The search engine revealed

posted on 1st of april, 2010

Many questions have been asked and heated debates started on this subject in the last few years. It is that thing each and every contributor wonders about at least twice a day when checking account statistics and sales. It is one of Dreamstime's greatest mysteries and best kept secrets: the mighty SEARCH ENGINE, the one we all want to get to know better. Everybody knows a few search criteria to function for sure, has heard of some that might influence placement and guessed that there might be others more to be taken into account. Between fact and fiction, real life and myth, truth and speculation, we are always left baffled, ceaselessly wondering what in earth's name sets the "creature" into motion. What stirs it to place my or your images on the first or alas, last page?
The criteria have been circulated, hinted at or alluded to many times on the message board or in blog articles. If someone spent a quite considerable amount of time to search through posts and blog articles, they would undoubtedly discover how the engine really functions. But, as we all know, this would take a lifetime because we have been quite chatty in the last years and written some thousands threads, haven't we? No worries, we will not subject you to such endless work and efforts.
Due to the increasing curiosity and frustration arousing from the secrecy, it has been decided that some crucial criteria must be publicly known at last.

First and foremost is relevancy. You've heard it before and we recommend, encourage nay, we preach it. Title, description, keywords and categories are decisive criteria in placing your images on the search pages returned. Short title, concise description, average number of keywords and appropriate categories will do miracles.

Second is, as you might have guessed, exclusivity. If you are exclusive contributor, your images will always be better placed in searches. Exclusive images also enjoy the advantage of being better placed but nothing compares to being full exclusive.

Another criteria is referral participation. If you participate in our referral program, you have referred members to our site and moreover, these members have transactions, you will get a plus in the search algorithm. The number of badges/banners on your personal site may be taken into consideration if the case.

You might not have thought of this but yes, messages and posts also count. Blogs matter but only if they receive the free credit - and the credit is rewarded only to useful/interesting articles.Posts on the message board are counted and so are messages sent to support. We hate to say this but if your messages are not nice, you get a minus.

And this takes me to another criteria: warnings received from editors. We are indeed in the habit of monitoring your general conduct, your behavior or misbehavior. If you have received warnings from our admins or your account was at one time suspended, the placement of your images in searches is negatively affected.

Your artistic statement is also taken into account. If it is acceptably lengthy and it shows that you took the time and consideration to add valuable, interesting info about yourselves and your work as photographers/artists, the search engine will be favorably adjusted for your images.

One very important criterion is of course, donating images to the free section. We do appreciate such charitable actions and we assure you that they are not overlooked. Your clicks for the free section are rewarded with points for enhanced search placement.

Last but not least, upload consistency is of high importance. Contributors whose active participation and constant desire to be a part of our community are obviously privileged. Those who contribute all the time and upload images without long periods of inactivity are very likely to be better placed in searches than those who are inconsistent.

© Yanc (Help)
All in all, these are the primary criteria on which our search algorithm is based. There are other tiny factors which we cannot reveal due to company confidentiality policies but you can rest assured that the ones mentioned above are top major. Of course, we may not like the color of your eyes and reset the search algorithm for your files in particular one day. The color of one's eyes is quite important and can be a new criteria anytime :). But we'll never know, will we?

The Dreamstime Team

Disclaimer: This article was published on April 1st and we kindly ask you to read it accordingly. While it may convey some true data, it also contains false info that was meant only as a pun, joke, trick. We have decided to write it in a more believable manner but truly hope we have not hurt anyone's feelings. Some of the points above are real facts and others are pure invention.

Comments (71)

Posted by Jeniicorv8 on April 03, 2010
Useful tips from an insider, how cool is that! Thanks sooo much, Carmen. I'll keep this in mind--especially the part about eye color--time to order those new contact lenses...
Posted by Jacklouis on April 03, 2010
I didn't see much in the article that was outrageously fictional - it all seemed fairly logical. I won't mention the color of my eyes unless DT has a favorable algorithm for blue. If not, they're definitely not blue!
Posted by Onime on April 03, 2010
it's a real facts? you brought up some points.
Posted by Littlemacproductions on April 03, 2010
So wait... it isn't true?
Posted by Helloyo53 on April 03, 2010
Oh, this is fake. I've been going by all of this since the day it was posted. -.-
Posted by Claudiofichera on April 03, 2010
Dear Carmen: I do not think you accidentally forgot to name the 666 monkeys. They randomly typed on their computers, and miraculously, a picture of a salad appears when I seek the word telephone! (This comment also contains half truths, but we demand to release the monkeys!)
Posted by Photosil on April 03, 2010
Thanks for the article, Carmen. It is usefull as all your posts are.
Posted by Elianehaykal on April 03, 2010
This was very funny: all the time I was reading it I was saying could this be for real? LOOOOL!
Posted by Rosedarc on April 02, 2010
Glad this blog quickly made its way to the top of the useful articles or I sadly may have missed it... too busy enjoying the Easter Holiday break at the beach!
I bow to the mighty search engine, a powerful and fine god of technology. Thanks for enlightening us (as always), Carmen :-)
Posted by Anhong on April 02, 2010
Very good suggestion, I think we all look forward to.
Posted by Dmccale on April 02, 2010
Love this post.Oh my eyes change colors.So you might love me one day and not so much the next.Blue,light blue and sometimes green-blue.LOL
Love you DT.Happy Easter
Posted by Rceeh on April 02, 2010
Wonderful blog and very interesting useful too and everything so is nice and beautiful about it. Can you be so kind to tell me how long does it take for a image to appear in search? Undoubtedly I will never spent quite considerable amount of time from my lifetime to search through posts and blog articles so please tell me. I really hope you like my eyes and I wont get kicked out of search for this question.
Posted by Dmccale on April 02, 2010
Love this post.Oh my eyes change colors.So you might love me one day and not the next.Blue,light blue and sometimes green-blue.LOL
Love you DT.Happy Easter
Posted by Destinyvispro on April 02, 2010
:) I am so glad somebody added the April 1st disclaimer to this. :) Is it me or are the April 1st things getting bigger every year?
Happy Easter.
Posted by smartview27 on April 02, 2010
Thanks, Carmen! I will consider all the subjects treated by DT team.

