Mona Lisa Beets and other tales

posted on 2nd of may, 2010

I started uploading to Dreamstime about a year ago. Like many of you, I have a day job that doesn’t involve using a camera. Thus, I set my goals easy…15-20 uploads a month, with no expectations of sudden wealth. So far I think I am doing okay. My mother says I am, and I have learned through the years that she is never wrong.

It has been an “interesting” year, and I have seen many changes in my life. I thought I would share a few of these changes , and what I have learned from them, as they may prove helpful to some of you.
Change #1. My dog use to bring me the leash when she wanted to go out for a walk. Now, my dog checks the computer for interesting events around town, the time the sun sets, and weather patterns, and then she brings me the leash with a full report, so I can plan the walk. Multi-tasking my dog has created efficiencies in my workflow. I have learned that efficient workflow is very important when working in stock.

Change #2. I use to get great prices at the local farmers market. Now, the farmer has decided his beets are Mona Lisa’s based on my enthusiastic beet photography, and he is selling his Picasso strawberries and Monet potatoes at escalating prices. The local super market’s fruit comes from lesser know artists…maybe I need to change my venue.

Change #3. I have been dabbling in Internet dating. My old postings use to be something like: “Looking to meet a caring, down-to-earth guy with a sense of humor and good heart.” My current postings read something like “Looking for a Nikon shooter not adverse to carrying bulky yet delicate equipment. Please provide a list of the lenses and accessories currently owned, including make and model. Advanced Photoshop skills preferred.” Since I have been encouraged to work with what I have, I have decided that swapping lenses is much more cost effective than buying new ones.

Change #4. When I use to take a road trip with my dog, I would throw my camera in the back seat after I packed up the car. Now, I load my car with my camera, all lenses from my closet, every filter known to man or woman, a tripod, a monopod, a bean bag, reflector, a charger, a back-up charger, memory cards, my laptop, a back-up drive, batteries, extra batteries (in case I don’t run into a drug store or super market), a strobe, gels, gray card, spot meter, shutter release, and camera manual, plus all my dog’s gear, with only enough room left for a t-shirt. Since I have yet to read about laundry on the message boards or blogs, I have decided that one doesn’t need clean clothes to take a good photograph.

Change # 5. It used to be that a brown bird in the water was a brown bird in the water. Now it is a shorebird called a marbled godwit from the Northwest United States visiting southern California on its winter migration. I know this because I am researching my key words. When I finally have that date with my Nikon shooter, he will be so impressed with how smart I am!

Change #6. I use to say thank you, whenever I received compliments from people regarding my photos, and that was it. Now, I give them a business card and send them to the Dreamstime website (and of course my portfolio). The good news is, the designers always say that they have already been referred to Dreamstime and love it (no referral☹ fees). The bad news is my friends know if they wait long enough they will eventually get a framed photo for a birthday gift, so why bother with Dreamstime (no referral fees☹). Thus, I have learned first hand that brand development in new markets does take time.

As you can see by the above, Dreamstime has made a significant impact on my life in this first year. I joined absolutely clueless, and could never have gotten this far without great mentors to show me the way. In this regard, I have all of you to thank for your support and assistance. You are a really special team and I am proud, and fortunate, to be a member. And if you are one of my buyers? Thank you so much for finding my photographs among so many other beautiful images.

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Posted by Livingstonatlarge on August 24, 2011

AWESOME. (Except for the Nikon part.)

P.S. Can your dog come give my dog some pointers?
Posted by Adeliepenguin on May 05, 2010
Thank you, Linqong. You too are very kind:)
Posted by Linqong on May 05, 2010
A group of aesthetic images!!!
Great shots!

Thank you for your kind comments in my blog!
Best wishes.
Posted by Adeliepenguin on May 03, 2010
Dan1, maybe Nikon will give me credit for referring business:) I hope your ankle improves quickly.
Posted by Dan1 on May 03, 2010
I was thinking Canon but i can get a Nikon just as well. I can tote gear after my ankle gets better from the operation.
Posted by Maigi on May 03, 2010
LOL You have a great dog! :))) Have fun!
Posted by Adeliepenguin on May 03, 2010
Thank you all...I do appreciate the comments:) Yes, I feel blessed to have a passion for photography, because as photographers we learn to see the world differently. And guess what Tan510jomast, you can travel to icebergs in the summer!! They don't melt that fast:)
Posted by Kikkerdirk on May 03, 2010
very nice blog, beautiful pictures! Through the eye of a photographer we see more!
Posted by Mani33 on May 03, 2010
Simply Great Shots!
Posted by Mariaam on May 03, 2010
Wow! Amazing photos... The ICEBERG...Wow! Well done. :)
Posted by Tan510jomast on May 03, 2010
The iceberg is so amazing. I 'd love to be there to shoot them... with my camera, that is, lol. It's scary , from all those tales of Titanic, but certainly one of the natural wonders I've yet to experience. I am told from where I live, it's only a couple of hours to another province where I see icebergs and whales ... but I have to go during the winter, and I am a summer person :(
Posted by Mstycoon on May 03, 2010
I love #3. Very well thought out blog. Thanks for sharing. I wish you many, many sales.
Posted by Rosedarc on May 03, 2010
Great blog, great shots :-) It is true that life changes when you start seeing it through DT's eyes!
Posted by Adeliepenguin on May 03, 2010
Thank you both, Anhong and Stefaniav:) I really appreciate your support. And yes, Stefaniav, you figured me out:):) I wanted everyone to have a little humor for a Monday.
Posted by Stefaniav on May 03, 2010
Nice article, made me start the week with a smile! ^_^ Your port is very interesting!
Posted by Anhong on May 02, 2010
Beautiful photos. Good article.

Comments (16)

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