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posted on 6th of august, 2010

Looking far back into the country's history, the lands of today's Romania have been for centuries the melting pot of the Balkans, Latin, Magyars and Slavs. The people form a colorful mixture of different races, nations and traditions.

This has left its traces onto the land, architecture and people. The rich variety of places make Romania a wonderful place for photographers.

I am Romanian and that says a lot, but what it does not say is that I am in love with my country. This is the reason why I spent some time into creating a set of collections, all having their root in Romania.

These sets of collections are meant to help any customer looking for images related to travel and tourism from Romania no matter if they are looking for editorial images, landscapes, architecture, people and traditions and many more.

So lets get on with the presentation :).


This collection comprises aerial images as well as any other images seen from a higher altitude which offer a good perspective on the subjects bellow. Go to collection...


Here I aimed for the general urban landscapes from an architectural point of view but not only. Go to collection...

The Countryside

Now let's get out of the city and see more of the beautiful raw countryside which still exists in Romania and is filled with traditions. Go to collection...

Churches and Monasteries

Romania has its share of religion and religious people and this is reflected from the high number of churches and monasteries. Luckily for us some of these churches and monasteries are a real architectural gold mine from a historical point of view. Here on Dreamstime there are quite a few amazing images portraying these wonderful architectural gems, sometimes as a main focus or blended into the beautiful surroundings. Go to collection...

Castles and Fortresses

If you are looking for an image with a castle or fortress in Romania, here is the place to look for it. If it is on Dreamstime, in this collection you will find it. Go to collection...

Landscapes of Romania

Romania has been blessed with a large array of landscapes, from mountains to valleys to fields to the Black Sea. Go to collection...


This is the place where you can find images of different mountains from Romania. From Apuseni mountains to Fagarasi mountains to the old Macin Mountains. Go to collection...

Rivers and Lakes

Romania is lucky to have plenty of rivers and lakes of an amazing beauty. The photographers here at Dreamstime have not wasted time and captured beautiful images from different seasons. Go to collection...

Historic buildings and landmarks

This collection is meant to cover the large array of historic buildings and landmarks which bring colour into the daily life but have not been included in the other collections. Go to collection...

Travel Editorial Romania

Here you can find editorial images related to traveling in Romania. Traditions, people, festivals... Go to collection...

People and Traditions

One of the most important things which make Romania so interesting is the people and its traditions. Go to collection...

I am sure I could come up with a few other ideas for collections related to Romania and probably I will make a few more, so you should check out my profile from time to time for new updates. Also the collections will grow more and more as I find other wonderful images to add.

The contributors that read this blog are invited to send me a message if any of their images would help these collections grow and follow the general ideas that I applied on these collections.

Thank you!

Comments (16)

Posted by ImagoGestalter on August 08, 2010
Nice photos!

Thank you for adding my images! I will upload some more and send you the respective links!!

Cheers for doing a great job with these collections.
Posted by Igabriela on August 08, 2010
@ Panaite: Thank you and you are welcome. I will take a look at your portfolio to see if there are other images which I could use :) Have a nice Sunday!
Posted by Jdanne on August 07, 2010
Nice photos!
Posted by Igabriela on August 07, 2010
@ Sindorei: Hi, One the images is already in the collection and I added the first one to churches and cities. Thank you for giving me the link :) If you will have more, let me know :)
Posted by ImagoGestalter on August 07, 2010
it seems that the previous link didn't work I'l try again!

and this is the second one ;-D

Best wishes,
Posted by ImagoGestalter on August 07, 2010

Amazing collection, I've got a few shots ,made in Romania as well which I think would fit very well to your collections, especially the editorial one.

Here is one that I think would really complement the collection since you do not have such a pic in it. xD

   Medieval Town Square   
and this one is nice as well...
   Medieval rooftops of Brasov in winter.   


and hope to hear and see some more from you!
Posted by Igabriela on August 07, 2010
@ Adelie: Wow that is great that you have such an exhibit there...You should come see the real thing sometime :)
Posted by Adeliepenguin on August 07, 2010
Well done. I really enjoyed looking at the collections particularly since I just visited a museum here in San Diego which has an incredible new exhibit on the folk art treasures of Romania...textiles, furniture, pottery, wooden carvings, etc. Seeing the exhibit and looking at your collections has given me a much better understanding of your country's rich legacy.
Posted by Igabriela on August 07, 2010
@ Mariaam: I am glad you like the collections...I normally have a travel agency (though I prefer to be a photographer/tourist), and these are the images I would actually choose when needed for my website and stuff like that.
Posted by Mariaam on August 07, 2010
Wonderful! :) Great collections! I like the "The countryside of Romania" collection very much...Thanks for sharing, Gabriela!
Posted by Igabriela on August 07, 2010
@ Robert - Thank you :)
Posted by Robertosch on August 07, 2010
Very nice, congrats.
Posted by Igabriela on August 07, 2010
@ Gmargittai - I added it to the Churches and Monasteries, since it is actually a Saxon fortified church...:)
Thank you very much for sending it to me and for the nice comments.
Posted by Gmargittai on August 07, 2010
You can add this to your castle and church collection
 Castle and Church Transilvania 
Nice collections by the way. Enjoyed browsing them
Posted by Igabriela on August 06, 2010
You are welcoome Mani 33 :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 06, 2010
Thanks for the nice trip & the classified collections!

Comments (16)

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