Budapest landmarks collection

posted on 4th of may, 2010

Hi ;)
Last month I was for a day in Budapest, Hungary. It's a very beautiful city on the river Danube. Especially I liked the bridges, the Parliament, Fisherman's Bastion and thermal spa places.

I wasn't too lucky with weather - it snowed all day and the sky was mostly grey with no sun or even clouds. But closer to the evening it became a bit better and I managed to take few shots, which were approved here and (which is especially pleasant) already began to sell.

The pictures that I'd like to take in Budapest, but failed (and other DT's members managed to do it perfectly :)), I collected here [link=https://www.dreamstime.com/budapest-landmarks-rcollection13093-resi473996]...

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Posted by Terhox on May 22, 2010
Just to say, lovely city and this collection really shows it! Really Budapest needs weeks time to capture it perfectly, or many visits.
Posted by Yangchao on May 06, 2010
Very beautiful photo
Posted by Hlehnerer on May 05, 2010
I love Budapest with its old and historical buildings! Very nice images!

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Inspiration... (the topic of May-2010 on DT ;))

posted on 6th of may, 2010

Hi, it's me again. Now is the beginning of May and the topic of the last days is inspiration. Where to find it? I desided to say a word, too ;)

So... My problem is usually quite the opposite. It's not how to find inspiration, but how to find time to do all things which inspire me and how to finish doing all these things. Because I'm like that bird which carrys all shiny things in her nest - everything I see inspires me in a second. I have to deal with my inspiration before my inspiration makes my life a mess. And my favorite instrument for this is IDEA BOX.

"Idea box" is not even a box. It's a corner on my desk where I drop papers with ideas. Where ever I go I always have a piece of paper and a pen to put down an accidencial idea. Sometimes these ideas appear in transport,...

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Posted by Justmeyo on May 07, 2010
Nice article,thanks for sharing us:)
Posted by Joezachs on May 07, 2010
This reminds me of what one of my fav professors told us. Always keep a small diary in you pocket. Jot down the idea that comes into your mind. It can be any time any where. If you don't write, its forgotten and the idea never comes back How true.
Posted by Keki on May 07, 2010
thanks for sharing! good luck with the scanning .. I'm currently scanning all my grans old photos and it's taking ages!!

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Shooting editorial

posted on 12th of may, 2010

Hi ;)
Today I'd like to share why I like to shoot editorials.

Editorial can be any sort of meaningful event image - national holidays celebration, parade, sports game or show programme, sometimes - a landmark with people or just a street scene typical for some place.

This sort of images can't be used in adverticement, but this I'd say is their only minus. The rest are just pluces, because:

- Editorial images make portfolio more diverse.
- They let you upload people's portraits without having model release.
- Sometimes you can get a 5$ reward for news-worthy image.

- Editorials are reviewed faster than others.
- And have good sales potencial, due to uniqueness of events. Microstocks are not flooded with same sort of editorial images the way they...

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Posted by Dublinuser on June 29, 2010
I also started with editorial images for a number of reasons listed above: no model release, priority review, 5$ per every news-worthy image. every week/day something interesting happening in dublin, so I refuse to go out without a camera:)
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 18, 2010
Editorial it`s a great challenge! I recently understood what really means editorial pictures, so I began to upload my editorial pictures from the north of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Their are great, only one problem though : when I shoot them I was not in the stock business, so many of them I can not upload :( But still I could choose about 10 or more :)
Congrats on your option !
Posted by Joezachs on May 17, 2010
I too find that its interesting to browse through editorial pics than the other categories.

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To make a silhouette

posted on 17th of may, 2010

I like silhouette images very much. They look bright and well represent objects with clear contours and interesting shape.

Silhouettes make the picture look more abstract. In case of shooting people, for ex. you can't identify who exactly is on the picture (and sometimes don't need a model release), but the meaning of the whole scene is absolutely clear.

Same happens when you shoot nature, still life and architecture (if it's not a famous landmark) silhouettes. They don't show a particular animal, plant or, let's say, a vase or church, but represent the whole class of such vases, churches, plants and animals.

To make a silhouette picture you need to have light behind the object. The explosure is set up by...

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Posted by Hustgh on May 18, 2010
Really nice shoot,thanks for your good collection.
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 18, 2010
Thank you for the information! You have a wonderful portfolio!
Posted by Yuritz on May 18, 2010
great collection and nice tips!

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