Houses falling over

posted on 14th of november, 2010

© Unctrl (Help) The title of this blog could collectively describe the majority of architectural photographic experiments that we receive every day. And the problem can be clearly understood by any of us, who has ever tried to get a building into the frame. The bigger the building - the bigger the problem.

And this is exactly the core of ill-looking architectural shots - we, and our cameras are so small compared to what we want to photograph. We have to step back quite a bit to get all into the frame we want, but this makes the building small in the frame. This physical exercise is welcome in the open air when taking pictures of a farm house or castle on a hill, but is somewhat impossible to achieve in tightly paced cities...

So what do we do? We get a wider angle lens,...

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Posted by FabioConcetta on December 05, 2010
Interesting blog,nice portfolio,congratulations!
Posted by Demonike on December 02, 2010
One thing I wanted to cover in the blog, but forgot... renovation and scaffolding. And this is quite important, actually, since we get a lot of buildings covered in plastic sheets or ugly metal carcasses.
then do not shoot and upload images of buildings being under scaffoldings, however famous they might be. Because this is only temporary, and will be taken down soon to reveal new colors or altered features perhaps. Those images are not usable ANYWHERE except construction and renovation-related publications -- so a very narrow market. I understand that a single church renovation can ruin the whole panorama of the city and I understand how frustrated you must feel, since you'll be leaving soon and might never have a chance to come back... But keep those photos to your travel album - do not upload them for stock.

Cheers, and thanks for the feedback!
Posted by Sepavo on December 01, 2010
Very nice discussion. Distortion is the bane of my photography!

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Designer contest!

posted on 29th of november, 2010

Now that the euphoria around the 10M milestone has settled a bit, we want to bring you another little contest... just to keep you occupied ;)

This one puts your creative photographer as well as photoshopper skills to the test. You have to find suitable components from your own work, means to combine them professionally and in an attractive way. To make things more interesting, you have several practical limitations...

So, to the point - this contest is about skinning your fox... ...no, I mean decorating your web browser with an original persona.

* User must register a Persona Account at Mozilla »
NB! The account username should be the same as here on DT or as close as...

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Posted by Demonike on January 03, 2011
The results are posted here »
Posted by Timbrk on January 03, 2011
Well, today is January 3, 2011. When I can CHOOSE ONE item from the Dreamstime store? :-)
And who the winner?
Posted by Demonike on December 22, 2010
A few things I already notice with the designs - www.dreamstime.com must be in a visible spot in BOTH versions of FF - Mac and Win (90% it means 8px Pixel font at the top, like in the reference design). Keep in mind, that for people to be able to use your designs, they should be rather subtle than "groovy". The various toolbars with their contents must be readable and not strain the eyes. Hence the text and accent colors must be well picked.
Gifts will be given in January after the contest has ended - the logistics would be easier then as well ;)
You can still jump in, 10 days to go!

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