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posted on 1st of august, 2010

Muslim's holly month of Ramadan is coming up after some days!
If you search DreamsTime with the word Ramadan you will find lots of images of people, scripts of the holy Quran, calligraphy, food, events, mosques, candles & even cannons!

So what is it all about by the end?!

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar calendar & it's holly for the Muslims because it's the month when prophet Mohammad started to learn Quran inspired by God. And it's the month that Muslims were ordered to go fasting (for who doesn't know what is fasting... It's no eating, no drinking, no bad manners or insults & no sexual relationship from sun rise to sun set...)

That's why you see some images of the holy Quran script & messages of greeting Ramadan Kareem (Blessed Ramadan), some even with the sun rise & sun set in the background!

© Zash (Help)

Ramadan is to feel the poor & to remember that we are all human with the same needs & feelings, no matter how rich or wealthy we are! It's the time when giving the poor is a must for all people who can give! Appreciating life how it is... how to be patient & reply to who treat you bad with a smile or by saying God forgive me I'm fasting!

That's why you see many images of presenting food & charity, people look each other with a kind smile!

The Crescent! as Ramadan is a Lunar month it starts by seeing the moon (The Crescent) by the end of the 8th month "Shaaban" & the ends by seeing the Crescent of the beginning of the 10th month "Shawal" & that's the concept of the crescent for Ramadan & Islamic arts.

Searching Ramadan makes you find many images of Dates! What is so special about this fruit & Ramadan?

The first thing prophet Mohammad used to do when it's time for praying is to pray! But when he's fasting & it's the time when Muslims are allowed to eat near the sun set, he used to break his fasting by eating something before going to pray, this thing was dates & water!
So following his steps Muslims they break their fasting by eating 3 dates... (as a tradition & for loving Mohammad but it's not a must)

The candle lights & Lanterns!
As Ramadan is a month of worshiping, people used to take candle lights or lanterns & go to the mosques to pray at night! This habit turned into a tradition to symbolize the Muslim lighted path in Ramadan!

Black tea! Yeah it's a drink in many parts of the world, but it's a drink to kill the thirst for longer time during Summer & Winter! It's also used in the middle east as a welcoming drink.

Cannons! In some official ceremonies launching cannons is a sign of honor or partying! Some Muslims countries made it as a tradition to announce the time for eating & to stop eating as well as it can be heard in a wider range! Of course it's nothing to replace the "Athan" the call for praying.

When Sun rise starts people are usually sleeping, thus some people made them selves a profession of knocking a drum with a charity song to wake up the people by the end of the night, so they can eat & drink before it's not allowed... Mostly these drummers are compensated by all the people in the neighborhood with food & money! Of course no alarm clocks or technology existed on that time, but the nice tradition maintain in some parts of the world.

Praying & reading the Holly Quran is the best free time habit for Muslims on Ramadan... Okay it's all the year, but people do their best to do it more during Ramadan! Hearts get more tangled & make their hunger & thirst pass in a positive way...

Mosques... Obviously it's the place where all the Muslim's matters can be discussed, even bringing meals for all the people rich & poor to share & eat! Mosques are never closed & never out of people during Ramadan!

Kaaba in Mecca: It's the orientation of all Muslims around the world for praying! How come it won't be listed between the images! It's there!

Different food! Yes different dishes, some made for Ramadan & that differs from a country to another!
Yummy things but no point in drooling much here :P ... :))

Okay if you have any question about an image related on your search for Ramadan don't flag it just ask first ;)

Hope I added something to your general knowledge by that!

I'll give my blessed Ramadan wishes later on the right time (Inshallah) ;)

Take Care!

Comments (34)

Posted by Mani33 on August 19, 2010
Thanks Mat ;)
Posted by Tan510jomast on August 18, 2010
Mubarek... I love those photos of the ladies in their traditional clothes. So lovely.
Posted by Mani33 on August 16, 2010
Ok here is the collection I made... :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 16, 2010
Thanks Brad & good idea also! I'll start with these I posted here in a minute ;)
Posted by Bradcalkins on August 16, 2010
Great summary - you should make a collection :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 16, 2010
Thanks! They are not mine tho! :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 10, 2010
Ramadan starts tomorrow inshallah... Blessed Ramadan to all! :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 10, 2010
Thanks Komar, actually what I've tried to make clear here, are the images related to Ramadan, more than the concept of Ramadan it self as an Islamic worship ritual... Even though I had to explain some of Ramadan spirit! :)
Posted by Komar on August 10, 2010
Fantastic blog. That would have taken you ages to do, I think. Often when people look from the outside in, things can seem weird, eg. fasting. Why would anyone want to deliberately go without food and water. Once you try it and especially in the company of others doing the same, things seem a lot clearer.
Posted by Mani33 on August 09, 2010
Now it's registered here! Thanks :)))
Posted by Elianehaykal on August 09, 2010
I didn't comment here! Great blog my friend :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 05, 2010
Thanks Guys! I'm happy that my sharing is useful! Good luck all.
Thanks for the early Ramadan wishes, same to you!
Posted by Jeniicorv8 on August 05, 2010
Learned something new today. Thanks, Maen.
Posted by Theblackrhino on August 04, 2010
Salaam Maen. That was very gracious of you to include my charity image. I've got a small set just for this month on DT. The exposure you helped give is much appreciated. More importantly, thanks for sharing the good information about this month with others.
Posted by Subhra2jyoti on August 04, 2010
Dear friend, ur article is quite knowledable ....Sincere thanks for the same ...Wish u a happy Ramadan , in advance.
Posted by Mani33 on August 04, 2010
Thanks Linqong, you rule my friend :)
Posted by Linqong on August 04, 2010
Hi, Mani33
Great blog! I gained a lot of harvest,

Thank you for your kind comments in my blog.
Posted by Mani33 on August 03, 2010
Thank you Margaretanne ;)
Posted by Margaretanne on August 03, 2010
Very informative.. Thanks :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 03, 2010
Thanks Ingrid, images make it interesting & easier to know! ;)
Posted by Titania1980 on August 03, 2010
Interesting article, I didn't know almost anything about ramadan
Posted by Mani33 on August 02, 2010
Thanks Dessie :D
Posted by Littledesire on August 02, 2010
Very interesting blog, Maen! I knew only half of the habits you shared ;)
Posted by Mani33 on August 02, 2010
Thanks George ;)
Posted by Georgeskyrillos on August 02, 2010
Lots of good info. Maen, cool blogs as usual!
Posted by Mani33 on August 02, 2010
Thank you all!
Serdar I didn't know that! It looks yummy :)
Posted by Mariaam on August 02, 2010
Thanks Maen, for this great article with many details! It´s very, very interesting and informative!
Posted by Scottysally2 on August 02, 2010
Very interesting blog Maen, thanks for sharing, we learn something new every day. :)
Posted by Wildmac on August 02, 2010
Great blog Maen! I always learn something new from your blogs :)
Posted by Davulcu on August 02, 2010

Thanks Maen.. Also for including my image.

This is the Ramadan bread , called as "Pide" , which is available in market only during this time.

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Comments (34)

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