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posted on 15th of march, 2010

Right now I have come home, taken coffee and as always opened my PC. I like to see images of featured photographers. So when I logged in DT, I gave a look at the image and... there was an image of several books. My very first thought was something like: I know this image, it is familiar to me...

... suddenly, I have realized that it is my photo (from my very beginning with DT) and I have got it: it is me a featured photographer of this week. :-) It is a wonderful feeling!
I wish you to live it and especially thank you very much for your nice comments, it makes me a nice mood.

It is a beatiful photographic journey with DT and it´s community. I remember so well when I uploaded my very first images and they were accepted (well, I am not sure if my very fisrt images would pass now :-)) This is the point. This journey with DT made grow the quality of my images. So all of you who start with photography, believe that you can be better and better. DT has an incredible friendly community, I love the atmosphere here. Anytime I have written a question to Serban (Achilles), Iona (Nikitu), Erin or Carmen (Tangie), I have got so a nice and kind answer. And as for me, they are contributors like Desislava, Maen, "Maigi", "Creativei", Gabrie, Littlemacproductions and several other that I consider my DT friends as they comments and message are always so nice.

I love March. Last week I had my birthday. As I like mystical and esoteric topics, I love March because it is a month of Pisces/Aries. The sign of Pisces finishes the zodiac circle. Pisces start to prepare us for a new astrological year and cycle. With Aries, we start it with full fiery energy.
I have also read that DT started officially in March. So happy birthday also to you DT.

So there is a several reasons for making a big wish. I wish to DT and all its members - no matter if they are contributors or photographers - a happy time ahead. A lot of reasons for feeling happy, a beautifully rainbow future and a lot of ideas for being still more successful.

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Posted by Freedomphotos on May 04, 2010
Congratulations Starblue, I agree also, although I have a small portfolio, my experience here is fantastic. Cheers Karen
Posted by Davulcu on April 03, 2010
congrats , really nice portfolio
Posted by Hannamariah on March 30, 2010
Congrats! Beautiful portfolio.
Posted by Tonygers on March 23, 2010
Well done girl, you deserve it.
Posted by Chunshine on March 22, 2010
Congratulations, very well deserved. You have a portfolio that would be the envy of most people but also so much inspiration to gain from your work and your achievements :o)
Posted by Adeliepenguin on March 21, 2010
Definitely well deserved!! I am very happy for you:)
Posted by Municolash on March 19, 2010
Congratulation, you deserve it.
Posted by Seema_illustrator on March 19, 2010
Congratulations Jitka!! It must be a great feeling..You truly deserve this. Your images are so inspiring and beautiful. Hope the good luck continues and many more milestones. Good luck:) Belated Happy Birthday :)
Posted by Meryll on March 19, 2010
Jitka, we all wish it to you, your work is great!
Posted by Wildmac on March 16, 2010
Congratulations Jitka! Your images are beautiful and inspiring. I'm not surprised they made you the featured photographer. I'm just surprised they waited so long! Happy belated birthday and have a really great March my friend. Take care, Carol :)
Posted by Kaththea on March 16, 2010
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Well deserved!
And Happy belated Birthday!
Wish you inexhaustible inspiration to create more and more wonderful images!
Posted by Saniphoto on March 16, 2010
Oh well, congratulations, finally you got it! and you won the bet! :-))
Posted by Titania1980 on March 16, 2010
I'm not very connected these days, I don't enter very often, I saw it today. Well a big big big CONGRATULATIONS!!! you deserved it and I was sure one day or other you would be
Posted by Starblue on March 16, 2010
Dear friends, you know me - I really enjoy to write you a personal thanks as I like to read your commenty any time you write a blog. Step by step I will keep "my habbit" - just for now - I wanted to thank you all at once. I am sending you a big wish of everything best for you and many thanks for such beautiful words :-)
Posted by Maigi on March 16, 2010
Hey Jitka... you are so sweet. Huge-huge congratulations to you for being featured photographer. Very well deserved. Thank you for all your kind comments you share all the time and the inspiration you give through your artwork. Best wishes!
Posted by Frantab01 on March 16, 2010
Congratulations :)
Posted by Maczuga on March 16, 2010
Posted by Justmeyo on March 16, 2010
I knew you will be the featured photographer so let me say congratulations and i am happy with DT choice :)Very well deserved :)Have a great week!
Posted by Justmeyo on March 16, 2010
I knew you will be the featured photographer so let me say congratulations and i am happy with DT choice :)Very well deserved :)Have a great week!
Posted by Fultonsphoto on March 15, 2010
Hi Jitka, very well deserved and long overdue, congratulations.
Posted by Rosedarc on March 15, 2010
Everybody said it already, your portfolio is awesome and this recognition is very well deserved! Enjoy fully this new year that starts for you.
Posted by Irisangel on March 15, 2010
I would like to add my well wishes and congratulations to the list here. Well deserved, enjoy the feeling.
Posted by Littlemacproductions on March 15, 2010
Many congrats! Have a fun week... it looks like the stars in with you. ;-)
Posted by Katn1999 on March 15, 2010
First of all, happy belated birthday! Secondly, congratulations! That is a huge and wonderful accomplishment, and you have clearly earned it. Also, your story of how you found out is wonderful. What an amazing way to start the morning, the day, and the week with a surprise like that!

I look forward to seeing many more wonderful images from you, and like Creativei said, please let us know if it does anything for your sales.

Congratulations again and happy sales!
Posted by Yuritz on March 15, 2010
congratulations...as everyone already said...you deserve,really great pictures!
Posted by Tan510jomast on March 15, 2010
congratulations. i knew you were deserving some accolade.
it's good to find that Dreamstime are not asleep at the wheel about noticing a good contributor with a style .
and from Jonvitalija 's comment, i echo too.. Many Happy Returns.
Posted by Creativei on March 15, 2010
Well first of all you really deserve this. You have some of the most beautiful images DT database. Well i would like to know how is the sales during the featured photographer, will expect another wonderful blog about experience being a featured photographer and its impact on sales.
Posted by Bradcalkins on March 15, 2010
Congratulations - it must be a great feeling!
Posted by Jonvitalija on March 15, 2010
WOW!! So happy for you!! Congratulations and a bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Posted by Danee79 on March 15, 2010

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Comments (37)

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