The Best Reward

posted on 21st of june, 2010

What an exciting week I left behind.

I remember as I almost sworn I will never shoot the weddings. Cause I just can't stand that pressure, that you have to do everything right and don't have room for mistakes, cause just don't have a repeated opportunity to fix your mistake. And I would love to have another light lens to feel more comfortable in low light situations (=weddings). But you just can't say no when you are looking in your good friends eyes, who says: "Maybe, perhaps, could you please..."

Argh... And I tried "no" at first, but I think there was something wrong with her ears at that moment. So I had to gather all my courage. I was glad I wasn't the first shooter. The other photographer made outdoor shots with bride and groom, but she said that she don't want to take responsibility on ceremony, so the documentation left to me. BTW, is it photojournalism?

Anyway, Saturday was the Big Day. My hands were shaking and I thought I should have taken my tripod. But I couldn't move around the hall with it anyway. But when the ceremony began and they stood on the doorway with their lovable smiling faces, I knew everything gonna be just like they wanted and I focused on their moves and faces and forgot all my worries and everything around me. It was their big day and I could follow it closely through my lens. Zoom lens. It was touching and beautiful.

Today I had some of the couple of hundreds photos ready to show them. I know I have my style when I make photos and a certain way to photoshop them before release, but I knew my friends were aware about my style and my ways to postprocess photos, but I still didn't know, can I meet their expectations, will they be happy about what they see.

When they left my office, then I thought that there can't be the bigger reward for the photographer than a big smile and a happy-happy face of a groom, who keeps shaking your hand, cause he is happy and grateful about that you made her lovable wife look on photos as beautiful as he sees her in real life. And to tell the truth, it wasn't hard at all.

I'm so happy they liked the photos. Of course I had lots of mistakes and trash photos, but lots of great ones too. And I'm grateful, that I had a chance to stand beside my friends on their Big Day and record those precious, significant and very happy moments.

I think I like wedding photography. It's one of the happiest job.

I have to say, that photos in this blog are not mine, and I can't show you my photos, but these are very beautiful also.

© Maigi (Help)
© Maigi (Help)
Another happy thing what happened last week was that I finished my web design project.

It was the first website I made for my web design service customers, and not for my own projects. You can take a look at the site here: Weldest OÜ. It's a company which makes and repairs industrial machinery. They are doing lots of welding work and I had a chance to do my first welding photoshoot as well wearing a welding mask. :) It was lot of fun. And I didn't burn my eyes.

Yesterday I showed the website to the owners and today I got the response that it was much more than they expected and it's perfect for them. And again, it made me very happy.

I like my job. Both photography and web design. But that makes me really happy when my clients like my job as well.

Okay, now I'm off to celebrate.
Wish you all lots of happy moments as well!

Comments (32)

Posted by Maigi on July 18, 2010
It's great that you had the chance to try something new and enjoyed it too! :))
Thanks for your comment, but please don't spam.
Posted by 7528620xs on July 12, 2010
It's great that you had the chance to try something new and enjoyed it too! :))

