posted on 15th of january, 2010

Recently the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 opened it doors. Come to the Ruhr area and have a look what has been made from one of the biggest industrial regions in Germany.
There are many things to discover for us photo-afficionados, have a look at these websites:




Allways "good light" from cristalloid

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Posted by Weir2010 on January 16, 2010
Great pic.
Posted by Keki on January 16, 2010
nice!! :) would love to see this one day!
Posted by Almaterra on January 16, 2010
I hope I will come in summer...until than: I will study your websites

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Scans from Dia

posted on 17th of january, 2010

Recently I gave some of my old dias (24x36mm and 6x9cm) to a professional scanning service that has good references. The scans were made with an up-to-date Nikon scanner at 4000 dpi and saved in maximum quality JPG (12).
DT refused most of these scans and told me, that there were distorted pixels. As I looked more closely at the images I found that DT was right and the question emerged what to do against this loss of quality. Do you have some tips for me?

Best regards


PS: I do not own Photoshop, but Photoshop Elements, and I am not an expert in digital image manipulation.

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Posted by smartview27 on January 18, 2010
I have approved photos, but also I had rejected photos with the same reason. So I agree: keep working and uploading, I don't think the scanner is your problem
Posted by Gmargittai on January 17, 2010
Distorted pixels is a code word. It means they hate your picture. It means your picture is not crisp and sharp enough, many possible reasons for this: bad lens, bad lighting, jpeg artifact, maybe camera moved who knows. This is a refusal you can not argue with because nobody knows what it really means. I googled the term and it shows up only at DT. Don't worry about it. Load up better ones.
Posted by Julia161 on January 17, 2010
Hi, you can fix distorted pixels with healing brush instrument. Before this open your image at 100%.

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Automated translation service

posted on 18th of january, 2010

Some days ago I used German keywords to find some interesting images. As I read the image descriptions I found that they made absolutely no sense (my native language is German), on the other hand the English descriptions of the same pictures were fine. Now I wonder if this is likewise in the other languages provided by DT and if the automated translation service is such a good way to get really good translations? What do you think of my idea, that everybody was allowed to keyword in his or her native language (instead of the automated translation service) additional to the obligatory English keywords?

Have a good time!


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Posted by Creativei on January 18, 2010
I agree with Mani
Posted by Mani33 on January 18, 2010
You will never find a perfect translation for all the languages! If the search engine starts allowing foreign languages search most of the photographers who don't speak that language will have less chances to show up!
If someone uses an expression in Chinese & your keywords in English & German didn't match of course, your photos will hardly sell. Hope I made my self clear! Cheers :)
Posted by Rosedarc on January 18, 2010
I confirm that I tried searching my pictures in French and was not successful, although the words I used were quite simple - really easy for a program to translate. Definitely something to chew on, as having a good translation system would mean a lot more additional sales for DT and the contributors.

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posted on 18th of january, 2010

Today we have January 19th in 2010.... what do you expect from this day?

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Posted by Hlehnerer on January 19, 2010
Many sales and all images accepted.
Posted by Titania1980 on January 19, 2010
sales!! Haha
Posted by Robertosch on January 19, 2010
More sales?! Maybe... And a little bit of sun, of course. Here it's snowing a lot.

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posted on 21st of january, 2010

Yeah! 201 images online now, one of my personal milestones. Good luck to all of you!

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Posted by Hlehnerer on January 21, 2010
Congratulations! Good luck to you too!
Posted by Fultonsphoto on January 21, 2010
Nice image, congrats
Posted by Mani33 on January 21, 2010
Congratulations! Good Luck in Sales ;)

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posted on 24th of january, 2010

Today I will enjoy maybe the biggest blockbuster of the year, "Avatar" in my favorite cinema. With my GIRLFRIEND! Yeah! I think we will have much fun. Finally, my hope is, that my images sell as well as the tickets for "Avatar" *smile*

Tags: avatar movie
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Posted by Hlehnerer on January 25, 2010
I watched in 3D last December. Wow the graphic and animation is absolutely awesome. Can't get any better. When looking at the loading islands, you have to keep telling yourself that it is not real. Would love to see an before and after shot to see what is real and what is not.
Posted by smartview27 on January 25, 2010
I saw the movie on january 2nd, 2010 ...
Posted by Creativei on January 25, 2010
I watched it in normal theater, well I liked the special effects, but story line is weak. Good luck

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posted on 26th of january, 2010

Hi everyone... I just came back from a great evening spending my time with friends climbing in an indoor climbing hall... it was fantastic :-)

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Posted by Joe1971 on January 27, 2010
I like this photo,It's very beautiful.
Posted by Frantab01 on January 27, 2010
i love climbing - hope you had a great time :)
Posted by Elimitchell on January 26, 2010
I envy you!!! What a cool photo. That's one of the places I want to go most.

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Winter is coming

posted on 27th of january, 2010

In the next few days winter is coming back to Europe; the weather forecast says that it will be snowing especially in Germany and Switzerland. I hope that it will make up for many good shots :-)

Tags: snow winter
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Posted by Creativei on January 29, 2010
Wow i love that minus Celsius. Well we are not so luck in Dubai, here its winter now and the temp is around 18 to 20
Posted by Marpit on January 28, 2010
In Rome (Italy): +3° degrees C and sunny.
Posted by smartview27 on January 28, 2010
In Romania, Iasi: -28 degrees C, today is better...

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posted on 29th of january, 2010

My girlfriend just asked me if I would like to take some photos of her hands... now I am brainstorming about the gestures and the light set-up... if I come to make some good shots maybe I will load them up to DT :-)

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posted on 31st of january, 2010

As you all know, keywording takes much time. Is there anybody who knows if there is an software that does this time consuming item automatically? Or a software that can generate and save complete sets of keywords for re-use?

Best regards

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Posted by Cristalloid on February 02, 2010
Thank you very much for all this interesting tips, I think I will check out these web-sites in the next time and apply the suggestion of only taking 10 or 15 keywords :)
Posted by Elimitchell on February 02, 2010
To minimize the unnecessary time spent on keywords, I just apply 10-15 keywords per image. If the image is refused, then great!- I didn't waste time applying a bunch of keywords to the image, which was refused anyway. If the image is accepted, then I re-apply a more detailed collection of keywords. If this is still too time consuming, you might consider the keymasters program.
Posted by Hlehnerer on February 01, 2010
I use these sites to generate the keywords:

And I use Cushy Stock to edit my IPTC data. It also allows you to copy and paste the meta data from one file to another, and more ...

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