Getting it straight, square and true ... some thoughts

posted on 3rd of november, 2010

I enjoy taking architecture shots while I travel and around my home town. I prefer shooting more recognisable/iconic buildings than generic however enjoy whatever is available and interesting at the time.

One aspect I have struggled with, however am improving, is getting lines square, not including lens distortion or the angle between the film plane and subject, just plain horizon parallel to frame edge and getting verticals to vertical. Not that I always want square and straight.

I have guidelines available on the display of my camera LCD when using liveview, which help greatly and whenever possible I use a tripod, which has a trusty bubble on the head. However, I still often rely on a few other techniques that I thought I should share:...

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Posted by Keki on November 05, 2010
lovely work! :)
Posted by Iwhitwo on November 04, 2010
Very nice architectural images!
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on November 04, 2010
Great advices and lovely pictures!

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Images of water ...

posted on 12th of november, 2010

I've always loved watching flowing water, reflections in water, dripping water, waves, waves breaking, looking through ice, ...

I recently visited these amazing falls in Brazil. 168m tall and when you walk beneath them fast rushing vapour almost pushes you over.

A few years ago I did some experimenting flashing light though water streams with coloured paper and card behind and got some cool effects. One of the images was even used by a friend for an album cover that he paid good money for :-) Still lots to experiment with here - not sellers for me on DT but colourful and fun.

© Bevanward (Help)

I love any type of reflection, especially abstract, over a water body. This is one from the Parliament...

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Posted by Shopartgallerycom on November 15, 2010
Fabulous images! My favourite is the last one!
Posted by Iwhitwo on November 13, 2010
Excellent images, good job!
Posted by Bevanward on November 13, 2010
There is nothing like your works of art george - ;-)

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Exposure strategry ... some thoughts (qualitty versus artistic)

posted on 23rd of november, 2010

I too often stuff up photo opportunities by not being prepared in the excitement of a chance to photograph something new, exciting or shiny!
If you are quality obsessed then you will likely try and have the lowest ISO, and struggle to accept a hopelessly shallow aperture and an exposure that will be hard to hand hold. Then you iterate through compromising on faster ISO while you watch/realise how your overall quality will plummet. It is comforting that noise artefacts are not as terminal from modern sensor and tools exists to clean images up. However at long last I am learning to be realistic and as a result do not have to delete as many shots. The basic rules that I am trying to follow is:

For "quality":
•Aperture of the lens sweet spot (check [link=http://www.slrgear.com/reviews/index.php ]...

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Posted by Defess on January 13, 2011
Thank you for your excellent article!
Posted by FabioConcetta on December 08, 2010
Interesting blog!
Posted by Mpalis on November 25, 2010
Nice article

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