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posted on 6th of april, 2010

Hello DT,

After hearing some comments from some fellow members here about the low revenue comparing to the cost of having a professional model & a studio... I thought of something not really new, cause some pro photographers already do that! It might sound difficult but possible at the same time!

What if we (photographers) start to join our efforts to reduce these costs to the minimum & start having the chances of shooting professional models!

Yes that could be done by knowing the photographers in the neighborhood or in the area & start sharing them a rent of a studio or paying a model per hour!

If you can find at least one photographer that lives in the same zone you can only pay half!! So imagine if you could discover many! You might start hiring many models & bigger space for all!

I know some professional studios that can be rented for half a day & they offer you the full equipment & even contacts of models & some model agencies!

What is missing here?!

Knowing the photographers near you! Well here we are under this great agency we can introduce our selves & show our interest in doing this!
Interested Photographers can post here there local area & their interest to share shooting in a studio and/or just paying a model!. The rest of arrangements could be done in private messages or e-mails... etc.

Hope that works! Happy shooting ;)

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Posted by Mani33 on April 25, 2010
Thanks Tamara :))
Hope that some photographers have made it!
Posted by Mjak on April 25, 2010
Nice, it was really nice idea, my dear Maen. Sorry but I can't without my sweet dreams! I just imagined that I am photographer and try to find professional studio, colleagues for sharing it and model agency. Ha-ha, people, try to do it with me in wild willage among deep forests!!Uhu, good luck!! And models....aaa...my village is overfulled with drunkards of all sizes and colors...if anybody needs them just take! But I am afraid they are not able to subscribe MR of loosing of coordination! Sorry again, Maen, it was just joke. I am sure many people already used your idea. Good luck to you.
Posted by Mani33 on April 10, 2010
Thanks Onime for the advice! :)
Thanks Altaf, great initiative, hope some DT photographer could contact you soon ;)
Posted by Creativei on April 10, 2010
Great idea mani, well I'm from Dubai, Any body out there would like to join me, let me know. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, is ok with me.
Posted by Onime on April 09, 2010
My advice for you:
Learn from the best, find a good mentor, do your best, & never give up. :)
Posted by Mani33 on April 08, 2010
Thanks all for your comments!
Exactly Serdar I think there are many who don't know how to start! And eventually they are around, with a bit of luck & effort people can meet their interested partners! Cheers :)
Posted by Davulcu on April 08, 2010
good idea, however I usually use my family and friends. I bet there are alot of good looking people around you who wants to participate in a stock cast
Posted by Joe1971 on April 08, 2010
It's good idea!
Posted by Claudiofichera on April 08, 2010
Here is complicated. There are a lot of competition between photographers... because the work to be done is small, and photographers are many. :(
Posted by Ponytail1414 on April 07, 2010
Good for you!
Posted by Littledesire on April 07, 2010
Yeah, I know some of my friends doing this. Never tried it but sounds good ;)
Posted by Mani33 on April 07, 2010
Thanks Maigi, I agree 100% :)

For people who might ask why I don't have the initiative myself, it's simply because I don't have the gear for photography! So I miss the basics even :( .... I'm an illustrator ;)
Posted by Maigi on April 07, 2010
I think it's a really great idea, Mani! And proven to be rewarding. It only depends on willingness of local photographers to work together. It's understandable that some just like to fly so-lo... but if you like to fly more high, it's definitely better to glide on new winds and learn from others, from each other. And many photographers in th same room, with same models, shouldn't be the problem, if everyone is interested in finding creative approaches and do their homework before the session. If somebody trusts only on others' decisions and let other do all the work, he hardly will get unique results. But it's the huge difference between learning from others and letting other do all the hard work. If everybody are motivated, it can be seen from the results. I think we have to arrange something here in Estonia. Or maybe in the Baltics?
Posted by Mani33 on April 07, 2010
Thanks for your support ;)
Interested people, you could just post your local & interest in studio, model or both... Like this other photographers might have the initiative to contact you here or in private! Cheers ;)
Posted by Maczuga on April 07, 2010
Very good idea.
Posted by Titania1980 on April 07, 2010
It sounds a great idea. Pity I don't know any :/
Posted by Linqong on April 07, 2010
It's really a good idea!
Posted by Egomezta on April 07, 2010
Sound good, too bad there are no DT members near me.....
Posted by Visceralimage on April 07, 2010
Mani, you always seem to have good ideas.

I photograph dog and pets; when I do not have clients with pets I offer to do a free sitting just to get the "model" in front of the camera.

One might also offer services at model training agencies; new models are always looking for portfolio work
Posted by Mariaam on April 07, 2010
Cool! Your idea is great! Maen, you are absolutely right: Everybody has his/her ideas & concepts to shoot!!!
Posted by Mani33 on April 07, 2010
Here is an example: 3 photos for the same model made by 3 microstockers!

 Portrait of a cute brunette   Beauty and Fresh MG   Portrait of young beauty woman 

Not to mention that the angle & the background can be changed always ;)
Posted by Mani33 on April 07, 2010
Thanks guys for your opinions & comments! :)

Julia161 Might be the same, but I believe each one is having his ideas & concepts to shoot listed on a sheet of paper! Professional models always bring extra clothes to vary during the session or you can ask him/her to bring! Not to mention that there are many pro models that have been photographed by different photographers & all upload for Microstocks :)
Posted by Julia161 on April 07, 2010
And what can a crowd of photographers do in the same studio with the same model at the same time? Shooting the same? ;)
Posted by Noonie on April 07, 2010
A lot of metro areas do this and have a good time in the process!
Posted by Robertosch on April 07, 2010
And after you do your job, you can go together to a bar, and drink 'till morning... I don't think this could work. It's everybodies "thing"... mixed "things" smell bad. ...just my honest opinion.
Posted by Mariaam on April 07, 2010
That´s a very interesting idea!
Posted by Ebamo on April 07, 2010
photography clubs are spreading everywhere now where groups of amateur photographers share one studio and some equipments, they also share experiences, I imagine such an activity can exceed your photography knowledge in an accelerating rate.. no one is close to where I live though :(
Posted by Jeniicorv8 on April 07, 2010
Hmmm, sounds good.
Posted by Justmeyo on April 06, 2010
I think that might work for some photographers.....
Posted by Wildmac on April 06, 2010
Great idea Maen!

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