Being Childish

posted on 16th of april, 2010

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Are you afraid of being childish? That's the worst name you would want to hear somebody calling you with, when you are in your teens. But later... I guess you don't care so much.

I wanted to tell you a story about one of my images. That's the one with rainbow. A little red cat is missing there. It should sit right under the rainbow. :) I couldn't recreate it. But that was the memorable drawing from my kindergarten days. I painted it during my drawing lesson with gouache colors. I was so proud, when I draw it. Other kids were admiring my work and I thought: "Hmm... maybe I'm an artist..."

Now when I learned to use Illustrator, I wanted to recreate my childhood image. I had serious doubts, when I uploaded it on stock sites. Cause at that time there wasn't many illustrations or cartoons online. But I'm happy I wasn't too afraid of looking childish. There were couple of funny comments on other forums about my "childish cartoons", cause anybody can draw them, right? :) But it was okay. Right now this image has been downloaded 28 times and has amazing 91453 views. There are probably some references to my image somewhere in forums, but I don't know where. But anyway, for me this image, as simple as it is, carries cherished memories from my childhood. And I really enjoy looking all those numerous rainbow cartoons what have been uploaded on stock sites since then.

Aren't they great?

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Comments (25)

Posted by Maigi on April 21, 2010
:) Thanks, my friends!
Posted by Scottysally2 on April 21, 2010
Beautiful, colourful images - I guess these bring back childhood memories, lovely Maigi :)
Posted by Wildmac on April 20, 2010
Wow, I nearly missed this blog. Thanks Mailis :) Rainbows and garden forts, long grass to hide and play in, wooded swampy areas full of mossies, creepy and fun. Tree climbing, mud pie making and sandpit playing. Lying on my stomach on a swing and pretending the grass was the tops of trees and I was flying. So many things I enjoy doing, I mean did enjoy doing ;P :)))))) Well, I'm off out to play again, I mean work :D
Posted by Littlemacproductions on April 20, 2010
Very cool Mailis. As a few have noted.. the simplicity of a child's drawing is profoud!
Posted by Maigi on April 17, 2010
Thanks, Altaf! :)
Posted by Creativei on April 17, 2010
That's a nice, and the other rainbow collections is good too.
Posted by Maigi on April 17, 2010
Nice! Have a wonderful day you too, Gabriel!
Posted by Justmeyo on April 17, 2010
You choice beautiful illustrations for your blog!Those images make me feel good and optimistic :)Have a great day Maigi !
Posted by Maigi on April 16, 2010
Thanks! You have too. :)
Posted by Anhong on April 16, 2010
wow, a beautiful rainbow,:)
Posted by Maigi on April 16, 2010
You are welcome! :)
Posted by Mariaam on April 16, 2010
Great story and a nice blog article. I enjoyed reading it and I also like the rainbow images. Thanks for sharing your story. ;)
Posted by Maigi on April 16, 2010
Posted by Noonie on April 16, 2010
I do childish very well!!! LOL! That's why I like simple childish drawings and illustrations. They have a place in most hearts!
Posted by Littledesire on April 16, 2010
So joyful and colorful! :)
Posted by Maigi on April 16, 2010
So true, Marilyn! Thanks for the comment! :)
Posted by Marilyngould on April 16, 2010
It is the simplicity of a child's drawing that makes them so fabulous! Thanks for sharing your story and these great images!
Posted by Maigi on April 16, 2010
Aw, you are so kind, Jitka! Best wishes to you as well! Matt, guys, thank you for your comments too!
Posted by Starblue on April 16, 2010
Beautiful illustrations! So jolly, for a good mood. Well, in spiritual world, it is said that every one should awake inner child in oneself:-) this will can bring more joy to our life! I wish you a lot of joyful moods! :-) and of course successes with your beautiful images!
Posted by Egomezta on April 16, 2010
Nice story.... I want to be more childish..............
Posted by Tan510jomast on April 16, 2010
Being childlike is to remain unspoilt by grownups. I recharge my battery everytime I feel being an adult has taken a toll on my sanity by quitting work to go to the garden or park simply to watch children play amongst themselves. It reminds me that sometimes tomorrow is not always that important. It also reminds me that worrying too much over tomorrow, I might not see too many tomorrow... that I could get sick and not enjoy too many tomorrows. This is why I try to immerse myself with youth.
good idea.
Posted by smartview27 on April 16, 2010
I love being childish! Beautiful illustrations!
Posted by Maigi on April 16, 2010
Good idea, Mani! :) Thanks, Debbie!
Posted by Dmccale on April 16, 2010
great blog..Brings out the kid in all of us.And that is good!!!
Posted by Mani33 on April 16, 2010
Nice idea Maigi! You know there is a big child in me! :)))
Maybe I will start recalling some of the cartoon scenes of my childhood! ;)

Comments (25)

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