Ideas - no ideas

posted on 3rd of may, 2010

Hi you dream(s)timers!

What do you do if you don't have any idea what to shoot? How do you get back your creativity?

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Posted by Ninuscha on May 07, 2010
I get back to my old images sets or pics from vacations, browse DT...
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 04, 2010
when I have no ideas i`m making pictures to my girlfriend ( sleeping, eating, drinking, walking...etc) until she gets sick of me and hits me in the head...and that`s how I get ideas! :P
Posted by Tan510jomast on May 04, 2010
Just pick up your camera and just let the idea find you.

I eat sleep and drink photography, so ideas are not my problem. My problem is not dreaming about photography when I am sleeping , lol.
I suggest you just don't TRY too hard LOOKING for ideas to shoot. It's just like anything in our daily lives , you have to let it find you; the more you try , the less it appears. And also, even if you "succeed" in "trying to find ideas", your images will look faked, or too contrived.

Found images are always the most natural. It's as different as our left brain from our right brain ie analytical vs emotional. And for photography, the emotional must rule. Or else, it becomes as boring as arithmetic or accounting :)
P.S. I come from an Accounting family, that's why I find it boring , lol. I am the black sheep of the family. The only poor one too, lmao.

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New Collection on Medical Images

posted on 8th of may, 2010

Hi everyone,

I just opened up my first collection, as you can see under the following link:

My Medical Images Collection

In the future I am going to fill it up with more images regarding clinical issues.

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Posted by Cristalloid on May 09, 2010
Ciao Mani and Davulcu,

I agree with both of you and will implement these advancements. Thanks to you!
Posted by Mani33 on May 08, 2010
I agree with Serdar about adding more 4 photos of 4 different photographers to have more exposure, visits & eventually sales!
If you search the collections you would find many general medical collections, so if you can be more specific in the subject, it will make your collection more exposure! In your case you have many x-ray photos & only 4 non x-ray! If I were you I will make it more specific with X-RAY & add more 4 photos about the same subject!
check this collection out x-rayed.

Posted by Davulcu on May 08, 2010
Well done. If you add images of others it can be searched too.

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Spiderholster - New device

posted on 8th of may, 2010

I just found a new, useful device for carrying arround a big SLR... I will check this, I think it could be useful for travel-, nature- and outdoor-photographers.

If there is someone who uses this device already I would like to know if it is as practicable as it seems to be....


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Posted by Bradcalkins on May 09, 2010
I've seen favorable reviews, but I think it would stress me out thinking about it jumping out :)
Posted by Irisangel on May 08, 2010
That looks really cool! I would also like to hear some reviews from users, Thanks for posting the link.

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Second collection

posted on 10th of may, 2010


today I would like to draw your attention to my new collection about Siam

Highlights of Siam


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Posted by Thanatonautii on May 11, 2010
Great pictures! Wonderful job!
Posted by smartview27 on May 11, 2010
Posted by Rosedarc on May 10, 2010
Nice collection.
You might want to check out my picture 11967258!

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Mountaineering and Alpinism

posted on 13th of may, 2010

Walking and climbing in the mountains of the Alps is pure joy for my soul... if you like you can share these intense feelings with me... just have a look to the Mountaineering and Alpinism collection I just created...

Have a good days!

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Posted by Ninuscha on May 14, 2010
The sunset is georgeous, I dream of such an opportunity to shoot...
Posted by Chiakto on May 14, 2010
great collection!
Posted by Patl on May 14, 2010
You may very well...........
 Rise above the rest 

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Priority Review

posted on 17th of may, 2010

Hi all!

In the message boards I just found the following statement:

"I submitted a photo with a red panda paw today under priority review."

Is there anybody who can explain to me what a "priority review" is??


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Posted by Mani33 on May 17, 2010
Priority review is for news editorial photos like events or recent updates about something, also when a buyer request an image on the message board as Py2000 has mentioned!
If you made that by mistake it might be reviewed fast or not!
If you do it on purpose to have a fast review you might get banned!
Posted by Py2000 on May 17, 2010
If you have an image that meets all requirements for one of the (urgent) photo requests, you can contact DT support and request a priority review. This is more for helping the buyers to meet their tight project deadlines for images that they can't find in existing online database.
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 17, 2010
As far as I know priority review can be used only for news photos....
Maybe someone knows more about this stuff :)

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Pleasure, fun, passion, money, success

posted on 17th of may, 2010

I just had some spontaneous thoughts. Maybe they are nonsense in your eyes... but maybe not... therefore I would like to share them with you..
Thinking about success, money and sales based on my activity here on DT and in general I came to the conclusion that one should not look onto his earnings. Everybody who is successful with what he does is successful not because he is doing things because of the earning he may achieve but because he does it with fun, pleasure and passion. Fun, pleasure and passion are the keywords for doing something good (besides talent). Through fun, pleasure and passion one will be able to achieve good results - and good results are the key for success (on DT: sales).

What is your opinion?

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Posted by Mythja on May 18, 2010
yes, without love and passion for this hobby or job for someone it makes no sense.
Posted by Mariaam on May 18, 2010
Yes, passion & fun are very important. There is no big motivation without those things. And the success will come, but without forcing it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Posted by Jianbinglee on May 17, 2010
Agrees with your opinion. At the same time, I thought that had the passion and pleasure possibly not to be also successful on DT, perhaps I did not have the enough time and the energy enjoy it. The life was very tired is very arid, lets us unconscious fall into the utility condition.

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