South-east Asia

posted on 5th of february, 2010

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to have a longer trip to south-east Asia for holidays, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. Besides the main attractions I would like to have a view to other than these well known places. Therefore I would like to ask all of you for suggestions and explanations why your suggestion is worth to have a look at. Thanks a lot!

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Posted by Ferdericb on February 22, 2010
Hi! i have been several times in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and singapore. If you go in north Vietnam i can recommand you a very good guide to make a little treck away from the tourists. and well this little box is too small to list all of the wonders of eastern asia!:) dont hesitate to write me contact@tuulimaa.com
Posted by Fultonsphoto on February 07, 2010
Cant give you any travel tips as I have never been to these places, however, I am sure your trip will be amazing and you will get plenty photo opportunities.
Posted by Jasongallery on February 06, 2010
this year by september i have plan to go Nepal 14 days for Photograhy,any advice?

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Coal-mines and steelmills

posted on 6th of february, 2010

Hi everyone,

there is a new photo exhibition in the city of Bottrop. Bottrop lies in the Ruhr area in Germany, and this year the Ruhr metropolis is European Capital of culture.
The mentioned exhibition deals with excellent photographs of steelmills and coal-mines in USA, Europe and Germany shot by Hilla Becher and her husband, who died in 2007.


The above shown URL directs you to the homepage of the Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop.

Come to the Ruhr Metropolis, there is plenty to discover!

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Posted by Robertosch on February 07, 2010
Thank you, nice gallery. Keep working.

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First TIFF-sell

posted on 9th of february, 2010

Hi everyone,

yesterday I sold my first image in TIF-format :-) great opportunity, thanks to DT!!

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Posted by Py2000 on February 09, 2010
Posted by Keki on February 09, 2010
Yay well done!
Posted by Hlehnerer on February 09, 2010

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Time to buy

posted on 11th of february, 2010

I'm just asking myself when buyers do buy images, how many days or months in advance.

For example: do they get pictures with summer-content in springtime? Or far earlier? Winter-images in summer?

Is there anybody out there who can explain that to me?

Thanks to all of you!

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Posted by Creativei on February 12, 2010
Well for the company i used to work before, we download images instantly. Depending upon the article for magazine we download daily.
Posted by Joe1971 on February 11, 2010
nice photo.
Posted by Julia161 on February 11, 2010
I buy pictures for website designs. I search them a bit in advance (1-2 weeks, while thinking over the project), and buy just before I start to work.

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posted on 14th of february, 2010

Hello everyone, I just put some images from my portfolio of Switzerland together,

I hope you enjoy them.

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Posted by Keki on February 15, 2010
ooo I just got back from switzerland - locarno area :) such an amazing place!!!
Posted by Picstudio on February 15, 2010
lovely shots.
Posted by Frantab01 on February 15, 2010
abs beautiful, well done :)

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Finding used images

posted on 15th of february, 2010

Recently some of my images were downloaded. But, via tineye.com, I can't find any of them in use. For me it is a little bit frustrating to know that my images are used but not being able to find where and what they are used for. Is there anybody who knows other ways to encounter downloaded images? Do you think DT should implement a special function for image use reports? I am very interested in your suggestions and opinions :)

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Posted by Creativei on February 17, 2010
Charlydamart. This particular link is not for all the images from dreamstime. That link is for the images I downloaded for the magazine. But yeah if check the site and each magazine in that site you might find some. Its not a site for finding images, but for online magazines. Issuu
Posted by Charlydamart on February 16, 2010
No longer I discoverd a web where you can find images downloaded from Dreamstime... (unfortunable any of mines), but you can try it:


Good luck!
Posted by Rosedarc on February 15, 2010
Not all pictures are used on the web, many are used on paper prints (advertising, brochures, leaflets...). It also takes time for things to get processed so you can't expect results immediately. Keep on looking, you'll probably get lucky one day!

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posted on 17th of february, 2010

For the interested of you: some images from Thailand...

