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posted on 22nd of april, 2010

I have read here several interesting blogs about nature and Earth. I would like to write on this day - the Earth Day - a blog as well.
The inspiration for this blog has given me the movie "Pay It Forward" - it has been about a boy who wanted to change the world in a simple way. The boy Trevor conjures the notion of paying a favor not back, but forward-repaying good deeds not with payback, but with new good deeds done to three new people. So it is like a growing pyramid of good intentions that can change people´s lives. The movie is very beautiful and heart-breaking, prepare yourselves that your eyes will be wet.

Who loves nature and who wants to protect environment must deal with many sad and frustrating things nowadays. No wonder that someones are pessimistic about protection of animals, oceans, water supplies, air etc. However I do believe that any small help can be useful because "a drop to a drop and there is a sea".

One can support an organization for protection of animals, one can adopt an animal like a present for somebody loved, one can try to convince friends not to buy furs, one can sign petition against destroying nature or hunting animals, one can stop to use plastic shopping bags, one can organize cleaning of a meadow etc.

It isn´t easy to be always optimistic, I know. For example, I love wolves. Yes, I love wolves and how many times I must see cruel hunting of these gorgeous animals. I love oceans and how many times I must see that oceans are full of trash... I could go on, but on the contrary last week I and my husband "adopted a tree" like an anniversary present. One of our local nature organization makes possibility "to give a tree like a present". So many people adopted a tree, thatś why the organization can start a new project in a new location with planting new young trees as the interest of the other make it possible. It was a great feeling to see a long line with young trees :-)

We aren´t few who loves Earth, nature, animals, ocean, trees... we must just start to support each other and we must convince - ike the boy in the movie - the other people that every small favor and help is useful. One can support these organizations with money gifts, another can be useful in another way....
For example, I have made and dedicated photos of nature - of course free - for the local organization of nature protection. So they didn´t need to buy them.
The most important is not to think "anyway nothing will change".

I will wish to Earth and to nature everything the best! And especially more and more people interested in protection of our beautiful nature.

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Posted by Joezachs on April 28, 2010
Like that one all for earth
Posted by Elianehaykal on April 27, 2010
Excellent and very inspiring blog, thanks for sharing :)
Posted by Fzy826 on April 25, 2010
Great photo!Creative thinking!
Posted by Starblue on April 24, 2010
Usually I like to drop you a personal thank for your comment! All comments are appreciated, but once more many thanks to all of you!
Posted by Starblue on April 24, 2010
"Balzam" - Marina, many thanks for your comment and the note, I have heard quite a lot about the Landmar Education, I am happy it was useful to you and that you can do what you want. This is the best aim in our lives, I wish you a lot of satisfaction!
Posted by Balzam on April 24, 2010
Great Blog and very inspiring words! I would like to suggest that anyone who is interested in making a difference in this world would participate in Landmar Education (it is available in main cities around the world). It is great! It has changed my life and now I can do things I always wanted to do without fear and hesitation. Like contributing to others!
Have a wonderful day!
Posted by Ospictures on April 23, 2010
Great article!
Nature is our home, where we all live. And we are all a family, big family, also the animals and insects. We have to love, help and take care about each other. Unfortunately our eyes see sometimes terrible scenes...
We photographers expressing all our feelings in the pictures, support or struggle against. But we all want see a happiness in them.

Happy Earth Day!
Posted by Justmeyo on April 22, 2010
Your blog it is great!
We all say i like the green of spring,the blue of ocean,the animals,the freshness and the beauty of nature.We enjoy what surrounds us.
But,unfortunately few people really take care of nature....
I hope you have a beautiful day:)
Posted by Linqong on April 22, 2010
A good article.
We love Earth, nature, animals, ocean, trees....
Posted by Littlemacproductions on April 22, 2010
Happy Earth Day!
Posted by Trottola on April 22, 2010
You are absolutly right. And thank you for your interesting blog. Happy Earth day to everybody ;)
Posted by Wildmac on April 22, 2010
You are so right Jitka! Every little bit we can do to help is a step in the right direction. I just wish that our governments had the same respect for our planet as they do for the money that they worship. Imagine what could be possible then ;) Take care :)
Posted by smartview27 on April 22, 2010
Wish you all the best too!
Posted by Egomezta on April 22, 2010
Thanks very inspirational, excellent blog.
Posted by Tan510jomast on April 22, 2010
You are right, we are becoming more numerous with the leaning away from waste and flagrant disregard to Mother Nature. Last fall, I was quite encouraged and heartily impressed working with some new models ranging from 17-19 who are not just very intelligent for their schooling (most of them are really medical ,pathology, science,..students, ) all so well mannered, happy, kind, properly brought by their parents. I can't say enough good things about these "kids". I also noticed they were very well informed and conscientious about their place in this whole continium we call Mother Earth. Some even told me how silly their elders were to have neglected their responsibilites in the midst of furor to make money. Which I find quite humbling and amusing for their verbose conviction.

The first time I encounter such admirable conviction and inate wisdom in the young was some 11 - 13 years ago when I was traveling and teaching in Central America to find a group of 6...(More)
Posted by Mani33 on April 22, 2010
You are absolutely right! We all have to protect this nature & the planet!
Thanks for sharing your words & acts, that shows how wonderful you are :)

Comments (16)

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