Butterflies Coloring the World

posted on 16th of may, 2015


Sun shines high, temperature rises fast,
it's already pretty green on the otherside of the glass.
But wearing shorts and summer dresses
in many countries you still cant't.
Still be happy as soon you can!
Dress up for a walk outdoors, in a park or countryside.
Hear and listen the happiness of singing birds,
notice butterflies coloring the world.
Enjoy the moment. Memorize it. Capture it. And share with us.
Create a gallery of colorful butterflies, it would be nice.

Lets share and discover great faces of butterflies around the world. Please feel free to share your butterfly pictures in this thread (minor rules apply, please note the...

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Posted by Baldas1950 on May 19, 2015
Wonderful pictures and nice collections Good luck for your sales!
Posted by Mariayunira on May 19, 2015
Lovely captures...Wish you best luck on sales..!
Posted by Wxh6763 on May 16, 2015
That's very good! I like the butterflies around my world and if that I can shooting more.

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Macro world in your own garden

posted on 21st of june, 2012

Weekends at cottage offers a good change for taking photographs of nature and this spring I took a bit closer look in what is going on in my garden.

I have one extreme macro lens which, due to its limitations, most of the time of a year collects dust in a drawer. The lens is capable of taking pictures of small objects/models that are only up to 15cm away (approximately) from the lens front element. The lens is Canon's MP-E65 which is capable of magnifications of up to 5:1x. So, as I've spent a lot of money for the lens and macro flash, I decided to use it for the purpose it was acquired for.

A close look at the uncut grass and... there it is, the macro world. A bit higher, on the bush leaves you may find beautiful colorful and hairy pests / caterpillars....

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Posted by Risto40 on July 04, 2012
I use canon mt-24ex with the mp-e65 lens and 580exii with 100mm lens.
Recently I started to use both flashes together with the mp-e65 lens - the 580exii is in the slave mode and flashes background in order to get rid of black backgrounds, so the pictures would look more natural. There's no pictures taken with 2 flashes together in this blog but here 2 examples:

   Caterpillar on a green leaf       Black tick on a straw   

As you see, no more black backgrounds.
Posted by Tonnywu76 on July 04, 2012
Great Macro.
share some of my Macro shot. Not taken in my garden though.
Wandering the type of Macro Flash that you use.
A Robber Fly, taken with Nikkor 105mm f/2.8.
Posted by Mark6138 on June 24, 2012
Excellent macro images!

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My first focus stacked image

posted on 6th of march, 2012

Sometimes, especially in macro world, we want to take a picture of something so that the background is soft or blurry but the main subject is completely in focus. Then we use wide apertures to get that effect. But with wide aperture, the depth of field becomes very shallow and not all the main subject may remain in focus. I've read many articles from the internet and found a solution - Focus Stacking.

Focus stacking means that we take multiple shots of the subject so that the focus point on each pictures is at different locations (by moving lens and camera forward and backwards or playing with focus ring on lens). And because all pictures must be as identical as possible to get perfect result, it is highly recommended to use tripod (when playing with focus ring on lens) and a...

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Comments (15)

Posted by TMarchev on March 07, 2012
Posted by Giannit on March 07, 2012
great tecnique!
Posted by Baldas1950 on March 07, 2012
Very interesting tecnique! Thanks for sharing.

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Taking pictures in harsh cold

posted on 25th of february, 2012

I was recently taking pictures outside in a temperature about -30C. I noticed that at such temperature, when you repeatedly take off your lens cap or changing filters without gloves or thin cloves that are warm due to your own body temperature, then it may happen that your filter glass or the front element of the lens (if not using filters) freeze up due to humid and warmth coming from the thin gloves or bare hand. When the the front glass or filter is frosty, then it is highly suggested not to scratch off the ice. You may end up ruining your lens of filter. I used filters (sometimes UV, sometimes CP). Both my filters got frozen because when I took off the lens cap and my palm was too close to the filter. I changed the filter then to CP but same thing again, humid...

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Posted by Asakalaskas on March 20, 2012
Living in Fairbanks Alaska I run into the same problems, and yes we could stay inside, but since it's like this 9 months out of the year, either you figure out a way to deal, or put your camera away for 75% of the year. Since I lean towards outdoor photography that isn't an option. Nice winter shots, I personally love them.
Posted by Androniques on March 16, 2012
Quite interesting, not sure about usefulness in my case, but nice to know... :)
Posted by Risto40 on March 14, 2012
If i'd be near the sea and its -40C outside, I would definitely stay inside as well. But far from the sea, -40C feels much warmer than near sea because of dry air. But of course, full day outside at -40C could be too long/much. But a full day outside at -30C (at dry air and almost no wind), it's totally OK. I was surprised too that I did not feel cold. I didn't actually feel cold at -40C either, but again, I was outside only for an hour. But the strong wind was extremely annoying. The wind blew directly from the direction of sunset so I managed to take only few pictures before the filter got frosty.

To Calyx22: I think warm summer pictures sell much better than cold winter pictures. Most people still like to travel to south and therefore nice warm sunny pictures are more needed for advertising :s Next trip will definitely be to a some place warm :p

low temperatures in mind.. i posted a bit funny blog article here - when temperature drops... [link=https://blog.dreamstime.com/2012/01/27/when-the-temperature-drops_art37013]...(More)

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When the temperature drops...

posted on 27th of january, 2012

Today I found an amusing "article" of the meaning of cold for different nationalities and things.

First of all, as there is very large nationality here in DT, take the following as a joke. I don't want to offence anyone.

