Top 10 Posts from Yuri Arcurs I'd Like to See

posted on 20th of december, 2010

For those who know anything about the business of online stock, they will agree that the world's greatest stocker is Yuri Arcurs. . I would suggest visiting his web site too, lots of good information there.

Still, I got to thinking. As far as I can tell, Yuri doesn't post in the message boards, at least not on DT. If he were to post, what would he say? I decided to come up with a fun, tongue-in-cheek list of topics Yuri might post if he ever did... so here we go...

Top 10 Posts from Yuri Arcurs I Would Like to See:

(10) It's been over 10 minutes since I had a sale; is something wrong?
(9) My career is ruined: Acceptance Ratio has dropped under 99.9%
(8) Buyers, please DON'T tell me where my images are used, I don't have time to read all the messages
(7) My 10,000th Level 2!
(6) My first P-EL sale of the day!
(5) I'm destroying the rain forest with model release forms
(4) I crash the FTP system every time I upload more than 1000 images
(3) What's with this new tax system? It says I owe more than the entire budget of Romania
(2) My secret to success in the stock world: Caffeine


(1) The payment field doesn't isn't big enough for all the zeroes

Comments (48)

Posted by Place4design on August 29, 2011
Very funny :)
Posted by Thomasd1962 on August 17, 2011
I'm a brand new user of Dreamstime, just bought 4 images - 2 were Yuri's. Love his stuff already! Soon there will be tourists in my pretty rural Australian town getting inspired by our new wellbeing brochure...with Yuri's beautiful work on the cover. :-)
Posted by Hunor83 on August 11, 2011
very funny! :-)
Posted by Yuri_arcurs on June 10, 2011
Posted by Nazar1980 on April 21, 2011
Great sense of humor!
Posted by Nasir1164 on March 17, 2011
LOL. Very funny. Thanks for making us smile.
Posted by Onlinenewshop on January 18, 2011
Very funny post, all the best in a new year, hope a power balance for the world.
Posted by Theblackrhino on January 16, 2011
I'm not so quick to believe he is making big profits—or little profits. He puts alot of money into the shoots and the market is getting thick with content.
Posted by Melonstone on January 14, 2011
Bless him! He's so busy...and successful...and popular....and rich...and the list is endless. That being said, I did send him a comment re a misspelt word in a title and got a "Thanks" by return. No doubt someone who works for him, not the great man himself, but I was surprised nonetheless.
Posted by Kelvintt on January 14, 2011
This is funny!! LOL
Posted by Noonie on January 13, 2011
I have some of those same issues!! :))) Oh wait, maybe that was a dream......................sigh..........
Posted by lzf on January 08, 2011
wow..this really inspired newbies...
Posted by Lindamstyle on January 06, 2011
:D Someone should invite Yuri to comment this post.
Posted by MorganOliver on January 06, 2011
Love it! Hahahaha.....
Posted by Fotosonar on January 06, 2011
Posted by Cristalloid on January 05, 2011
@Mani33: he is a milestone himself...
Posted by Grafvision on January 05, 2011
Funny! ..........
Posted by Keki on January 03, 2011
hahaahaha good one :)
Posted by Anhong on December 31, 2010
:) very funny! Oh
Posted by Ninuscha on December 29, 2010
Posted by Themalni on December 28, 2010
A very cheerily blog! Thanks, I totally enjoyed it! =D
Posted by Miele on December 28, 2010
:-))) Very Funny!
Posted by Georgeskyrillos on December 28, 2010
This is hilarious!
Posted by Mariaam on December 28, 2010
That is so funny :D LOL!!!
Posted by Plaincrazy on December 28, 2010
some day! i am going to be able to post like that!
but not today
Posted by Jdanne on December 22, 2010
I like your sense of humor!
Posted by Gheburaseye on December 21, 2010
Very funny post! I add to your list "alexa rank of my site has dropped to 10,000,000: nobody loves me!" :-)))
Posted by Calyx22 on December 21, 2010
Wisconsin your blogs just kill me. You and I must have a very similar sense of humor, LOL.
Posted by Calyx22 on December 21, 2010
Wisconsin your blogs just kill me. You and I must have a very similar sense of humor, LOL.
Posted by smartview27 on December 21, 2010

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Comments (48)

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