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posted on 15th of march, 2010

so , you 're still stuck inside your pad with bad weather outside. winter, hurricane, thunderstorm, whatever.
if you're living in a city like me where everything stops with the snow falling, and the wind squalls,
you will relate to how dreadful it is being indoors .

i am a summer photographer, by nature (no pun intended).
i shoot most of my fashion work and model portfolio on location
using the best studio in the world, the studio of Mother Nature with the best strobe in the universe The Sun.
this is because after doggone years in the studio, i really don't want to stay in studio to shoot any more than i could. i also prefer the fresh air and gorgeous lighting the sun can provide with certain times of the day, ie. for me .. that being early early morning when the air is clean and the diffused light is bounced in the moisture to make the most beautiful and luminous fill light ever.

also, being up early to shoot in the fresh morning air gives both my models and myself that exuberance that brings out the energy in our work.
it's bias, of course, i am a very bias photographer. i am stubborn with my lighting, and not many studio lighting can satisfy me.

so, it comes as a big surprise to me, when i shoot three shoots in a row in the same week, all of myself as the model. self portraits
are something i do alot. you can say i had a lot of practise
when i started out in photography.
all those experiments with light placement, shadow, highlight, distance, texture,etc.. were mostly shooting self portraits as
that time, i had no luxury of models.

i suppose that pays off, as nowadays, i can pose almost any models
whether they have experience or not.
as my best friend once teased me, "if you can make yourself look that good, you can make any model look gorgeous. lol.!"

she also calls me "the man with the thousand faces, and the man who can change age and identity in every second pose".

i take that as a compliment. i guess so, that's why she is still my best friend going on 11 years , even though we haven't seen each other for this long.

what do you think?

have a lovely week .


Comments (16)

Posted by Kaththea on March 26, 2010
Thanks for the interesting article, Matthew! Great self portraits! And you're a great model able to express so many different moods! Wish you luck and a lot of beautiful summer pictures)
Posted by Tan510jomast on March 19, 2010
Adeliepenguin, no i don't think i would love to go to Hollywood.
i'd rather have a film company in Montreal , Canada approach me to do a silent movie a la Charlie Chaplin than be just yet another bad (not even funny ) comedy coming out of Hollywood.
I adore Chaplin because he can be funny without all those stupid scripts. being stupid is not the same as being funny :)
Posted by Tan510jomast on March 17, 2010
hey everyone,
cheers for coming over. as always.. you rock !!!
Posted by Maigi on March 16, 2010
Hey Matthew! Thanks for the inspirational article. Your self portraits are great. You should keep doing it. And your friend is right too. You might find some young man and women who want to become a model and if you help them to build their portfolio, they might sign a model release for you in return. Have a nice week!
Posted by Ospictures on March 16, 2010
Very expressive pictures. You are a talented model too. So being caught indoors is not really negative for photographers. I like the results :)
Posted by Frantab01 on March 16, 2010
Thanks for sharing Matthew, you've got great diversity and it must have been great fun in the studio - good luck and the good news is that summer is nearly with us so you can start enjoying the outside beauty soon :)
Posted by Creativei on March 16, 2010
Matthew, yeah i agree you are a man with thousand faces, and you have a lovely portfolio.
Posted by Ospictures on March 15, 2010
Very expressive pictures. You are a talented model too. So being caught indoors is not really negative for photographers. I like the results :)
Posted by Irisangel on March 15, 2010
Great new images! Good luck with them
Posted by Wildmac on March 15, 2010
Excellent images Matt! Great ideas in your shots. Any hints for a person that hates getting their picture taken? LOL :) Keep having fun, autumn is starting here so spring should be nearly to you. Take care, Carol :)
Posted by Robertosch on March 15, 2010
Hmmm, what can I say. At least we have something interesting to read. Nice work.
Posted by Mani33 on March 15, 2010
That is fun to have such a great spirit over the thousand faces :)))
Spring is starting here in Portugal even with the cold nights! But just the idea is making me happy :)
Good luck with your summer sessions ;)
Posted by Keki on March 15, 2010
love the sense of humor! your images are brilliant and they reflect in your charachter you must be having so much fun! well done :D
Posted by Adeliepenguin on March 15, 2010
Great fun!!! With those thousand faces, maybe you should go to Hollywood:)
Posted by Starblue on March 15, 2010
What a nice blog! I agree - Mother Nature is a wonderful studio :-) Mother Nature is also a gorgeous model.
What a nice compliment from her - it sounds very nicely and I wish you to have thousands sold images :-)
Posted by Jonvitalija on March 15, 2010
Ha ha!! your are so funny tan510jomast !! I love your pictures as well and she is right you are the man with 1000 faces.Thanks for this blog it really cheer me up!!

Comments (16)

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