Do you feel rejected and don't know what to do?

posted on 24th of august, 2009

Stock phototographer's biggest issue with the agencies where he submits to is rejections, after which comes revenue and other factors.
So, I am going to talk a bit about this otherwise forbidden subject and I hope that when I finish this those of you who read it will think differently.
As editor when I come to work in the morning first I answer a few messages while I download your images.
The next thing on the list is going through the resubmission files and I am sorry to say this but more than 50% of them are identical to what was rejected. Those images will not be accepted this time around either. Moral of this part of the story is, if you can fix it than resubmit but don't lower you approval ratio by insisting on the same mistake twice.

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Posted by Nikitu on September 02, 2009
Review process details can not be made public.
Posted by Billysiew on September 02, 2009
Thank you! To know whether the image is stock oriented is not easy..
I will learn from the refusal..:)
One question:
Will contributor's name show when reviewing image?
Posted by Nikitu on September 02, 2009
Billysiew, editors are as objective as possible. Remember that there may be other reasons why the images are rejected, not snapshots but maybe the subject is not stock oriented.
If you have a certain image you want more details on you should send the ID to support.

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posted on 26th of august, 2009

Vision is what makes each photographer different from the others and in fact, each human being different from the others.
Vision is our own unique way to interpret the outside world.
It is also "the thing" that makes our images.

The way in which we look at the objects and people we photograph inevitably reflects in the final product, the image.
Let's see how different photographers contributors of Dreamstime view the same subject.
First search I made is for the most popular fruit out there, the apple.
We have a sweet, innocent, healthy lifestyle image in the vision of Petar while from Briana we have the kiss of temptation, an image laden with hidden meaning. Same object, two different meanings in the visions of two different photographers, both successful...

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Posted by Nikitu on September 01, 2009
Yep, but your eye looks shocked cause it is wide open while mine is just relaxed, I guess :) Your image is nice.
Posted by Inganielsen on September 01, 2009
@your eye: I have a an eye image with a similar filter(sorry, no intention there. The rest of the image just looked ugly and I had the choice to either blurr it away somehow or throw it away) I found that the filter emphasized the shock-effect and liked the result. I had my image downloaded with the shock-keyword at least once so I suppose I'm not alone with the shocked-impression. Your eye looks really nice and it does not look shocked. It really is rather something like the all seeing eye and I hope it sees many more sales! Fallen angels eye is really beautiful in colors, very friendly, innocent somehow and I agree it is smiling :)
Posted by Nickpit on August 31, 2009
I think vision is more than you wrote. It's not about the way you see or feel or understand,but it is the capability to see beyond the present, beyond the ordinary. It is capability to think, to see and to understand in another way than others.
Visionary people, hmmmm.. nice and complicated subject, as people are. Some of them have no vision at all (trust me) and some cannot express themselves in order to share their vision. A small part (and you're one of them) wants and can share it to the mass. Visionary people are those who can share their vision to others, and maybe they become leaders. Good or bad leaders, only history can decide. In term of art, they are usualy great artists. They have something to say, and they say it, in the best way possible.

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Spending your summer holiday in september

posted on 31st of august, 2009

That is what I am going to to do starting this Saturday.
Last year I spent my summer holiday in October and it was the best vacation ever, so I decided this year I will do the same.
My dream destination is a small village approximately 100km south from Barcelona, Spain.
On the holiday menu I am including:
- visits to the beautiful city of Barcelona for museum, walks, shopping for souvenirs (I know their touristic but I love them and so do my folks), aquarium, in other words, seeing what is worth seeing
- a day at a huge aqua park, the kind where you have fun on big intricate slides
- a day in Valencia at El ciudad de las artes y de las ciencias, a beautiful architectural work of well known architect (and copyright issue fella) Santiago Calatrava that includes a museum of science,...

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Posted by Alerizzo78 on September 03, 2009
Have a great vacation Ioana!
By the way, I will have my vacation in September/October, too, this year, and maybe they will be in Spain ;)
Posted by Titania1980 on September 01, 2009
Creativei, some of us do, but there is a lot of people that just don't want to learn... pity!
Posted by Titania1980 on September 01, 2009
I live in Barcelona, hope you enjoy!! and take a lot of pics ;) one of my best sellers is from Barcelona aquarium, so take your cam with you every moment ;) don't forget to visit gothic zone, lost into their streets at night, the montjuic magical fountain, sunset at beach


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