Angelina Jolie's new private chef...

posted on 1st of april, 2010

Woo hoo Wowee Zowee Holy Smoke and all that jump for joy

I am packing and in a great big hurry

heading for the airport.

I just receive a telegram from Angelina Jolie saying that she has selected me to be her new private chef.

She saw this shot of me on the cover of some prestiguous
cooking magazine and said she like my good looks.

So, very soon I will be cooking for her breakfast, lunch, dinner
and supper.

This means I will have less time to submit new works to Dreamstime
as I will be a bit busy feeding the Jolie household.



Now, if you wanted an authentic April Fool's Joke...
don't read Carmen's blog...
read this instead.


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Posted by Tan510jomast on April 04, 2010
but you know, for me, every day is April Fool's Day...
there is no reason never to laugh, at yourself especially, and with others.
To me , the greatest human being are the ones who spread only laughter ,eg. Charlie Chaplin, John Cleese, Groucho Marx, Robin Williams, Peter Sellers, Victor Borge, etc..
+ you save on psychiatric AND anger management bills.
Posted by Creativei on April 04, 2010
Oh mat, i was about to congratulate you, hey you are funny,
Posted by Noonie on April 03, 2010
Now I know why she left that message on my machine wanting me to be her personal photographer! I didn't realize it was left on April 1st and she laughs eveytime I try to ask her about it! :))

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wisdom behind rejecting too many

posted on 1st of april, 2010

Those of you who has followed my blog will know that most recently I have attained my first Level 3 image . This is the one shown here aside .

I also noticed that as the Level increases, the earning for each download increases accordingly. An XS which used to be 1 credit, jumps to 3 , then to 5 ,etc..

This may seem unimportant to those who are selling a lot here and there via quantity portfolio. But for someone like myself, who is unable to mass produce stock photos, due to the lack of time from having full time day/night business, it can make a difference to earning to a faster payout if one plays it smarter.

Smarter in what way... you ask?
Well, a while back, I had a rejection from a site for having too many "similars". I think Dreamstime also...

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Posted by Tan510jomast on April 07, 2010
Ehcks , good point. DT is quite liberal for this, but some sites do reject you for leaving too much white space or if you pan back even a bit more.
Thus, perharps for those who bulk upload their work to all the sites at the same time, it could explain why they crop more tightly than preferred by buyers like yourself. Quite a dilemma , isn't it? Rejected for too much space. Client , on the other hand, wants more space ?
Posted by Ehcks on April 07, 2010
As a designer my biggest complaint is things being cropped in too close. Often the image would have been perfect if the photographer had panned back a bit. Remember it is easy for us to crop things in close the way we want in photoshop.
Posted by Mani33 on April 02, 2010
I agree! But not to mention the duplicated images in the data base! Phew!

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rediscovering keywords

posted on 3rd of april, 2010

Hello DT world...

Carmen's April Fool secret to search is still hot on my mind
especially with reference to keywords.
I also recall Carmen pointing out to me to be less articulate with my titles as "shorter keywords work better in search"... or words to that effect.
I admit, I am not the world's greatest keyword person, nor am I the most hardworking at that. Coming from a writer's background and one of journalistic flourish and creative writing composing songs,poetry,etc..
I am more astute at adding words rather than removing them.
Like my good looks , I am all flash and no substance, ha!ha!..

Anyway, jokes aside, here is my rediscovery of keyword management
from examining my download listing to see what buyers used as keywords to locate my image....

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Posted by Lcjtripod on April 06, 2010
Good reading! I have learned a lot from studying the list of keywords used to purchase a photo. The most important thing I learned is that the words I thought would lead to a sale. DID NOT! I think I have ny titles ok but the rest needs work. Less words of small relevance and more directly describing the contents of the image from a buyers point of view. Thanks Matt!
Posted by Creativei on April 06, 2010
Great blog, yeah I agree with Mani, its always fun to know what buyers search for.
Posted by Egomezta on April 05, 2010
Nice blog.... Good idea

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skip spring jump into summer

posted on 13th of april, 2010

I am strictly a summer person. A fair weather friend, ha!ha!...

what is summer to me? it's the season for good food, fresh sea food

hot sun, sweaty bodies,..
and to the rescue , cold melting sweet treats of
... ice cream

and even more ice cream.

Summer is when everything is full grown and every bee is buzzing
and everyone is outside
enjoying themselves.

I love Spring because it signals the end of winter.
But Spring where I am is still full of chilly winds and gusty uncomfortable blowing tempest.
I was born in the tropics in a country where all season is summer,...

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Posted by Lcjtripod on April 16, 2010
Summer is too hot! Spring is just right with new buds and flowers everywhere. Fall is getting cool with leaves coloring the landscape. Winter is great for sitting next to your lover and watching the fire twinkle in the fireplace. I like your shots Matt.
Posted by Kaththea on April 15, 2010
Actually I like spring more than summer. Spring is warm and tender, and when it becomes cover 25C in summer I feel as if I would melt) Luckily there is a sea coast in 10-minute work from my house, the sea is what I like a lot, and this is what keeps me going till autumn))

P.S. Really cute hedgehog!)
Posted by Jdanne on April 14, 2010
I'm getting hungry. Especially for the ice cream! Looking forward to the summer in Germany. Here it is still very cold and rainy.

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Maintaining a balance

posted on 20th of april, 2010

This month I celebrate my anniversary with Dreamstime as a contributor. It's been a very trying and testing year in micro stock
especially for me, since I started out being more or less a "sunday micro stock photographer" shooting only weekends for Dreamstime and others.
I never really expected to replace my day job shooting weekends only , as in a sea of 8 million images 300 odd images is not exactly an assault to pull myself out from the maddening crowd.

I imagine my work as the proverbial needle in a haystack. And for that, all good tidings and gratitude definitely have to go to the buyers who took the time and trouble to find my work and to download them for their specific needs.

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Posted by Onime on August 19, 2010
Happy Anniversary!!
Posted by Creativei on April 21, 2010
Posted by Trottola on April 21, 2010
Happy anniversary, and congratulation for your beautiful portfolio ;)

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posted on 21st of april, 2010

Taking a hint from homydesign and mani in regards to celebrate tomorrow 's event of EARTH DAY april 22, 2010, I like to echo something I read of the efforts made by the Waterkeeper Alliance, the international environmental organization to promote the protection of water quality and its canadian chapter headed by a certain Mark Mattson.
I won't go into details regarding their objective, as those interested can easily google to find more information within their own countries.
In short, this organization is some kind of appointed guardian with people in their chapters actually patrolling to keep a watchful eye on polluters and pollution of the waterways (lakes, rivers, bay,etc).

It 's quite appropriate for this...

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Posted by Trottola on April 22, 2010
Our planet need all our support, because of its many problems. Every thing that each of us can do to save energy and water is very important and can make the difference. Nice pictures ;)
Posted by Wildmac on April 22, 2010
Water conservation is high in my mind at the moment as the area I live in and several surrounding districts are suffering a drought. This autumn has been very dry and the ground hasn't recovered from summer. Some small towns in the far north have been nearly dry of water for weeks. (I live in the north island of New Zealand) Water has been trucked into some areas that have run out. Hopefully it won't be a dry winter too. So my message would be, always conserve water and don't take rain for granted ;)
Posted by Egomezta on April 22, 2010
Great images... Nice blog, we have to care more for our only earth.

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