(Pro) equipment is not a must... True. Not. And some more...

posted on 7th of april, 2010

You've heard it said (many times, mind you!) that you don't necessarily need to have professional equipment in order to have great photos. True. I might have said it a couple (tens) of times myself. But then why do so many photographers equip studios, buy lenses that cost numbers with many zeroes and spend another ton of cash (or credit) on lighting?

You see where this is going... Let me put a little disclaimer before you burn me at the stake. I firmly believe that creativity doesn't derive from equipment. What you'll read below is about the necessity/use of equipment dictated by the competitive market in microstock and the demand for higher quality. Lastly - how equipment could actually be what's limiting the expression of your creativity. All clear? Good.

Now, back to the...

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Posted by Mythja on May 03, 2010
unfortnately, it takes some time to collect a nice pack of quality lenses. but i believe it pays off later.
good article :)
Posted by Gmargittai on April 27, 2010
Buying a pro camera and pro lenses for microstock only, is a loosing proposition from financial standpoint. It will take many years if ever to recoup your investment. Most of the pro photographers that are uploading microstock are doing other photography work too which justifies the investment. This is not to say one should not invest in equipment if one can afford it.
A lot depends on what kind of photography you are into. In my experience lighting is a better investment than a pro camera. It is also cheaper and has a bigger impact on the outcome.
A good investment is also taking a photography class with a good teacher.
Posted by Tan510jomast on April 20, 2010
Most pros , or rather all pros, prefer pro cameras and top notch lenses not because they think it will make their images better, as some students once claim. It's no different from the Formula 1 race drivers who do not choose to drive a consumer car for the race. It's meant for the circuit and it works better in tougher conditions . Running through daily shoots of 1,000 frames per shoot through the day and night, shooting in less favorable conditions of moisture, dust, ice,etc.. A pro camera and lens save a lot of headache with failed mechanism and other things that a consumer and PnS will never survive.
True, give the pro camera to someone who cannot take a well exposed photograph without having to rely on automatic and you will get what you put in. But it has absolutely nothing to do with having the best so you can look the best. It's more to do with the reason why pro cameras are more expensive, it's meant to last longer with your pro shooting timetable.
Then there's the more superior...(More)

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The Technical Aspects of Photography

posted on 15th of april, 2010

1. You can have the latest and greatest product of any technology but what good is it if you don't know how to operate or use it?
2. The vast majority of today's equipment still functions on the basis of (very) old and well-known principles.

So, these are the pillar statements of this article. Now, let's apply them to what brought you here (ie. the drive to create photographs and make money form them and spend those money...).

As much as has changed in photography over the past centuries (here's some history for you), today's photographs remain a mere recording of light's reflections in the world around us. We use the aperture, shutter speed and the sensitivity of the recording media to capture a frame in a way...

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Posted by Jianbinglee on May 13, 2010
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Joezachs on April 29, 2010
Thats some good and useful tips. We may have an eye for the details, but sometimes having the right equipment does help.
Posted by Stefaniav on April 16, 2010
Thanks for sharing Petar, and thanks you all for the useful comments and links!

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