Ugliest photo at DT

posted on 6th of march, 2010

Who has the ugliest, most disgusting photo on DT?

My ugliest one is

Really I don't like it and I even didn't expect that it would be accepted.
But DT is always good for a surprise...

On the left lower part you can see the spit of my son - he also felt disgusted.

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Posted by Driley on May 12, 2010
Level 5 by July haha
Posted by Wisconsinart on May 12, 2010
I now regret not photographing the manure holding tank at a dairy farm and submitting it for the agriculture assignment. :p
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 12, 2010
HAHAHA! That`s more than cool! :P

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What's a concept?

posted on 17th of march, 2010

Each photo in DT should have a concept. O.K. But: What is a "good" concept?
Since I started to download photos to DT I asked myself: "What's the concept of this photo?"

My last accepted photo (the only one for which I was quite sure that it will be accepted) has the salami tactic principle as concept. It was inspired by a short protest a few month ago in the company I'm working for against the step-by-step reduction of the workforce. To symbolize the company's tactic we did cut a big salami into small slices and everybody got such a slice to eat. During this time I didn't know about DT and I even didn't have a good digital camera. Otherwise I would have made photos of this protest and downloaded them to the editorial area.

Of course the original salami was much more impressive as this little one...

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Posted by Brankokosteski on March 18, 2010
Just like luissantos84 said "Concept is everything". The question for me is "How can I convert to concept to a photo?".
Usually the converting of concept can be done openly and not so openly.

Here is a sample for concept "censorship" https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-censored-image13141853
Posted by Mani33 on March 17, 2010
Like they say a photo worth 1000 words, but some they only make sense after telling the story! There is always a concept behind what we photograph or illustrate. The best concept is what the market of microstocks demand. Nice concept btw!
Posted by Davulcu on March 17, 2010
A good concept is the thing , what you make a designer think of it.

Take an apple.

It might be just a good apple photo and even it might be alone just the thing what a designer needs.

But if you put an apple on a laptop that might be something for an Online fitness consultancy services or maybe indicates a B2B software for apple producers , or something like that...

Here is a sample

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Improving your English with DT

posted on 30th of march, 2010

Besides all the photo oriented knowledge at DT there is also a positive side effect for non native English speakers: It improves your English!

Before I joined DT I thought my English is quite good. I did learn it for 8 years at school, one
year English lessons at the University (yes, I was quite lazy at school with learning English).
Moreover I do work in an international company for nearly 20 years with many foreign colleagues - so English is in my daily use, at least the technical English.

But joining DT improved my vocabulary for many areas which were "black holes" for me before.
The tedious key word search alone is a healthy way to improve my word pool.

So, thanks a lot for this positive side effect!

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Posted by Inganielsen on April 30, 2010
Yes it is amazing how many really useful words I learned due to keywording!!
Posted by Joezachs on April 30, 2010
We all are in the learning process one way or the other.
(by the way your English is now flawless)
Posted by Weir2010 on April 02, 2010
I agree with that too.

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