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posted on 5th of august, 2010

I just looked at my most recent rejections and the reasons for the rejections. I could understand most of them, which were things like: "poor lighting setup", "poor contrast or incorrect exposure", "white balance parameter not correctly assigned"...and then there was this one: "poor optical performance due to low lens quality."

A lot of my files were rejected because of lens fringing and chromatic aberrations. I researched what lens fringing was and apparently the lens I'm using does not have the capability of focusing all the colors at the same spot in space at the same time. I have the ability to correct the other shortcomings in my files, but because I have an "inferior" lens, does it mean that I have to go out and buy a $400 or $500 lens so lens fringing doesn't happen in my photos? Is there something else I can do to get rid of the fringing? And if I have to purchase a new lens, I'd like to have some recommendations because I don't want to waste my money and time on one that doesn't get the job done

Thanks to anyone who has the answer

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Posted by Williamardrey on August 06, 2010
Posted by Antoinettew on August 06, 2010
William here is a link to a site about the E-510 and how to set everything in the menu in the right way.
Maybe this will help. And, like the others said: watch the light. Good luck.
Posted by Williamardrey on August 06, 2010
Thanks for the encouragement
Posted by Maddrew on August 05, 2010
Hope they're helpful :) BTW great first image! Wow! Wish my first image was that impressive..
Posted by Williamardrey on August 05, 2010
Thanks for the tips
Posted by Maddrew on August 05, 2010
Hey william, unfortunately, dreamstime do maintain a very high standard (they are associated with PACA after all) when it comes to the type of images they'll accept, even if the images have perfect color, composition and lighting. I've had a Sony SAL75300 telephoto, which had the exact same problem. It bleeds horribly in purple around bright objects when I'm shooting in daylight, and the effect is worse when I'm shooting with larger apertures. Unfortunately, especially for nature photography, in order for most subjects to stand out, you are required to use a wide aperture with whatever lens you have. However this does not mean the lens is completely useless. You can attempt to recompose your shot in different angles (the trick is to avoid strong contrast during shooting), use a larger F number whenever possible (use a shorter working distance) or best of all, use the lens for indoor shooting. Purple fringing is usually most obvious when there's strong contrast in your composition, and indoor...(More)
Posted by Williamardrey on August 05, 2010
Thanks. I should pay more attention to things like that before I submit my photos
Posted by Luissantos84 on August 05, 2010
hi, no you dont need 500$ lens, I dont have them unfortunatelly lol :P your olympus came on a kit right? that lens is nice for sure, just watch for the light/exposure and keep shooting!! :)
Posted by Williamardrey on August 05, 2010
Thanks. Your comments are very helpful. I didn't even bother to Photoshop my latest uploads because my previous files got rejected for being over-processed.
Posted by Mani33 on August 05, 2010
I advise you to contact the support for any further information about a rejection... About fringing, low lenses could cause a harsh violate lights on the edges of the objects... The simple way I use when it's needed using photoshop is: Open the image, duplicate the image to play around & not to save by mistake, go to the Image -> Adjust -> Hue/Saturation: From the edit choose the blues color & then start modifying the levels till you get the blue edges acceptable! The same goes for the lightness also!
Hope that helps not to invest much money :))

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