The meaning of cold

+20 Greeks put on sweaters.
+15 Hawaiian switch the heating on (if they have it).
+10 Americans are shaking. The Russians are planting cucumbers.
0 American’s water freezes. In Russia, the water thickens.
-5 French cars will not start.
-10 Estonian’s are planning a vacation to Sharm el-Sheik.
-15 Cat climbs into bed. Norwegians put on sweaters.
-17 New York landlords turn the heat up. The Russians last picnic.
-20 American cars don’t start. In Alaska, people...

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Posted by Risto40 on January 30, 2012
If you love to take pictures of nature, put on warm clothes and go out at sunrise, near the sea. If you're lucky, you'll see steaming sea under the pink sky (if the sun comes up right behind you). It's just amazing what the nature can show at extreme weather conditions. I've captured that moment twice - once last year at -25C, if i remember correctly and at -15 last Saturday. It should become -30C at weekend... can't wait :D
Posted by Themalni on January 30, 2012
Great sence of humor in this article! It really entertained me :) In my part of the World it's -14 now and I don't fancy to go outside at all :D
Posted by Risto40 on January 30, 2012
I only wish those nice photos sell too. Some of them will be deleted soon due to 4 years online with no sales.
But I'm glad you liked this amusing text and pictures. Thanks for the feedback!

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

posted on 24th of december, 2011

Finally its Christmas! However, 2011 Christmas isn't that nice as it was a year ago. This year, not a single spot of snow outside, only raining. Last year we were sinking into snow, and I liked it. If I'd only be a rich and the temperature outside were below 0C, I'd fill the streets with snow cannons to have white Christmas :p

And if at your place the weather is difficult, don't forget to help smaller ones.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone! Let's hope the Santa comes with a lot of presents and forget to take the rod with him :)

Ho-Ho-Ho! Happy holidays!

Comments (15)

Posted by Lenutaidi on December 27, 2011
Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on December 27, 2011
Happy New Year!
Posted by Landd09 on December 27, 2011
Thank you, and merry Christmas and happy New Year !!!

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Flashlight did the job

posted on 29th of october, 2011

It's just amazing what a single small pocket flashlight can do with images, instead of using onboard flash. One evening I was taking pictures in a dark room. My "model" was a small alcohol glass. When I shoot on tripod, I always use manual focus in liveview mode active. This time the room was so dark that I couldn't see anything on the screen in liveview mode. Despite using autofocus and onboard flash for helping camera to focus, I took out a small flashlight (not a led one. Regula with yellowish tone) and pointed the light from the top to the subject. And when I saw the result in liveview, I decided just to stay on that lightening. The result came out totally different of that what had came out using onboard flash (i don't have wireless flash set up, however, i have one external...

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Comments (6)

Posted by smartview27 on November 02, 2011
I will !
Posted by Thanatonautii on November 01, 2011
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them!
Posted by Yellowriver on November 01, 2011
yes! we need to try somthing new based on other's experience. thanks for sharing.

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First hand-drawn illustrations

posted on 23rd of october, 2011

Hi all,

Few months ago I bought an Intuos 4 M tablet. But as I haven't have much leisure time (everyday work + need to make jpg's from RAW's which queue was very, very long), it sat all the time in a drawer. Last week I finally decided to take it out thinking, if I already bought it, then I must use it too. So, I connected the device, took the pen, watching out of window and thinking "Now what?" First I took a photo I captured in the summer, a closeup of a grasshopper. To get a feeling of a pen, I just traced the contours of the insect. Came out like a child drawing :) suitable for children color book (unfortunately I cannot show it as DT didn't find it good enough. It could be true because if you do something first time, it's pretty sure you find it good, due to emotions)....

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Comments (7)

Posted by Thanatonautii on October 24, 2011
Great drawing for a first! Good luck with the next ones!
Posted by Egonzitter on October 24, 2011
nice job !! The rat seems to be in scary Halloween mood !!
Posted by Joezachs on October 24, 2011
Not bad for a start :-)

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Beautiful to watch, too poisonous to eat

posted on 23rd of september, 2011

Did you know summer end today? That's right, it's autumn now. But guess what, autumn is a mushroom season in many areas. I don't eat mushrooms, but I can help others to pick them and of course these are great object to photograph too.
So, I'd like to show you some of what I've captured during previous mushroom seasons. Firstly, here are some of my favourite mushrooms - fly-agarics of course. These are so beautiful and colorful mushrooms.

Next, i've found one pretty interesting, but again non-eatable mushroom again, it's called Shaggy Ink Cap. And as you see black ink is really dropping off the cap.

And then, not so interesting...

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Comments (19)

Posted by Scottysally2 on September 28, 2011
Beautiful pics. Hope you have many sales. :)
Posted by Yuritz on September 26, 2011
Nice pics and good luck with the sales!
Posted by Hunor83 on September 25, 2011
Great photos!!!

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Heavy rain makes wonderful things

posted on 13th of september, 2011

Rainy days in a row are sometimes really depressive. Everything is gray and wet. However, once the rain stops, nature may show us wonderful things. That's how it is in the country I live. There is a magic well that revives during high water (snow melting) season or sometimes after several very rainy days. We call it "Nõiakaev" or a "manhole of a witch" in English.

As you know, people make manholes to get the water out from the ground with a pail. Our manhole makes it really easy as the water comes to you. Seriously! You don't have to let down the pail to fill it with fresh water an then pull it back up once it's full. You just have to place the pail on the ground and water flows in :) easy!

Usually the magic happens every spring when the snow is melting....

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Comments (10)

Posted by Inyrdreams on March 07, 2012
i really like the thatched roof photo!
Posted by Yellowriver on September 14, 2011
Wonderful pictures!
Posted by Nero67 on September 14, 2011
Very nice!!!

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