I wish you all (DT team) a Happy Easter, a healthy and a wonderful life!

After all our considerations our universe has many answers and questions, And we will keep uploading, saling, leaving and we will keep wondering.

But nature, children and people deserve a better life.

A wonderful Easter to all DT community.
Posted by Tan510jomast on April 02, 2010
LOL mani,
I was brought up to be a fine gentleman...
to always give a lady the benefit of the doubt !!!
Posted by Mani33 on April 02, 2010
Mat confess you were one of the few who felt in the trap of Carmen's April fool :P
But from what I see you felt in more than an April fool with Carmen! :)))
Carmen if I were you I won't risk it! You choose the restaurant :)))
Posted by Tan510jomast on April 02, 2010

I am still that gorgeous man with chestnut eyes you see in my portfolio.

Carmen is still a wonderful person... although maybe not as good looking as me, but I am a great cook as you all can see
and I cannot lie with my eyes wide open.

It was fun no matter what. Let's do it again next year.
And Carmen, I am taking cooking lessons so I can invite you for dinner in 2011 :P
Posted by Visceralimage on April 02, 2010
Thanks Carmen, lots of good advice here. There must be some truth in this blog. I just did a search for bald eagle and I have four images on the first page, there are 124 pages of images. Of the four images, three have not sold but they are exclusive. I am not an exclusive because I am waiting for other sites to remove my images so that I may re-apply as exclusive to DT

I think there is much truth in this blog. I have been active on the message boards, written a couple blogs, active with uploads, a good acceptance rate, etc.
Posted by Jmphoto on April 02, 2010
Loved it - glad to see good info and that the DT Admins have a great sense of humor :-)
Posted by Noonie on April 02, 2010
Hope you like my blue eyes! Is that the best color? And I really don't want to have to wear clothes when I'm working, so that Friday thing...I'll put a flower in my hair :))

PS..chocolate will make you fat so I'm going to save you from those calories! Bump me up a page for that!!
Posted by Tangie on April 02, 2010
huh? :)) wow, that is hard. and I though giving chocolates to editors might really really help.
Posted by Alvera on April 02, 2010
Nice try! :D
The search algorithm is this one:

1. Fibonacci sequence (military adapted version)
2. Recursion implementation (a procedure goes through when one of the steps of the procedure involves rerunning the procedure)
3. Eliminating words like: woman, women, man, men.
4. Go to step one.
If you don't understand this, please understand that to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.
Posted by Maigi on April 02, 2010
LOL... I'm happy I'm persistent enough to read an article right up to the end. I already envisioned my response: "This is a regular April 1st article, right?" No need to ask that any more. Anyway, thanks for the insight. In some way it reflects some expectations of admins. ;)) And now, please tell me, that some new rejection notices were April 1st jokes as well. :))
Posted by Tangie on April 02, 2010
The truth can never be known :). I am afraid it is indeed one of the best kept secret around here. But, since there is a lot of real info provided, I suggest you take some of the points for a fact. As Adelipenguin said it, Be good :). And wear something pink, yellow, green or orange on Fridays :P. If not for getting your images better placed in searches, then for good mood and cheerful spirits. oh oh, and I promise I won't lie that much again. Unless forced to :P. But I will do my best not to. I am not a very good liar.
Posted by Tan510jomast on April 01, 2010
April fool's joke?
Well, somehow I don't think Carmen would be slacking off from her Support duties to write eleven paragraphs of bs just as an April fool's joke.
The blog just happens to be published on April 1 is perharps unintentional.
Furthermore, what she pointed out so succinctly makes a lot of sense.
If she had said something like ... the reviewers roll the dice to decide who gets priviledged in the search placement, or they consult the IChing
or throw darts to select the prefered contributors images ,
then no doubt, I will be the first to agree with those who think that Carmen is talking through both sides of her mouth.

And yes, my eyes are still a gorgeous chestnut :)
Posted by Littlemacproductions on April 01, 2010
Very USEFUL blog Miss Tangie! I tried to click useful 100 times but of course I was only allowed 1 click. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Petarneychev on April 01, 2010
Ha ha, Carmen - I love how they don't believe you. :D
Posted by Wildmac on April 01, 2010
Happy April Fool's Day Dreamteam :D
Posted by Adeliepenguin on April 01, 2010
Well done, Carmen!! Thank you:) I love learning new things, and you brought up some points I hadn't considered. I guess the motto is "Be Good" . Be good with images/concepts. Be good with words. Be a good member of the community (which is reflected by a number of actions).

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Comments (71)

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