Who moved my Level 2 picture?

posted on 19th of october, 2009

I had a picture, which is also my first one to sold in DT. It's about the fast train in China,Shanghai. After the first sale, I have written an article to memorize:
And in my sale record, I also can find the record as follows:

09/22/2009 21:27 shanghai train Level 2 subscription $0.42 large RF
04/29/2009 04:20 n/a Level 1 1 credit (2008) $0.48 extrasmall RF
12/22/2008 05:45 n/a Level 1 3 credits (2007) $1.80 large RF
12/18/2008 02:39 china Level 1 subscription $0.42 large RF
08/29/2008 15:05 n/a Level 1 1 credit (2007) $0.60 small RF
08/24/2008 05:48 train Level 1 1 credit (2007) $0.60 small RF
The picture ID is 6028627. it's similar with the attached one.

Who moved my level 2 picture without any notice?...

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Posted by Bigjiang on October 26, 2009
I'm very glad to see Admin change the level and downloads amount back, thanks to the Admin group, and thanks Nikitu, you do me great favor.
Posted by Bigjiang on October 24, 2009
Finally, the pic has been submit as a new one, and now it's online, but lose it's level and downloads amount:(
   Motor Train Unit   
Posted by Nikitu on October 20, 2009
The file is very old. Submit the image normally and specify in the notify admin area that this was refused for copyright while it was previously online and you fixed it but can not resubmit the usual way.

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100 download

posted on 26th of september, 2009

Just write for marking 100 download.

I've take many pictures for different hotel rooms in the past year, but few of them has been sold, however, this picture has been download for 4 times in a month. Maybe it's more luxury than the others. I had thought hotel room was not a good theme in the picture stock for sell before. And now it's the mark for 100 download.

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Posted by Frantab01 on September 27, 2009
congratulations, great achievement :)
Posted by Bigjiang on September 27, 2009
Thank you all for your praise and encouragement, every time I make a progess, there are always many people read it and acknowledge it, which make me feel great!
Posted by Huating on September 27, 2009

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The 1st extralarge size picture has been downloaded

posted on 1st of november, 2008

This picture is one of my favorite in the meeting room theme, while what makes me very excited is that today it's been downloaded as extralarge size! I'm wondering where it is being used but it's hard to know:( anyway, I'm very pleased to see it's useful for others.

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Posted by Fertographer on November 02, 2008
Posted by Py2000 on November 01, 2008

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1 download with 5 views

posted on 14th of october, 2008

I'm glad to see the picture of empty boardroom has been download for 1 time with only 5 views, which is currently the best achievement for me.

I'm trying to take and upload more good picutures.

Comments (6)

Posted by Bigjiang on October 15, 2008
thank you all for your encouragement!:)
Posted by Lhj on October 15, 2008
Not bad, buddy! Well done!! Look forward to seeing much better achievement very soon!
Btw, wonderful shot!
Posted by Mayatairy on October 15, 2008
Congratulations :-)
Beautiful image!

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About CRH

posted on 9th of september, 2008

CRH,China Railway High-speed, the fatest moter train unit in China, is called Harmony CRH. It looks like a bullet and impresses people with it's shape and speed.
I took this picuture in Shanghai,China, and uploaded to dreamstime first time, and was very excited to find it's been download for twice soon. Now I'm wondering where this picuture is being used, and it's appreciated if the downloader provide the info, and I'd like to buy one hardcopy if possible:)

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My pictures about meeting room

posted on 9th of september, 2008

It's my first picture theme, the meeting room, which is consist of several pictures about boardroom, meeting room,and discussion room.And I adjust the hue of the picture, which looks very nice.
Welcome to view my meeting room series works:)

Comments (1)

Posted by Ellenboughn on September 09, 2008
The blue hue is nice but you might also want to upload images from this series that have a warmer feeling with more natural color. -Ellen

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