My thoughts on the amazing Nikon D7000

posted on 16th of september, 2010

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The new Nikon D7000 sounds really amazing. From the specs alone, it seems that it surpasses that of the popular D90 and most of them even surpasses the DX flagship, the D300s. What I was most surprised at is none other than the wide ISO range which belittles many other cameras of the same level. Speaking from my conclusion, the D7000 is around 1-2 stops better than both the D90 and the D300s in terms of noise control performance. How does it fare comparing to the D700 and D3 models?

Read on for my personal views and thoughts regarding this new kid on the block that has just been released.

Nikon D7000, 2 FX lenses and a speedlight announced

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Posted by Rbilsland on September 20, 2010
Being a long time D300 user, if this is the upgrade to the D90 I can't wait to see what the upgrade to the D300s will be.
Posted by MilsiArt on September 18, 2010
I had Sony A100, Nikons: D80, D300, D90... Now I am shooting with 18MP 550D ;-)

It is quite interesting that new D7000... But, it still costs about 1.5x 550D or can't really stand next to new 60D which is ideal for stock due to its flipping display. Except if using of flash is something you do most of time, then mentioned Canon models still have slight advantage.
Posted by Gnohz on September 17, 2010

Oh but doesn't the D300s has it too? Ask her to get it ;p
Posted by Gnohz on September 17, 2010
Just what I felt too! If this goes on and there really is a D300s replacement, I'm sure it'll be in the limelight as well. However, when the D90 and D300s were out, the ISO of the D90 was exactly the same as the D300s, which makes me think if the same will happen with the D300s replacement.
I am kind of hoping that it'll have slightly better noise control to differentiate it more.
Posted by Cmarshall717 on September 17, 2010
Another thing with this camera that is interesting to me is the horizon line feature. I've never used one with a camera. But I have a friend who had it on an older camera and absolutely loved it. She kept threatening to drop her Nikon and go back to the other one. ;-)
Posted by Chimeandsense on September 17, 2010
I'm a big nikon fan. I was going to upgrade to the D300s, but with these improvement to the D90 Replacement the D7000, I shall wait and see what will happened to the D300s. I can't wait the excitment is to much for me :p
Posted by Gnohz on September 17, 2010
I love the subdued colours from Canon's range of cameras! :)
Posted by Sobek85 on September 17, 2010
im a canon guy :-p. Nice camera though
Posted by Gnohz on September 17, 2010
Thanks for all the comments!

I totally agree with you that it's the photographer and the emotion that creates the image. Sometimes we also have to rely on the technology that the camera offers to achieve something which normal cameras are unable to, for eg D3S for high ISO and D700 for high dynamic range. So I guess both are as important, but maybe the one behind the camera has a slight edge :)
Posted by Cmarshall717 on September 17, 2010
I just read the DP Review. It looks like the price is going to be somewhere around $1199/body only and around $1499 with lens kit. That's not too bad. The review sounded really good. Would love to see some shots from one.
Posted by Xiaofeng123 on September 16, 2010
I want one also.
Posted by Swamin on September 16, 2010
IT is not the camera that makes the image, PHOTOGRAPHER is the one who make the image. YOU could have a use and through one or very very expensive one. D90 is as good as D7000. D7000 is just more!!!!!!
Posted by Thanatonautii on September 16, 2010
I`m not a nikon fan but still I can appreciate a good tool! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Bogdanhoda on September 16, 2010
i just got my D90...6 months ago, and now they are releasing a much better model in that range..i wonder how the price will be..:)
Posted by Egomezta on September 16, 2010
I want one.............
Posted by smartview27 on September 16, 2010
Interesting information!

Comments (16)

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