Shots were made on Fuji Velvia 50 or Fuji Provia 100 and than scanned and postprocessed.

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Posted by Linqong on February 18, 2010
Nice shots! a nice place!
Posted by Frantab01 on February 17, 2010
great shots, thanks for sharing :)

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posted on 19th of february, 2010

I am wondering in which format I should save and then submit illustrations made with Inkscape.

The DT-faq say: I am an illustrator; do you accept illustrations?
We love illustrations! Vector files should be saved in raster format, JPG at a high resolution, saved at highest quality and submitted in this format. As soon as they are accepted or right from the first submission you can also upload an additional format (ai, cdr or eps extensions accepted) which will sell at a higher price.

Is there anybody out there who can explain to me how I can save illustrations made with inkscape in JPG? If this is not possible, which format will be accepted on DT? Or how can I make an JPG from inkscape-format?

Thanks a lot!

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Posted by Undercaffeinated on February 20, 2010
Inkscape won't save a JPEG directly, but you can use "Export Bitmap" to save a .png in the size and resolution you want, then convert that file to a jpeg with another program (pretty much any bitmap graphics editor, and even some viewers). PNG is a lossless format, so doing this won't result in lower quality - any loss will come from the save to JPEG.

Watch out for the transparent background, though. By default, Inkscape will make the background transparent (though you can change this in the page properties). JPEG can't preserve the transparency, so when you convert the image make sure that the transparent background gets set to a reasonable color. I usually just add an all-white layer in the back before I save the JPEG, if I haven't remembered to make the background opaque in Inkscape.
Posted by Roberto1977 on February 20, 2010
Open the SVG file with - for example - Gimp (free, open source). Save it as PNG and then as JPG. Bye, Rob.
Posted by Mani33 on February 19, 2010
This subject is discussed on the message boards... Here is one of them https://www.dreamstime.com/thread_18522.

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Medical images

posted on 20th of february, 2010

Let me just show you a collection of medical images

I recently loaded up and

that were approved by DT.

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Posted by Keki on February 22, 2010
realy cool collection :) I have a broken toe xray in my port if you are interested :)
Posted by Frantab01 on February 22, 2010
fantastic, great images - i'm sure you'll do well - good luck :)
Posted by Trottola on February 20, 2010
Really unusuals, Nice idea!

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Upload/Unfinished files section

posted on 22nd of february, 2010

Sometimes I get crazy after having uploaded some files... because it takes hours until they occure in the unfinishes files section... do you know a way to make this faster?

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Posted by Trottola on February 23, 2010
I really would like to know...
Posted by Davidwatmough on February 22, 2010
No but I imagine every file has to be checked for viruses and that will slow the queue down perhaps. David.
Posted by Jonvitalija on February 22, 2010
NO :(

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My first and second isolate

posted on 23rd of february, 2010

Comments and critics welcome!!

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Posted by Dcwcreations on February 24, 2010
Good job, I'm sure they will bring a few sales.
Posted by Joe1971 on February 24, 2010
Nice photo.
Posted by smartview27 on February 24, 2010
I especially like the second photo!

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One shot from last year

posted on 26th of february, 2010

Recently I got the MR for the shown image. My friend and I were mountaineering in the Bernese Highlands in Switzerland. This shot was done about 150 meters away from the summit of Monch, a 4000-meter-peak, we are standing on the last ridge to summit, that was 40 to 30 cm wide and partly even narrower, on every side of the ridge the face was falling down several hundred dizzying meters. Both of us were afraid to fall down but finally we made it to summit.
It was a great, great day in late summer, slightly over 0°C, clear blue sky free of clouds. And the best: we didn't use a car, all we needed was a bike and a train to get in the heart of Berner Oberland!!

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Posted by Jonvitalija on February 26, 2010
WOW!! Nice picture!! I like more been in the beach in summer.Is too cold for me
Posted by Egomezta on February 26, 2010
Incredible image.... WOW
Posted by Joe1971 on February 26, 2010
It's very nice!

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