Building the World's Libraries...help and feedback! (please)

posted on 10th of december, 2010

I have always wondered how i can make a diffrence in thsi world, after all the Ghandi quote "be the change you wish to see in the world" rings in my ears every morning when I wake up.
There is always the small things, like smiling, or saying hello to someone, helping a friend or giving someone a hug. These are things we can do on an every day basis.
For me though, for the last few years of my 20's I want to do something more. I am currently in Ecuador looking at what I can do to "be the change" I have done a lot of travel, but in most of my years around the world I have rarley seen a library for children. I'm not talking about the urban areas, but more in areas that are less populated or have less resources.
As a teacher, I believe every child deserves books. They give knowledge,...

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Posted by Anhong on December 13, 2010
Very good idea. I hope you can be successful.
Posted by Elianehaykal on December 11, 2010
I hope your project becomes a success :)
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on December 11, 2010
Yes, there are some computers being brought over to Africa with the one child one laptop program, but with that program there are tons of problems. I have heard very little about this porgram in the last year as well.
What about schools that have no access to internet connectyions because trust me there are a lot of places in this world not open to wifi still...These kids don't need laptops, no child does. I mean we survived without them....
Books last longer in most cases and can tolerate being dropped.
We have to look at also the environmental cost of producing these laptops and what happens after they die....the environmental consequences are quite great.
Can these children bring their laptops home at night to read by candlelight or do they leave them at school? Books they can borrow and return, and so on. If you make a list of books versus computers for developing countires you might be surpised to see what wins over.

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Thanks to all in 2010!

posted on 15th of december, 2010

Thank you to everyone who read my blogs and brought my photos this year! It means a lot to me! I had set a goal for selling 150 by the end of 2010 and was very surprised and pleased to have surpassed that!
Although my goal of having 200 photos up by the end of the year won't happen (I am traveling through South America and have been having trouble editing) I'm not too worried. Life on the road is always interesting and of course a huge
eye opener.
My goal by the end 2011 is to have 300 photos up and 300 sales (total).
We will see...it doesn't hurt to try at least!
Have a very Merry Christmas, A happy Holiday season and a wonderful 2011!

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Posted by Kumabear on December 18, 2010
merry christmas and Happy new year, good luck with you future goals too!
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on December 18, 2010
Thanks everyone! Good Luck to you as well! Happy photo taking!
xoxo Ang
Posted by SakisPagonas on December 16, 2010
Merry Christmas and good luck in 2011!!

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Rethink, Revamp, Revise, Redo....Learning How to Create.

posted on 29th of december, 2010

Day four in a hospital in Bolivia and I've had a lot of time to think about stuff. Bedrest is never fun, but after a month of travel, I got hit hard with something on Christmas day. Such is life, and as usual life is an adventure which has it's good days and it's bad.
I still think it's pretty good, I was lucky I was in a big city with access to proper health care. Back at home I would take this for granted, but on the road I have been visitng many towns where the clinics have very little to offer in case of emergency. I am on the mend, but sad about only being able to see the rooftops!

I have so much to be thankful for and sometimes travel is a great way of remembering. It's also made me want to rethink about how I could make a difference in this world....

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Posted by Ralukatudor on January 04, 2011
It's very interesting how we stop and think about the others sometimes. thank you for your post, wish you a quick recovery.
Posted by Anhong on December 31, 2010
Soon! Good luck!
Posted by Anhong on December 31, 2010
Soon! Good luck!

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