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posted on 29th of november, 2010

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Now that the euphoria around the 10M milestone has settled a bit, we want to bring you another little contest... just to keep you occupied ;)

This one puts your creative photographer as well as photoshopper skills to the test. You have to find suitable components from your own work, means to combine them professionally and in an attractive way. To make things more interesting, you have several practical limitations...

So, to the point - this contest is about skinning your fox... ...no, I mean decorating your web browser with an original persona.

* User must register a Persona Account at Mozilla »
NB! The account username should be the same as here on DT or as close as possible (some usernames might be taken there) - so we can visually link you to the account there.
* Read a brief intro and tutorial of how to get started.
* The finished design must be accepted to the Persona gallery at Mozilla, Review process there takes a day or two.
* This contest will run until Dec 31, 2010. Designs will be evaluated on Jan 2, 2011.

* The design must include "www.dreamstime.com" somewhere (mind that it would not be left behind buttons and other elements once employed in FireFox). You can get a Photoshop mask template from here »
* The title must contain the word "Dreamstime", description "Part of a Persona competition on Dreamstime.com".
* Judges will perform a search in the Persona gallery by the term "Dreamstime" on January 2, 2011. Evaluation will take place among the results that pop up, so make sure your design is found (if you make up the title and description in the above mentioned way, there should be no problem).
* Components for the work must be your own creation, naturally. You should be able to present the sources files if so required (in any case).
* If you need the DT logo to include in your design, please email support and it will be sent to you in PDF format.

EVERY contributor who has an active account here and whose work is found in Mozilla repository (ie. accepted design) will get to CHOOSE ONE item from the Dreamstime store and it will be shipped to their address for free.

An accepted design with the HIGHEST NUMBER of active users by the deadline on January 2, 2011 (on this page) will receive $100 to their earnings balance AND an announcement on DT front page in addition the the free merchandize for participation. So you would want all your friends to get Firefox and wear your design to get the most active users.

This is currently limited to Firefox only, since it is the easiest to modify. Chrome and Safari are also template based, but those templates are quite a chore to modify. Maybe in the future, we will make a similar contest for other browsers.

Comments (30)

Posted by Demonike on January 03, 2011
The results are posted here »
Posted by Timbrk on January 03, 2011
Well, today is January 3, 2011. When I can CHOOSE ONE item from the Dreamstime store? :-)
And who the winner?
Posted by Demonike on December 22, 2010
A few things I already notice with the designs - www.dreamstime.com must be in a visible spot in BOTH versions of FF - Mac and Win (90% it means 8px Pixel font at the top, like in the reference design). Keep in mind, that for people to be able to use your designs, they should be rather subtle than "groovy". The various toolbars with their contents must be readable and not strain the eyes. Hence the text and accent colors must be well picked.
Gifts will be given in January after the contest has ended - the logistics would be easier then as well ;)
You can still jump in, 10 days to go!
Posted by Dmccale on December 22, 2010
I am trying to be patient.LOL.I have had mine approved for over a week and I know for a fact I have several active users.But it still says 0.Thanks for this contest.Do we get notified about our free gift?Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and many sales
Thanks Kutt
Posted by Timbrk on December 21, 2010
wow, let's try - FLARES
Posted by Wildmac on December 18, 2010
One thing I've noticed while trying this out, make sure the color you pick for the writing contrasts with your image when it asks you to pick a color. So if your image is dark pick a light color for the writing and vice-versa. Otherwise you can't read your bookmarks very easily.
Posted by Dmccale on December 18, 2010
patient whats that?? LOL Thanks Thanatonautii
Posted by Thanatonautii on December 18, 2010
I think it takes some time to update! I have read some blogs about mozilla personas and they all say the same ! So be patient :)
Posted by Onime on December 18, 2010
Interesting blog. Thanks
Posted by Dmccale on December 18, 2010
Way to go Carol.I like yours.I have had several people use mine,but it still says 0 active users.Anyone know why?Good luck to all
Posted by Wildmac on December 17, 2010
Sounds like fun! :))
Posted by Dmccale on December 16, 2010
OK I did it.......... That was fun.Come on everyone
Posted by Dmccale on December 14, 2010
I got one accepted but you can not see the www.dreamstime...I will try again
Thanks Debbie
Posted by smartview27 on December 13, 2010
Good luck!
Posted by Mani33 on December 13, 2010
Great contest DT! But I'm not sure I will be in! :)
Posted by Dmccale on December 12, 2010
thank you Kutt.
Posted by Demonike on December 12, 2010
Yes, you are even OBLIGED to use your own images. They do not HAVE to be from your DT portfolio, but it would be nice.
PS. Keep in mind that the more designs you submit, the more you dilute the users across the separate designs. For example if submit 3 designs, the folks that would choose your design to wear, now have to choose between 3 :)
Posted by Dmccale on December 12, 2010
I have a question .Can we use one of our photos here on DT.This looks like fun.If I can understand how to do it.LOL Thanks
I am having a hard time making my image 3000x200.Any help please
Posted by Onime on December 11, 2010
great blog, thanks!
Posted by Thanatonautii on December 11, 2010
Thank you! I got it! I have sent one design already, I hope it gets accepted and that the people will like it!
When I try it on my computer to see how it looks , I was like a child that was starring for the first time at the stars :P
This is fun!
Thanks again!
Posted by Demonike on December 11, 2010
The web address is the only thing linking the design to Dreamstime, so it should be visible, although it might be quite small, as in my design. There are not many places you can place it for it to be visible in all versions of Firefox (reference to the photoshop template).
Posted by Thanatonautii on December 11, 2010
Is it necessary to have the " www.dreamstime.com" in this way? I mean can we make like a cartoon from it , or it has to be kept in this classical way ?
Posted by Demonike on December 09, 2010
That is why we specifically asked to create usernames identical to the ones used here - how can we determine now, which account there corresponds to an account on Dreamstime? There is no profile on Mozilla, no way of knowing who is behind the username. Please change the username in Persona profile, the system should let you do that.
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on December 09, 2010
I have already been submitting there under different name. Will submit some designs with DT logo though. I don't ever mind promoting DT ! :)
Posted by Demonike on December 08, 2010
Good point Nikhil. You can submit as many as you wish, but be reasonable and put some thought and effort in them. Merchandise is offered ONE ITEM per user though.
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on December 08, 2010
Will we get on item from the store for each design selected? is there a limitation to the submissions that are selected?
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on December 08, 2010
Interesting...I will think about.
Posted by Dabobabo on December 07, 2010
greatideas..I'm going to start :D thanks
Posted by Alexhor on December 07, 2010
I like this :)
Posted by Sobek85 on December 07, 2010
NIce pictures

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