Our obsessions might be useful)

posted on 25th of march, 2010

It seems that spring has finally come to Odessa. The sun is shining bright trying to wake up earth, trees and flowers. And I’m looking forward for the first leaves on the trees and flower buds to shoot (it’s funny how materialistic I’ve become thinking of the surrounding world only in the terms of shooting:)).

But only a couple of weeks ago the weather was quite dull. No sparkling snow, but fog and gray air outside instead … That’s why I had to look for something to shoot at home.
I have to confess, I’m obsessed with bijou. I’m a real shopaholic when it comes to buying another bracelet or earrings I might never put on:).
But every cloud has a silver lining, and my obsession turned out to be of some use – I have “models” to shoot during those boring winter days). I think that buyers not only look for concepts but for some rare objects too.

Some old silver bracelet bought at a flea market in Spain
or another fine one bought in Italy,
or real work-of-art earrings that are the whole spring world with all those flowers and butterflies,
but are too heavy to wear long))) – may sell well too.

Pearls are always associated with beauty, so I just couldn’t but shoot them.
The picture with glass slippers has been already sold twice.

Some of my accessories like these earrings and elephant pendant
bear something of the culture of other countries and it makes them special.

I love vivid colours, so I can never keep myself from buying another bright bracelet)

ОК) this is only a very small part of my accessories, will wait for another couple of gray days
to add more pictures to my Bijou & Accessories collection:)

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Posted by Kaththea on March 29, 2010
Thanks, Altaf)
Posted by Creativei on March 28, 2010
Great blog and great images, I liked Elephant Pendant image, its well executed.
Posted by Kaththea on March 26, 2010
Thank you Jitka and Matthew)
Actually all of you my friends are always welcome to Odessa)))
Posted by Tan510jomast on March 26, 2010
lovely accessories.
i wish you were living nearby so i could stop by at your place to borrow these lovely ornaments for my model to wear for our shoot.
(no, not for my self portraits, i don't look good with bangles and bracelets, ha!ha!... but for my lovely female model). oh well, maybe one day i'll bother you with that,.just kidding. i won't be knocking on your door so soon.ha!ha!
seriously, i agree, our obsessions can be useful. my obsession is food and beautiful girls. food is easy to find, the beautiful girls, um, not so easy here in this city , but when i do, i do a photo shoot and submit the best works for Dreamstime .
let's wish each other that our obsessions will pay for itself through the money we earn from our DT downloads ...
so we can keep living our obsessions :)
Posted by Starblue on March 26, 2010
I like so ,uch these images - they show your good taste for things :-) and also a very good photo technic. You are so right - what we like and even we like so much that can be a small "obseesion" :-) we know it and it is the best topic for photographing. I wish you a wonderful shopping and a a lot of successful photos :-)
Posted by Kaththea on March 26, 2010
Thank you Carolyne and Gabriel)
I completely agree with you, Carolyne. Photography has benn changing my perception of surrounding world since I started. And it's really greta. It's just that sometimes it drives me crazy))
Wish you beautiful spring and many wonderful shots too, Gabriel)
Posted by Justmeyo on March 25, 2010
Very beautiful photos:)I wish you a lot of sales and a beautiful spring:)
Posted by Wildmac on March 25, 2010
It may seem materialistic thinking of the surrounding world only for shooting purposes, but you are going out into the world and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Photography opens doors to places we may never have thought of going before. We experience many more things because of it and taking a photo doesn't physically harm the environment like some other outdoor activities do. Great shots :)
Posted by Kaththea on March 25, 2010
Thanks Kelley and Yuri)
Posted by Paparazzidub on March 25, 2010
u are stunning, I wish u had a facebook profile
Posted by Paparazzidub on March 25, 2010
u are stunning, I wish u had a facebook profile
Posted by Katn1999 on March 25, 2010
You had me laughing with your comment: it’s funny how materialistic I’ve become thinking of the surrounding world only in the terms of shooting. I feel exactly the same way! I guess that is just life as a photographer. :-)

Your images are excellent, and it's a well known fact that doing such isolation images are not easy. Great photos. Congrats!
Posted by Kaththea on March 25, 2010
Thanks Mariaam, Maen and Stefaniav.
I haven't thought about it from this point of view, Maen))))) But it really makes sense)))
As I said, Stefaniav, our obsessions may be useful)))
Posted by Stefaniav on March 25, 2010
Nice shoots! Your thoughts about obsession made me reflect about the reasons why I almost exclusively take pictures of food :-) :-)
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Mani33 on March 25, 2010
The bright side is that you sell them & you can still have them :)))
Nice collection and well done :)
Posted by Mariaam on March 25, 2010
A very nice collection!

Comments (16)

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