for others who do not enjoy the keywording part of the process.
Posted by Artistar on April 08, 2009
I dont think that this tool is ilegal because is not copyright for "words", its only words. I know this site and I found it very useful when the time for keywording is not a privilege. As well I dont have any problem if this tool use the keywords for my images. At the end I can use this tool from keywording my images and other user can do the same... is like a keyword exchange that help to all the contributors.

(Sorry my poor english)
Posted by Creativei on April 08, 2009
Well different views here, Im not against Yuri's intention of helping newbies in micro stock. but garbing somebody else keyword is not right. (well I know keywords are not copyright protected) Well I don't use it, I linked in my blog may be someone might find it useful.

Southerstar? I know its legal if not he wouldn't have linked in his site, and I'm not claiming that I have copyright for those words in my image, use your skills and work hard and find your relevant keyword, DONT STEAL OTHERS HARD WORK

Tan510 I don't know if it works, try it out and let us all know, and your point is valid, everyone needs more sale.

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Corrective Techniques for portraits

posted on 7th of april, 2009

Here is the first part of my blog, which I promised will share here, this is a Exclusive Bobby Lane's Class.

The successful portrait photographer realizes that his principal aim is to obtain characteristic likenesses of his subjects. At the same time, however, he must temper reality with flattery. The portraitist does this combining judicious posing, suitable lighting, and appropriate choice of camera angle. Although each situation in portraiture is different from all the other, the following suggestions for corrective treatment are generally accepted. ( Thank you Bobby Lane)

Deep-set Eyes
Lower main light, use a low lighting ratio

Protruding Eyes
Have subject look downward

Heavy set Figure
Use short lighting, use low-key lighting, use dark Clothing, vignette shoulders and body,...

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Posted by Creativei on April 23, 2009
Wow this is my first blog which is featured as useful blog. Thanks DT
Posted by Jacetan on April 09, 2009
Thanks for sharing. You are adding the science to the art of it... haha.
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on April 08, 2009
Cheers for these tips.. will defo come in handy!

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Tips & Tricks to create Panorama Images

posted on 9th of april, 2009

Panoramas are becoming easier to accomplish these days thanks to Adobe photoshop. This software easily allows digital photographers to stitch together separate photos taken in succession. I developed this interest during one of the Adobe Max session in Barcelona, Spain. (Jason Levine, Greg Rewis & Rufus Deuchler). The photoshop part I learned from these three men and Photgraphy tips by Kevin Moss, due credits to all the above lecturer.

Steps for shooting panoramic scenes

1. Select a scene that’s either wide or tall.
When shooting panoramic images, don’t get caught in the habit of...

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Posted by Aginger on April 16, 2009
Great tips, thank you. If someone interested, I use Autostitch for panorama photos, it's easier than PhotoShop...for me, of course. :)
Posted by Digitalg on April 13, 2009
Lately I've been doing some panoramas from Azores (on this collection: https://www.dreamstime.com/azores-atlantic-islands-colldet9413) and I've used portrait on most of them. Some other situations I've even made some with more than one row of images.
If I may add something:
If the final image is to have elements that are close to the camera the rotation has to be more precise and be centered in the camera (to be precise it should centered around the N spot of the camera/lens) or the blending will be hard to do because of small perspective changes.
Different from your process, my first stage it to set developing settings to zero (camera raw or lightroom), then I corrrect lens issues (sometimes I have purple fringe in strong contrast landscapes), recover heavy burnt lights and export (from raw) to some bitmap format (tiff or png 16bits). I then stitch files using Pano Tools and come back to photoshop for final colour and correction settings.
Posted by Marilyngould on April 09, 2009
Great panorama! I really like the idea of shooting landscapes in the portrait orientation -- Thanks for the tip!

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How are these image????

posted on 10th of april, 2009

Here are some of my latest images approved this week. Hope you like them, My fav is the Panorama and Under Construction Burj Dubai.

Comments (11)

Posted by Elianehaykal on April 17, 2009
My favorite is the Old Canon.
Posted by Fultonsphoto on April 11, 2009
Good job, like your panorama as well, and the Burj address image, great buildings.
Posted by Creativei on April 11, 2009
Thanks to Py2000, Irisangel, Breenicole, Lingong, Macdaddy, Tracy and Pictudio. You guys really inspire me to take more pics, All these comments I really value them.

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What Images will sell in UAE this summer, Unofficial Assignment

posted on 14th of april, 2009

Calling all International photographers,

here is a small tip what images people in UAE will be looking for this summer as there are some big events going on. One such event is Arabian Travel Market. Grab you gears and go out to and try to capture, Arabic people in Airport, in Train, in famous monuments, or any images with traditional arabic dress in foreign land will surely sell. This is not only the case in UAE, almost all middle east countries. as the summer will shoot 50 degree celsius people will look for cooler places and especially Europe and Far East. The image will sell more if the models are of Arabic Origin. Arabs holding foreign currency, think of this concept and the ideas will flow. Best of Luck

I searched the DT database and hardly I could find Arabic people holidaying in foreign...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Starblue on April 14, 2009
Very well-written, godo tips for who might have Arabic models. It is very nice image of the prime minister and the man in blue - the image is in two colors - white and blue. I like it! Good luck with these images!
Posted by Creativei on April 14, 2009
Prekas, You don't need to come to Middle East to click picture we need picture of Middle Eastern people in other place than Middle East.
Posted by Preckas on April 14, 2009
Too bad I am not flying to the midle east for work anymore. And when I did I had no time to take photos.

Good topic though.

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Latest Dubai Images

posted on 22nd of april, 2009

Well here the latest Dubai Images, few made it to online few got refused.
Have look at the upcoming Dubai Palm and other landmarks. One of the image is just infornt of my office.

Comments (8)

Posted by Creativei on April 23, 2009
Thanks everyone for the nice comment and seeing Dubai through my eyes.
Aginger, this is just 10 percent of Dubai, I wish I could show you remaining 90 percent. Insha Allah very soon I will be spending lots of time shooting Dubai images.

Maigi you are right, what else could we wish for.
Posted by Maigi on April 23, 2009
Beautiful city! Sea, sand dunes, futuristic and hip architecture - what else could one wish from a city. Great place to live if you like urban surroundings. Good eye for composition too. Good luck with sales!
Posted by Patpat on April 23, 2009
Very beautiful, good luck with them!

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Another Four

posted on 28th of april, 2009

Well here another four Dubai image approved lately. I'm providing an opportunity to look Dubai through my eyes. Hope you like them.

Now I guess I need to move away from Burj Al Arab and shoot something else. My next task is to Capture Dubai Creek, which is another totally beautiful area, with lots of modern architecture and some old boats.

Might end up capturing Gold Souk and Spice Souk. Let me try this weekend (actually I get time only on Friday and Saturday to shoot), Watch out this space, and watch Dubai through my eyes.

Hope you guys are enjoying My Dubai. So here the latest images.

In this image I completely changed the background and sky, as the sky was very dull. and also I have left the clipping path intact so you guys might change it with ease. I have tried...

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Tags: dubai eyes me
Comments (13)

Posted by Maigi on May 09, 2009
So, shall we make a photosession trip in Dubai? :)
Wish I could visit that cool city one day.
Great photos. Keep shooting! :)
Posted by Linqong on May 07, 2009
Hi,my friend.
Nice photos!!!
A beautiful city!!!
Posted by Emmacharles on April 28, 2009
Wonderful images !

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