How to address a message to support

posted on 19th of may, 2009

This is a subject that probably many of you still have questions about and that us, admins, would like to make more clear.
Here are some general guideline about addressing messages to support:
- make sure you explain your problem as thoroughly as possible and give as many details as you can. We will not be able to help you if your message is "I have a problem with uploading.";
- include the possible error messages you received;
- if you require priority review include all the IDs of the images you need review for as well as the reason why they should be prioritized. You can only ask for such a review if the image is uploaded for a photo request. In this case, you must include a link to the thread on our message boards. If the image depicts an international event, a link...

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Posted by FabioConcetta on October 14, 2011
Thanks for the advice!
Posted by Oliviermeerson on June 17, 2009
great support here in DT
Posted by Bookemdanno on June 12, 2009
Thanks, Nikitu... I knew it was something simple and stupid like that... der der der. Sometimes you look so hard you miss the obvious.

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How we, the people, changed stock photography forever.

posted on 26th of may, 2009

Somewhere around the year 2001, what everyone knew as stock photography was going to change forever.
It was no longer a small niche of professional photographers that could be represented by stock agencies. Anyone with access to the internet and a camera can now venture into stock photography and profit from it. Microstock was born.

Dreamstime started out in microstock in 2004, with a small database, with images that today would be considered obsolete and too simple. March 2004, Dreamstime first page

It was a small and frail dream, another big agency was already on the market at that point and to resist you had to work hard and attract clients and photographers. People who had day jobs started foraying...

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Posted by Tammyfullum on October 14, 2011
Congrats ! Onward ! <3
Posted by Vwimage on October 14, 2011
Fabulous article. I'm so glad I found Dreamstime. It's a great community here, the site is laid out well & I believe Dreamstime staff & members continue to help nurture and grow that very first dream.
Posted by Leesniderphotoimages on October 25, 2009
Dreamstime is a very impressive agency and while there are times I
become frustrated with the decisions of some reviewers I am
extremely pleased with my growing sales and slowly, but surely,
expanding portfolio thereon. Most importantly, this company is
honest and responsive and there to help when you need answers.
Knowing more about its background was both enlightening and
useful - thanks, Ioana, for the enlightenment.

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when you have the power, how do you use it?

posted on 27th of may, 2009

Yesterday I talked about a bit of microstock and Dreamstime history.
Today I'll continue with something a little more individual: the power of one.
History is full of important, powerful people, from Cesar and Genghis Khan to Roosevelt, Hitler and Obama.
All powerful personalities, no matter the century they lived in, had decisions to take and choices to make. Some chose to kill all in their way to achieve their goal, some chose to unite through peace, others were plain crazy, but nonetheless they were powerful.
I don't believe that there is a person amongst us who never thought, "what would I do if I had that kind of power?". There are movies on a simple man being president or even God for a day, there are songs on the same theme, power.
But what I am aiming to talk about is...

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Posted by Petroruth on May 29, 2009
This is a very well written and inspiring article thank you for writing that it is very powerful some would say. I hope your message is read by many. Peter
Posted by Diver721 on May 28, 2009
WOW nicely said. I like your article, we all have some great power to create.
Posted by Creativei on May 28, 2009
Very nice blog, keep such things coming up

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What do we do when we don't have pictures to upload

posted on 28th of may, 2009

Every photographer reaches a dry patch at some point.
Lack of inspiration, or a too busy period in his/her life, falling in love, falling out of love, camera broke, not enough light, there are a million reasons a photographer such as ourselves would like to take a break from photography. Even the nicest hobby in the world can be a pester some times.

So what do we do when we don't shoot and upload.
Here are a few suggestions:
1. browse the most successful contributors and images, inspiration can pop out of nowhere
2. look through your own online images and rekeyword, retitle, redescribe, increase your chances at new earnings
3. enjoy a good book (photography book, that is)
4. go to an art museum, or look through a paintings album, masters of light were born before Daguerre...

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Posted by Jerryway on August 22, 2011
12. take a vacation. travel to a place you have never been to. embrace a new world and meet new faces. take lots of new photos of course.
Posted by Kostudio on June 19, 2009
Thanks! I love read your blog...
Posted by Yarychenko on June 10, 2009
thanks! very valuable advices.

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posted on 29th of may, 2009

Even if not the stockest (if I may express this way) of images I like dreamy, misty, ethereal shots a lot. I like to get into the atmosphere in make it happen. And I take inspiration from paintings, movies and other photographs when I take shots like that.
For those of you who, like me, dream a lot, I'll talk a little about this type of images.
Let's start with the begining.
Back in 2004 I went to bank and had a loan made to buy a digital camera. Digital was expensive back then so I settled for a Konica Minolta Z3, 4Mpx and 12x zoom, oh I was so happy. Of course, now I wouldn't touch that shutter button even if an alien landed in front of me, the camera is lousy. But as I said, back then, I was extremely happy. The only cameras I worked with till this were old russians like Zorki, Zenith and Smena,...

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Posted by Onime on May 31, 2009
Very inspiring. Thanks
Posted by Avava on May 29, 2009
Very strong work sir. Thank you for the inspiring text as well. I think you have a great eye for what the buyer is looking for. Keep inspiring us and keep shooting!
Posted by Tudorspinu on May 29, 2009
Oh, yeah... I Love the mystical pictures.
You, Ioana have a great portfolio. I like the pictures posted here. Congrats! I shoot mystical pictures sometimes but I do that for my satisfaction, not to post on stocks. What do you think about them?
first one
Second one
third one
and one more

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