One subject and millions of options to shoot.

posted on 2nd of february, 2010

I have heard many of my friends saying, there is no more subject to shoot, but I don't think its not true. With one single subject you can create millions of images. And I think all the million images will be different from each other.

I have started to explore this option, my favorite subject is the Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi.

Whenever I visit that place around 160 kilometer from my place, it brings lots of peace. I go to that mosque, see people from around the world, from different community and different religion. When you interact with people from other religion it makes me feel proud, at least there are many who don't think that place of worship is terrorism. Well its not an religious blog or anything against anybody. Just wanted to highlight that this mosque is must visit place when you guys...

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Posted by Yuritz on February 06, 2010
yeah,you're right and you don't even need to make long trip to find out something to shoot,there are lots of worth things all around and close to where you live
all great pictures!
Posted by Maigi on February 05, 2010
Good work, Altaf! Great use of light! What you talked about million moods is so right. Especially when we talk about nature or architectural forms. Good article!
Posted by Emmacharles on February 04, 2010
Great advice. Thanks !

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Its not the expensive camera nor software, its idea which sells.

posted on 5th of february, 2010

Well the latest blog from Serban Enache Refferal Program, motivated me to write this blog. You all read the blogs, but have you noticed an image in that blog. I saw the image and saw its in level 5, was surprised, then browsed the portfolio, of Icefields was more surprised, this simple concept had loads of sales.

Now if you look at these images, do you think the photographer used expensive camera, or any Adobe products. Well I checked he did use the camera, but this could have done even by scanning.

969 images and 8448 downloads, and top sellers are this photographers concept. Now someone commented on Ioana Grecu's blog that it was bad idea, look...

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Tags: idea sells
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Posted by Aginger on February 23, 2010
Hahh....why not MY idea...???!!!
Posted by Porjii on February 09, 2010
Wow, so it really is concept, concept, concept. Thanks for the info ;)
Posted by Fultonsphoto on February 07, 2010
Hi Altaf, I agree with you a great concept can sell great without great equipment as long as the image conforms to the basic rules as Icefields mentions, that is getting the whites perfect, this was done by using some knowledge of good photo techniques (over exposure) and basic editing knowledge. These images would not have looked that much better using a top of the range camera, however I agree with Starblue and Maigi in some cases a good camera helps in other subject with more detail in the image.

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Some more of Dubai.

posted on 16th of february, 2010

Well I was been little busy sue to some of my projects, during one of the visit to clients place I clicked some images, but didn't get time for post production.

Just edited few and here they are, one more self promotion.

This image was shot for the new website which is going to be launched very soon, used this for flier and brochure.

As I described in my previous blog, one subject and million options, here are two more options, of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, many more to come.

Another giant tower near burj dubai, this is another tower which I see everyday when I get out of my house.

Dubai metro, station, one of the longest unmanned metro in the world. (yeah Dubai has lots of records...

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Tags: dubai show
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Posted by Moonb007 on February 24, 2010
So did you have to leave Dubai to get the Burj Khalefa tower to fit in the screen...nice shots.
Posted by Aginger on February 23, 2010
Exactly breathtaking..!
(Metro station is the best for me ;))
Posted by Acedubai on February 20, 2010
Great Stuff Altaf, we still have to catch up!!!

When ??????

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Fastest Review Ever in DT

posted on 22nd of february, 2010

Well today I experienced lighting fast review by DT, may be in just one hour my images were reviewed and approved. I uploaded them via FTP has there was issues uploading the regular way. I was about to write to support for priority review, but it got reviewed even before that.

So here are the images which got the fastest review for me in the history of two years in DT. More editorial images to come, watch out this space.

This is Mohammed Bin Sulayem, About Mr. Sulayem

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Posted by Thanseerbk on February 24, 2010
Hey Althaf, Congratz man.
Posted by Tan510jomast on February 24, 2010
Ratmandude , to answer your question about time.
as far as i know, if your editorials are time sensitive , you can always PM the editor to let them know. this usually will get your images reviewed very quickly... depending on how timely and sellable they are, of course.
Posted by Tan510jomast on February 24, 2010
yes, that's the one thing I like about editiorials , and that is you get your work reviewed really quickly.
I am sure, as usual, your editorial images will do well, my friend.

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Beauty of taking pictures of beautiful girls

posted on 26th of february, 2010

2 days back I was fortunate to meet one of the upcoming Indian Actress during a press conference. Also I met the full team of latest Hindi Movie Crew, yet to upload those images.

In the press con, I was just concentrating on this beautiful actress, as my best friends son is a great fan of this actress, can you image my best friends son is just 13 yrs old and he loves this actress Deepika.

I experienced it was so easy to shoot these actress, as they are well experienced, and might have done thousands of photo-session. I noticed in the 30 minute press con this actress might have given more than 1000 different expressions, that's every 1.5 sec she had different facial expression. This made the job of photographer so easy, I have clicked around 150 images for just this actress. Here are few I uploaded....

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Posted by Ratmandude on March 04, 2010
Indeed it is always great to work with an experienced pro as that does make for better images in the end. But as you say the only negative [especially now days with digital] is that we tend to have a heavy finger on the shutter release … an then spend far more time sifting & sorting the results.
I find that the easiest way is to do the sorting over a 3 day period …
Marking the 1st, 2nd & third days best choices & then deleting the balance …
Do you use Lightroom / or Bridge — if not check them out, as they do make the job of sorting quite a lot easier.

Great pics — keep up the good fresh images …
Posted by Gilmourbto2001 on March 04, 2010
Yep, she is a looker for sure.
Posted by Kaththea on March 04, 2010
She's so beautiful!)

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