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Posted by Maigi on June 27, 2010
Thank you all for your kind comments! Cathy, yes, they are special friends for me. It was a great day. :)
Posted by Cathysbelleimage on June 27, 2010
Congratulations Mailis!!! So happy for you! It is something so very special to share and capture this big day... Bravo! :O)
Posted by Landd09 on June 24, 2010
Congratulations! I hope that we will see some of the photos.
I know that yours photos is very very good.
Best regards.
Posted by Scottysally2 on June 23, 2010
Congratulations Maigi, hope you enjoy more wedding photography, the web site looks great, even though I don't understand the language! Good luck :)
Posted by Kittycat on June 23, 2010
Congrats Maji on both of your experiences. I got talked in to doing a small family wedding in July. I am really not experienced at weddings but since it is small and it is family. I will give it a go.
Posted by Nightangel666 on June 23, 2010
I would love to experiment wedding photography! I am happy you enjoyed it that much and I think I can understand you.
Posted by Claudiofichera on June 23, 2010
Congratulations! You could put some on Facebook and I see them (many years I photographed weddings.) Now I will see the website. Maigi Congrats again!
Posted by Rolmat on June 23, 2010
Congratulations on both of your experiences!
Posted by Maigi on June 22, 2010
Thank you, Carol! All my best wishes to you as well!
Posted by Wildmac on June 22, 2010
It's great that you had the chance to try something new and enjoyed it too! :)) I hope you have many more adventures in photography, cos they help keep things interesting and there is always something new that you learn that you can adapt for your normal work too. Your site looks great too! Keep adventuring :))
Posted by Maigi on June 22, 2010
Thank you for your supportive words, my friends. It means a lot to me.
Posted by Littledesire on June 22, 2010
More and more weddings to come, Maigi!!! I remember I was accidentally a 1st photographer on my cousin's wedding! Imagine my face :O
And the site looks great! Congrats!
Posted by Egomezta on June 22, 2010
Great blog... Amazing images..... Thanks for sharing. Congratulations.
Posted by Yuritz on June 22, 2010
really nice work and good luck for the next ones!
Posted by Noonie on June 22, 2010
YAY, Maigi! Your project looks great and I can't wait to see the photos because I love your work!
Posted by Dmccale on June 22, 2010
congrats..It is stressful.My son insisted I did his 2 years ago.I had to rent lens and lights.It turned out OK.They were happy(not me).I will never do it again.I am not good at it.
Posted by Mariaam on June 22, 2010
It must be great shooting wedding photos. Also a little bit stressful, because, as you mentioned, everything must be perfect, but it´s definitely a great work. The website you created looks fantastic, very professional. Congrats!
Posted by Rosedarc on June 22, 2010
That's one of the nicest things about photography, making people happy and making memories for the years to come!
Posted by Melonstone on June 22, 2010
Glad you enjoyed shooting the wedding photos. Well done for being brave. Like you, I always say "no" but then I always take my camera along to the wedding anyway and take lots of pictures of the happy couple, some turn out ok, most are not so good, so I'm glad I always say no.
Posted by Maigi on June 22, 2010
Thank you, Sebikus, Jitka! And congats on your book, Jitka! A great milestone as well. :)
Posted by Starblue on June 22, 2010
I agree - to take photos of wedding celebration is a very pleasant part of photographing. All are happy and the best models :-) I am happy you had a wonderful time :-) The web looks great... so there si really a lot of reasons for celebrations :-)
Posted by Sebikus on June 22, 2010
Nice article. I shooted wedding too two week ago. I worried about it but it was fun and everybody enjoyed it. And of course, I'm happy that photos are good :-)
So good luck to another wedding days ;)
Posted by Maigi on June 22, 2010
Thank you my friends! Maybe I'll post some of the photos on my webpage, but not to stock. I still don't feel good to shoot friends for stock. I'm overprotective I guess. Thank you all for your good words and wishes!
Posted by Joezachs on June 22, 2010
Forget about the mistakes and the trash photos.
Its the end result that counts.
And the layout of your website is good.
Posted by Frantab01 on June 22, 2010
Great stuff Maigi, I'm glad it all went well at the wedding and you ended up with satisfied friends :) also the web site that you designed looks great, although i don't understand the language:) good luck for future projects. did your friends sign a model release at least ?
Posted by Keki on June 22, 2010
fantastic its brilliant that your found your niche
Posted by Creativei on June 22, 2010
Yeah that's a great feeling, like you even I want to do one wedding photo-shoot, just to experiment. Maigi, may be you can post somewhere these pictures so we can have a look. The site is good, its neat and clean.
Posted by Justmeyo on June 21, 2010
This is great Maigi!Congratulations for your first experience in photographing weddings and also congratulations for a successful shooting:)Hope to have many great moments in your life!

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