An Easter Project

posted on 2nd of march, 2010

I'm one of those people who seem to have intermittent OCD, which means that I get involved in things but easily get distracted before I finish and head onto the next "thing"!
That makes me get way behind on some of my projects. Well, with a month to go until Easter, I managed to upload a few images. I know, that should have already been done...but as I stated....
(I never finished my Christmas projects so I should get back onto those)
Maybe if I didn't prefer to be outdoors taking photos, I could actually accomplish my goals. But, Christmas and Easter will come again and some of the other things may not.
Anyway, I wanted to share my Easter contributions and maybe give a push to anyone else with my problem! I'm patting myself on the back for doing these and not waiting another year. Let's see now where did I put those other things I was going to use......

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Posted by Noonie on March 12, 2010
Thanks, yours are beautiful!
Posted by Maxkateusa on March 12, 2010
It's super funny bunny!!!! :-)))) i am made new Easter shoots now too. But it will be eggs with small rabbits and chicken
Posted by Noonie on March 06, 2010
Posted by Eclecticelegance on March 06, 2010
That's funny! I am the same way. :)
Posted by Noonie on March 05, 2010
Funny you should mention that...I didn't get the top lights off my outdoor tree yet!!! LOL It's tall and the snow keeps passing through and I haven't gotten the ladder out...I'll do it by Easter!
So, thanks Leslie and Blu!
Posted by Ponytail1414 on March 05, 2010
Well I just took down my Christmas lights last week. Great stuff you have here!
Posted by Bluwarrior on March 04, 2010
Can quite understand the feeling!...comes Xmas,comes Easter,Valentines,time goes by and the seasonal uploads(the ones that probably would sell better aren't there...I know) Good luck with ur Easter pictures. Sure that they will sell. Cheers!
Posted by Noonie on March 04, 2010
Posted by Linqong on March 04, 2010
Great Easter photos!
So cute, I like them!!!
Posted by Noonie on March 03, 2010
When I was first told to do Christmas in July I didn't even try because I can't think of Christmas when I'm doing summer things! :)) But after our late snow I'm thinking about it again. So maybe my bunny will hop on into December! LOL

Thanks for the replies!
Posted by Rosedarc on March 03, 2010
Things move too fast in our society. Christmas decorations were taken off the stores 25 December and they started selling Easter Chocolate right after Valentine's Day... crazy isn't it?
Anyway one sure is sure they'll be another Xmas / Valentine's Day / Easter next year so does it really matter when you upload?
Posted by Frantab01 on March 03, 2010
i seem to have the same problem too - the great thing about stock photography is that nobody is chasing after you for deadlines etc.... it's all in your own time and when you want and you're in the mood - your xmas pics are going to remain there till one day you go back to them and feel like editing and uploading - i'm sure it happens to most of us :) good luck
Posted by Creativei on March 03, 2010
Even I'm going through same, I have images pending from last year to edit and upload.Good images
Posted by Noonie on March 02, 2010
Thanks, Gabriel!
Trottola, you'll come up with something.
Dessie, I really, might, probably, will try, to get back to my Christmas ones, too, and be as ahead as you are.
Posted by Trottola on March 02, 2010
Nice Easter contribution! I'd like to upload some easter pictures too, but I'm still loking for a nice idea...
Posted by Justmeyo on March 02, 2010
Great Easter photos!Wish you many sales with them:)
Posted by Littledesire on March 02, 2010
Ha hahah nooo you got it wrong way! I can say I'm very stock oriented and I'm already ready (10 months earlier) with Christmas images 2010 season! LOL
Posted by Noonie on March 02, 2010
I'm feeling better now....LOL!! And thanks Maen.
Posted by Littledesire on March 02, 2010
Cool! We're 3 now!!! My Christmas images were just accepted today :)))))
P.S. Look at the models section if you want to see them, as don't show up in the latest approved :)))
Posted by Wildmac on March 02, 2010
I have your problem too. I'm a Gemini so maybe it's just my two halves wanting to do different things. I've just had my valentines image accepted, after valentines :) so I should have Easter sorted by around 2-3 weeks after Easter has passed. At least I'm early for next year :P
Posted by Mani33 on March 02, 2010
Not sunny there but you can still hop like the bunny :P
Well done Susan ;)
Posted by Noonie on March 02, 2010
No sunshine today..we're having an odd winter snow passing through. Sometimes it happens in March or April. One day 50's next day snow...It's not bad, at least it's not 18 degrees or less. He could be an Easter snow bunny! Glad you like him, he'll be seeing you soon!
Posted by Marilyngould on March 02, 2010
Hey Susan, Love the plump bunny, and since he cannot hop away why not go outside and enjoy the sunshine! :)
Posted by Noonie on March 02, 2010
Wow! That was fast, thanks!
Posted by Almaterra on March 02, 2010
Very cute bunny!

Comments (25)

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